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Thanks to Frankfurt flight ticket deals, you can reach Frankfurt, one of the most important cities in the world, safely and comfortably. Located east of Wiesbaden, Frankfurt is in the German state of Hersen. The city, which is famous for its vineyards, is located on the banks of the Main River. Frankfurt, one of the most important and most developed cities in Germany, is a cosmopolitan and decent city. Frankfurt, one of the richest and most dynamic cities in Europe, has 400 banks, stock markets, central banks, the European Monetary System and the city is an international financial center. The city has a special significance. Rein Main Airport, the second busiest airport in Europe, is located in the city where many trade fairs are held. Millions of individuals come here to see the world's largest trade fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition, Frankfurt, where millions of students study, offers a vibrant nightlife due to its many bars, discos and nightclubs. Frankfurt, a rich, stylish and lively city, is very similar to New York in appearance and skyscrapers.

Frankfurt has a smaller population than Munich and Berlin, but is more multinational than other German cities. Frankfurt Airport is a destination for thousands of travelers, and with more than 40 international flights a year, many flock to the trade fair.

Food and Drink in Frankfurt

Germans are less developed than other countries in terms of culinary culture. In general, ready-made foods and frozen foods are consumed in the country. In the city of Frankfurt, there are many well-developed restaurants where you can eat German dishes and international cuisine.

The most important meal in Frankfurt is breakfast. Various breakfast tables are set up here. When it comes to breakfast, types of bread, honey, marmalade and cheese come to mind. Products such as ham, smoked meat and salami are also consumed for breakfast. A sausage-like food made from liver paste called Leberwurst is consumed very often at the breakfast table. With a Frankfurt flight ticket, you can come to the city and experience one of these famous breakfasts.

When to go to Frankfurt?

In the city where the world-famous trade fair is held, there are Europe's highest skyscrapers, business centers, important structures such as Deutsche Bundesbank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With a population of more than 690,000, the city has a cosmopolitan structure. If you want to come to Frankfurt, which attracts attention with its impressive fairs and museums, it is very important to learn about the climate in the city and the most suitable time period for visiting.

The climate in Frankfurt is warm and temperate. Summer months are mostly sunny and warm. On the contrary, the winters are cold and harsh. Compared to other cities in Germany, there is more humid weather here. The annual average temperature in the city is 10 degrees Celsius. In summer, the temperature can reach up to 27 degrees Celsius. Winters are much colder and the temperature is usually below zero. February is the driest month in this city, which receives 40 mm of precipitation annually. The average temperature in July is 19.2 degrees Celsius, making it almost the hottest month of the year. The average temperature in January is 0.9 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest month of the year. Compared to other cities, there is more heavy rainfall in June. The average precipitation in this month reaches up to 70 mm. Thanks to the mild climate in Frankfurt, the spring and summer months are warmer than other periods. In winter, the weather is very cold and rainy. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is spring and summer.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt?

You can come for business in Frankfurt, one of the cities where the world's most important trade fair is held. Hotel prices increase especially during the fair period due to the high demand for hotels. If there is no fair or organization you want to attend in the city, you can make the accommodation price more affordable by planning your trip for a period other than the fair period. Numerous fairs, festivals and exhibitions are held in the city throughout the year. Apart from industry fairs, general fairs are also frequently held, in which everyone participates.

Whether you are coming for a fair or to visit the city, the hotels you can stay in Frankfurt will meet all your expectations. The location of the hotels you can stay in Frankfurt is the most ideal accommodation option you can choose in Frankfurt, thanks to the various services they offer. You can freely choose among these hotels according to your tastes and budget.

Places to Visit in Frankfurt

There are many places to see in Frankfurt. It is one of the most visited cities in the world due to its colorful streets, fun nightlife and fair events. If you are planning to come to this city, you can prepare an ideal travel plan thanks to the Germany flight ticket deals.


The Romerberg is one of the most iconic venues in Frankfurt, a must-visit historic square. In Romer, there are medieval buildings and historical market places, which are among the most important places in the city. During the Holy Roman Empire, coronations of emperors were once held in Römerberg. Since then, many French and Italian traders have come to this place. The Romerberg remains one of the most popular places in the city today. Thanks to Germany flight ticket deals, you can come to this iconic place.


Palmengarten Frankfurt

Palmengarten, one of the must-see places in Frankfurt, has been a place where many visitors have visited since 1871. The area is the greenest area in the city. More than 13000 plant species live in the palm garden, which is located on a large area of ​​22 hectares.

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral, the largest religious building in Frankfurt, dates back to the 13th century. The most important structure in the history of the Empire, the cathedral has been used as the place for emperor elections and coronation ceremonies since the foundation of Holy Rome. It was adopted as a symbol of national unity in the 19th century. The cathedral has an impressive 328-square-metre tower and is visible from all over the city. Destroyed in a fire in 1867 and II. Originally rebuilt after World War II, the cathedral has a Romanesque floor plan and features a 15th-century wedge painting depicting the life of Jesus Christ. The interior and exterior of the cathedral looks quite magnificent.

Main Tower

The name of the Main Tower in Frankfurt city center comes from the River Main, which is located near it. This tower, which is a kind of observation tower, is approximately 280 m long and has two viewing platforms open to the public. In the high towers are the offices of corporations and large law firms, and Frankfurt's first public observatory is located in this tower.

Eschenheimer Turm

When you first look at Eschenheimer Turm, one of the must-see places in Frankfurt, it resembles the Galata Tower in Turkey. This structure is the oldest skyscraper in the city. It was built at the beginning of the 15th century. At the lowest floor of the building, there is a bar restaurant where visitors can listen and spend time chatting.

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