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Places to visit in Hakkari are at the forefront, especially with their natural beauties. Hakkari, located in the easternmost part of Turkey, takes its place in the ranking as the forty-seventh largest city in Turkey when evaluated in terms of surface area. Especially since it is adjacent to countries such as Iran and Iraq, the city is a frequent destination for many people. Şırnak is on the west and Van on the north.

According to the 2017 census, 275 thousand people live in Hakkari. It also has districts named Yüksekova, Şemdinli and Çukurca. In terms of population, the most populated district is Yüksekova. Çukurca is the district with the lowest population ratio. Hakkari is geographically a mountainous region and many mountains, large or small, are located around it. Agriculture in the region is almost negligible as 88 percent is covered with mountains. However, livestock activities are widespread.

Cilo Mountain, at an altitude of 4150 meters, is among the most important mountains of Hakkari. In the region where terrestrial harsh climatic conditions prevail, summers are hot while winters are cold and snowy. On average, snowfall continues for seven months of the year, and the temperature difference between night and day is large in this context. Considering the climatic characteristics of Hakkari, wheat is grown in spite of the fact that agriculture is less. Lentils, barley and rye are also grown. In terms of industry, industry is very limited in Hakkari.

With a Hakkari bus ticket, you can explore this special geography and have a good time, especially in the company of idyllic landscapes.

Cilo and Sat Mountains National Park

Located within the borders of Şemdinli district, this private national park is one of the must-see places in the region. Since it is built on an area of approximately 27 thousand hectares, it offers a wide excursion opportunity. In the park, which draws attention with its natural beauties, you can see the flowers blooming especially in spring. The snow accumulated in the mountains in winter and spring also offers a good opportunity for you to experience the idyllic landscapes in the best way.

Zap Valley

Zap Valley, one of the first places that comes to mind in terms of natural beauty when Hakkari is mentioned, manages to win the appreciation of its visitors with its green cover. The snow waters coming from the mountains feed the Zap Water, creating even more admirable images. Visits to the region, especially in the spring months, manage to offer great opportunities to witness unique natural landscapes. You should definitely visit the region among the places to visit in Hakkari with different types of flowers, flowing water and lush scenery in the region.

Heaven Hell Valley

This valley, which is approximately 45 km away from Hakkari city center, amazes its visitors with its natural beauty. In this region, which is one of the areas of interest for those who love to hike, you can come across the stream flowing along the valley, mountain flowers, and glaciers on the summits of the mountains. At the same time, there are many natural camping areas for those who love to camp in the region.

Hakkari Fairy Chimneys

Although Cappadocia comes to mind when it comes to fairy chimneys, there are also fairy chimneys in Hakkari. These structures, which are similar to those in Cappadocia, were formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that took place a long time ago. If you want to plan a different trip, you should not neglect to see the fairy chimneys.

Mount Hyacinth

Sümbül Mountain, one of the steepest and most mountainous regions of Turkey, is among the areas that should be visited especially by those who love climbing and hiking. The mountain, which has an altitude of 3,000-odd, gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with nature. Due to heavy snowfall in the region during the winter months, it stands out as one of the most preferred regions by those who love skiing.

Meydan Madrasa

The inscription above the entrance of this building, which is one of the few historical buildings in Hakkari, states that it was built in the 1700s. The madrasa was built to be located on the east side of the Kalealtı Cemetery. The building, which reflects the architectural features of the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, is still being restored today.

River Stone Bridge

Another place to visit for trips to the region by purchasing a Hakkari bus ticket is the River Stone Bridge. The bridge, built by Sheikh Muhammed Sıddık in 1898, is located on the Semdinli Stream. It is approximately 13 km from the town. The feet of the bridge, which is located in a deep valley between the high mountains and was built in the North-South direction, were built on the rocks. The road of the bridge, which is 21 meters high and 11 meters long, is slightly inclined. It is among the oldest historical buildings in the region.

Mergabutan Ski Center

Located in the Mergabütan Plateau, this ski resort serves those who want to ski in the region. Located at an altitude of 2200 and an area where heavy snow accumulates in winter, this center is very enjoyable in winter. I can spend time. In summer, it can create an alternative travel route for those who want to capture natural photo frames, as it has the appearance of a large plateau.

How to go to Hakkari?

Hakkari is one of the regions that should be seen especially due to its natural beauties. At the same time, if it is desired to go to Iran or Iraq by road, it is necessary to pass through the border gates located here. Therefore, Hakkari is among the popular routes for the highway. Although it is possible to reach the region by airway, the land route is also frequently preferred. Although there is an airport in the region, flights are generally to domestic lines; It is intended for Ankara and Istanbul. Therefore, it may be easier to travel by bus for those coming from different regions. There are many bus companies that offer direct services to the region. Depending on the snowfall at some times during the winter months, the flight times may be extended due to the road condition. Therefore, it will be useful to check the current weather conditions before the trip. Expeditions are made from other cities directly into Hakkari Bus Terminal. After getting off at the bus station, you can easily reach different areas with minibuses or taxis.

When to go to Hakkari?

You can also pay attention to the weather conditions to go to Hakkari because you may experience various difficulties, especially since the winter months are long, cold and harsh. Continental climate characteristics are observed in the east and north of the region. In the south, Mediterranean climate features are dominant. Winter months last a long time compared to other regions and harsh weather conditions prevail. Generally, at the end of October, the weather gets cold in the region and there is generally no hot weather until the beginning of May. In summer, extreme temperatures do not occur due to the mountains and especially the northern regions are not affected by this situation. In winter, snow thickness can reach up to 200 cm in some places. In the coldest month, the average air temperature is -5 degrees.

Since winter and highland tourism are made in the region, it is possible to go every season. If you enjoy winter holidays and want to visit the ski resort, it would be a good choice to go in winter. Spring and summer months are ideal to visit the region to see the greenery, flowing rivers and blooming flowers. You can reach any point in the region easily and quickly via Hakkari Bus Terminal.

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