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Thanks to the Atasoy Tourism bus ticket, customers can always be together with comfortable and comfortable journeys. Atasoy Tourism, which has an understanding that can be transferred to future generations, carries out all its activities with a focus on customer satisfaction. Keeping its vision and mission ahead of commercial concerns, the company takes its place among reliable companies in this way.

Atasoy Tourism Bus Ticket

Atasoy Turizm bus ticket can be purchased easily through the branches owned by the company, and it can also be purchased very easily over the internet. The company, which has a 2+1 vehicle layout and aims to transport passengers with comfortable vehicles, thus responds to the expectations of its customers.

About Atasoy Tourism

Atasoy Tourism has continued to work with small but sure steps since it was established as a completely local business within the intercity transportation sector. The company, which manages to act without compromising its service quality principles and continues its activities in the field of passenger transportation, also meets the needs with the flights it organizes to many regions.

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Atasoy Tourism is a Konya-based company and was founded in 1998 by Kamil Atasoy. The company, which has succeeded in responding to the transportation needs of the region in the best way, has succeeded in providing advanced services for many passengers since its establishment. The company, which does not neglect to closely follow the technology that is developing more and more in the world, aims to be aware of all developments for its customers, thus proving once again that it is customer-oriented.

Vehicle Features

Atasoy Tourism offers opportunities that will enable all customers to have a completely enjoyable and comfortable journey among the latest technological vehicles in its vehicle fleet. In this context, passengers can be together with food and beverage offerings, and they can also charge their phones.

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