Yunuseli Airport Flight Ticket

Yunuseli Airport

People who buy Yunuseli Airport flight tickets may want to travel to Bursa. Yunuseli Airport is located in the city center of Bursa. The airport, where civil aviation services were carried out for many years, was closed for civilian flights. For this reason, people who want to reach Bursa wonder whether they can buy a flight ticket to this airport.

About Yunuseli Airport

People who want to buy Yunuseli Airport flight tickets should first know that this airport is located close to the city center. The airport, located in the Yunuseli region of Bursa, was built in the 1940s. The airport, where civilian flights operated until 2001, had to suspend its flights due to technical deficiencies. Between 2001 and 2017, the airport, where civilian flights were not carried out, was used for military purposes. In 2017, the airport was closed to both civilian and military flights. The main reason why the airport is closed for flights is that it is not suitable for planes to land and take off.

People who want to access the airport by purchasing a Yunuseli Airport flight ticket can see that the airport is only 10 kilometers from the city center. For this reason, people who want to reach the airport can choose different public transportation vehicles. People who want to reach Yunuseli Airport from the city center can choose the buses allocated by the municipality. You can reach the airport more quickly with buses that run from both Bursa city center and different districts of Bursa. In addition to buses, you can also travel to the airport from different points of Bursa by metro line.

People who purchase Yunuseli Airport flight tickets do not have to use public transportation to reach the airport. Since the airport is not far from the city center, it can be reached in a short time by taxis, rental cars and transfer vehicles. Since it is possible to find a taxi at any time of the day, even people whose flights are late can easily reach the airport by taxi. Rental cars will be the choice of people who want to travel with a large group.

Thanks to rented vehicles, your trip to Bursa can be made more comfortable and the journey between the airport and the city center can be completed in a shorter time. Transfer vehicles are free vehicles that can be used by people who prefer hotels to stay in Bursa. Thanks to transfer vehicles, people landing at the airport will be picked up from the airport exit and delivered to their hotels in a short time.

Is Yunuseli Airport Open to Civil Flights?

Yunuseli Airport has been closed to civilian flights for many years. This airport was closed to civilian flights because cargo planes had difficulty landing and the airport was not suitable for landing. For this reason, it is not possible for people who want to visit Bursa to buy a flight ticket to this airport today.

How far is Yunuseli Airport from the city center?

Yunuseli Airport is only 10 kilometers away from Bursa city center.

How to Get to Yunuseli Airport by Private Vehicles?

Yunuseli Airport is very close to the city center. For this reason, people who want to reach the airport can make their transportation more comfortable by choosing their private vehicles. To reach the airport from Bursa city center by private vehicle, a 15 to 20 minute journey will be sufficient.

Can Yunuseli Airport be Reached by Buses?

Since Yunuseli Airport is located in a central location, it can be easily reached by buses. People who want to travel by bus to this airport, which is located close to Bursa city center, can choose from different bus services. Various bus services are organized to reach the airport from the districts and villages of Bursa, as well as from the city center. People who take buses with the tickets they purchase can reach the airport more affordably.

Is Yunuseli Airport a Modern Airport?

Yunuseli Airport cannot be called a modern airport because it started to be built in the 1940s. Although the airport, which was built many years ago, underwent the necessary renovations, it could not be made airworthy. Since there is no official statement about when the airport will reopen to civilian flights, it is not clear when ticket sales for the airport will start.

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