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With Gaziantep bus ticket opportunities, many people who want to visit this unique city can have both safe, fast and affordable transportation. Gaziantep is located within the borders of the Southeastern Anatolia Region and is Turkey's eighth largest city. Gaziantep, one of the oldest cities still in existence, covers an area of 6,803 square kilometers. Looking at the latest census data of 2018, more than 2 million people live in this unique city. Archaeological research has shown that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period. Settlement began after the Bronze Age. The lands inhabited by the Babylonians were conquered in the 17th century BC. Hittite habitats were first discovered in BC. After 1000 years of Hittite domination, the region was conquered by Egyptians, Medes, Assyrians and finally Persians. On the territory of Gaziantep, which is dated to the 6th century BC, BC. Gaziantep, which was included in the borders of Byzantium after the division of Rome, came under the auspices of the Anatolian Seljuk state in the Battle of Manzikert. Ayyubids, Dulkadiroğulları and Mamluks continued to rule the region until it was conquered by Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1516.

When to go to Gaziantep?

Gaziantep has a Mediterranean continental climate with hot and dry summers and cool and rainy winters. There is a large temperature difference between day and night. The best times to visit the city with an average temperature of 17 °C are April, May, September and October. Winters in Gaziantep are quite cold and most of the precipitation falls in January. The thermometer never drops below zero, but it can be quite cold, especially in the evening. Winter temperatures are around 8-10°C, but early spring is an ideal time to explore the city. In the summer, temperatures can rise as high as 35 °C. If you are planning to explore the city in summer, do not forget to take precautions against extreme heat as much as possible. Ideally, plan at least 4 days for a comprehensive Gaziantep tour.

Gaziantep Places to Visit

Gaziantep is very developed according to the region, so it is called "Paris of the East". With a population of approximately 2 million, this region is rich not only in terms of historical buildings but also in terms of culture. In addition to various museums, ancient cities, historical buildings, narrow streets and houses with stone floors, delicious food awaits you in this city. Places to visit in Gaziantep promise you unforgettable moments. With your loved ones and family, you can easily take advantage of Gaziantep bus ticket opportunities to explore many attractions closely.

Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle is among the places to visit in Gaziantep and even in the first place. Gaziantep Castle, located at the southern end of Aleven Creek, is about 25 meters high and attracts everyone's attention. Although it is not known exactly when the castle was built, various legends are told. The castle, believed to be around 6,000 years old, is known to have been built on a hill, and in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, the castle and the small town around it were named 'Thebes'. Prolonged archaeological excavations have revealed that the castle was first used as a watchtower during the Roman period in the 2nd and 4th centuries AD. It is known that the castle took its present form in the 6th century AD, during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinianus, who is known as the "architect of the castle". The castle has 12 bastions and although Evliya Çelebi mentioned 36 bastions of the castle in his travels, only 12 can be seen today. Gaziantep Castle was repaired from time to time by the Mamluks, Dulkadiroğulları and, when necessary, by the Ottomans. In the following years, the castle was overhauled by the Egyptian Sultan Kayit Bay, and the main gates and towers were rebuilt by Suleiman the Magnificent.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

One of the most famous Turkish museums in the world is located in Gaziantep. Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which is the second largest mosaic museum in the world, was opened to visitors in 2011 and has a rich collection that directly attracts hundreds of thousands of history, culture and many archeology enthusiasts from all over the world every year. The museum covers an area of 10,000 square meters, where you can see thousands of fascinating mosaics adorned with religious motifs from the late antique, Syrian and Christian periods, especially the Roman mosaics, statues, columns and fountains of the ancient city of Zeugma. It is an area of 2500 square meters and attracts a lot of attention. Among the works are the 140 square meter mural, the bronze statue of Mars and the mosaic known as the Zeugmas Mona Lisa.


Located on the peninsula where the Euphrates and Mersimen rivers meet, Rumkale has an extremely impressive view that you will not find anywhere else in Gaziantep. Reflecting the architectural features of both the Roman and the Middle Ages, used by many civilizations since ancient times, in the most ideal way, Rumkale is the most frequent destination of photographers all over the world with its irresistible view of the steep cliffs. one of his kates. You can enjoy the fascinating panoramic view of the Euphrates and Merzmen rivers from the area where Rumkale is located. Also, St. You can visit the Nerses Church and the Barşavma Monastery and explore all the impressive parts of the castle up close. Rumkale, which is visited by foreign tourists as an important place in the history of Christianity, is the Prophet who spread Christianity and protected the gospel. It is also rumored that it hosted Herz Johannes, one of the most famous apostles of Jesus.

Gaziantep Turkish Bath Museum

Considered one of the most interesting museums not only in Gaziantep but also in Turkey, Gaziantep Hammam Museum is the best place to see traditional Ottoman Hamam architecture and culture. The Hamam Museum, which was opened to visitors in the bath area of a huge complex, which was built in 1577 thanks to Lala Mustafa Pasha, offers the opportunity to look closely at examples of Turkish baths from many periods. The bronze sculptures, authentic ornaments, antiques, many inlaid wall examples and impressive stonework at the Gaziantep Hamam Museum make you feel the atmosphere of a historical Ottoman bath. It offers a fun experience for those interested in history, culture and architecture. You can easily reach this unique museum via Gaziantep Bus Terminal.

Gaziantep Archeology Museum

Gaziantep Archeology Museum houses the priceless treasures of the city's impressive history of thousands of years and is the first museum of Gaziantep, opened in 1944 in the Community Center. The museum, which was moved in 1969, displays over 1,700 valuable historical artifacts collected from many important archaeological excavations around Gaziantep, including the Ancient City of Zeugma. Gaziantep Archeology Museum, where you can see fossils from geological ages, the famous elephant skeleton of Maraş and stone carvings from the Neolithic period, is one of the rare places where local and foreign tourists can explore the history and culture of Gaziantep closely. You can also look at artifacts from the Old Bronze Age, Iron Age, Late Hittite, Persian, Commagene, Hellenistic, Roman and Republican periods and take lots of photos.

Historical Antep Houses

Bey Mahallesi, the district where Atatürk is officially registered in Turkey, is an iconic monument of Gaziantep and the cradle of its history. All of the nearby 15th-century houses are definitely worth seeing. There are not only stone houses here, but also the Toy Museum, Atatürk Memorial Museum and Turkish Bath Museum. In this city where historical buildings have not been destroyed, the fact that 20th Muslims and Armenian minorities lived together as direct neighbors until the 19th century shows how important it is. Especially in the Armenian villas of St. Mary's Church or the Kurtuluş Mosque proves this. Moreover, Gaziantep Bus Terminal is extremely close to these houses in terms of location.

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