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Nilüfer Turizm

Founded in Bursa in 2005, Nilüfer Turizm provides corporate services. It is a frequently preferred company among travel companies. Providing service in an innovative way, the company accompanies its passengers on all journeys with its expert staff. The work carried out always prioritizes customer satisfaction. It is a company that is aware that passenger safety is as important as comfort.

Nilüfer Bus Ticket

Customers who want to travel with Nilüfer company can easily buy Nilüfer bus tickets online. It is possible to buy tickets for the desired date practically and quickly. There is no need to go to any agency again for the ticket purchased securely.

About Nilüfer Turizm

Founded in Bursa, the company shares up-to-date information about Nilüfer Tourism. All personnel walk on this line, embracing the principle of safe driving. Working by adopting the necessary principles in business understanding, the team always provides service for customer satisfaction. In this way, it has become one of the most preferred travel companies in Turkey.

Company Imprint

When Nilüfer Turizm company name is examined, it is seen that it was founded by Hüseyin Kayapalı. Founded in Bursa, the company provides well-established services. It serves the Marmara, Central Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. It has 507 stops in different locations throughout Turkey, thus providing a comprehensive service. It has been operating continuously for years in line with the principle that you are in safe hands.

Vehicle Features

When designing vehicle features, customer comfort is prioritized. The company organizes trips to different places with its fleet and has technological equipment such as television and internet. The assistant who provides service throughout the journey provides the necessary support for the satisfaction of the customers. With its 220 volt supported sockets, electronic devices can be connected to electrical power during the journey. Trips are organized by making sure that comfort is ensured.

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Year of foundation:2005
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Head Office:Bursa
Founder:Hüseyin Kayapalı
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