Çıldır Airport Flight Ticket

Çıldır Airport

People who want to buy a Çıldır Airport flight ticket may want to have more information about the airport. People wonder how to get from this airport in Aydın and the airlines that fly to the airport. Çıldır Airport is located in Efeler district of Aydın. This airline, which was put into use many years ago, was acquired and operated by different companies. Although civilian flights have been operated for many years, the airport is currently only open for pilot training. For this reason, it is not possible for people who want to reach Aydin to buy a flight ticket at this airport today. While the airport is planned to be opened to civilian flights again in 2025, it will be possible to buy a plane ticket to travel to Aydın after this date.

About Çıldır Airport

You can travel to Aydın comfortably by purchasing a flight ticket from Çıldır Airport. Located in Efeler district of Aydın, this airport was operated by the State Airports Authority until 2010. Training flights are also organized at the same airport where civilian flights are organized. Thanks to these trainings organized for people who want to receive pilot training, Turkey's most successful pilots have the chance to train at this airport.

People who want to buy a flight ticket at Çıldır Airport should know that the airport land started to be used in 1956. Mustafa Çıldır donated his land in Efeler district to the state for the establishment of the airport. The construction date of the airport is 2005. The airport, which started to be built in 2005, is used especially for training flights. It has been announced that civilian flights from the airport will resume in 2025. It is aimed to operate direct flights from Aydın after the necessary feasibility studies are carried out at the airport.

People who buy Çıldır Airport flight tickets may wonder whether the airport is close to the city center. Located in the Efeler district of Aydın, this airport is 7 kilometers away from the city center. Since it is close to the airport, people who want to reach this airport, where training flights take place today, can use public transportation. Thanks to public transportation, it is possible to reach the airport in Efeler district in a short time.

How long has Çıldır Airport been in service?

The first step for Çıldır Airport was taken in 1956. The airport was an airport where civilian flights operated between 1957 and 1960. Due to the coup that took place in 1960, the airport was closed to flights in 1961. The Airport, which was closed to flights for 26 years, was reopened for use by the Turkish Aeronautical Association to carry out its sports activities. The airport, where aviation activities were carried out for 3 years, underwent a detailed renovation in 1990. The airport, which was put into operation again in 2005, has the status of an airport where pilot training is carried out.

How to Get to Çıldır Airport?

Çıldır Airport is not located very far from Aydin city center. For this reason, public transportation, taxis and rental cars are preferred to travel from the airport to the city center. People who want to travel between the airport and the city center can choose buses that provide all-day service. You can reach the airport by bus after a 15 to 20 minute journey. While reaching the airport by taxi is preferred because it is more comfortable, taximeter fees will not be too high since the airport is close to the city center. In this way, people who want to reach the airport will be able to travel in a shorter time and more comfortably.

Are Civilian Flights Organized at Çıldır Airport?

Çıldır Airport is an airport where civilian flights have not been operated for many years. Due to the ongoing feasibility studies at the airport, the year 2025 has been determined for the airport to be reopened to passenger flights. Although the airport is closed to civilian flights today, it is open to training flights. People who want to become a pilot can take the first step towards becoming a pilot with pilot training held at the airport.

Which Flights Will Be Operated from Çıldır Airport?

Even though Çıldır Airport is currently closed to civilian flights, it is planned to be reopened to civilian flights in 2025. Once opened to civilian flights, the airport aims to provide service to different cities in Turkey. Thanks to the flights operated from Aydin, you can travel to different cities of Turkey both more comfortably and in a shorter time.

Can Çıldır Airport be Reached by Taxi?

People who want to travel to Çıldır Airport can also reach the airport by taxi.

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