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This city, which you can reach via Kars bus station, is known as one of the most special cities in Turkey. Kars, which draws attention with its historical texture and cultural structures, is a city that is widely preferred and wondered by not only domestic but also foreign tourists, and is frequently mentioned with its geography. In addition to this, Kars, which attracts attention with its local cuisine and is preferred for touristic trips both in summer and winter due to many factors, is home to many different places that must be seen and visited.

Kars Castle

This castle, which you will have the chance to see with a Kars bus ticket, also has a symbolically important place for Kars. Kars Castle, which is located on a hill overlooking the city and thus provides the opportunity to see the whole city in a panoramic way, impresses those who see it with its unique view at sunset. The castle, which was built in the 12th century and has been actively used for many years after its construction, is now under protection as an archaeological site.

Stone Bridge

Taşköprü, which is known as one of the places you must see and examine during your touristic trips to the city of Kars, is preferred by both local and foreign tourists because it is located in the city center. The bridge, which is located on the flowing part of the Kars Stream in the Dereici District and is known to have been built in 1579 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Murat III, was designed as a 3-arch bridge. Although a part of the 3-arch bridge, made of properly cut basalt stone, was destroyed, it managed to reach its current state due to its reconstruction in 1725.

Namik Kemal House

Namık Kemal House, which is among the places to visit in Kars, is located on Erzurum Street in Kaleiçi District. Namık Kemal House, which is also preferred due to its central location and known as a must-stop for those who want to make cultural trips, is the house where the famous poet Namık Kemal spent his childhood between 1853 and 1854. Namık Kemal House, which has undergone various restoration works to become what it is today and serves as an exhibition space today, offers a very important opportunity to examine the poet's life more closely.

Hasan Harakani Tomb

Kars is known as a remarkable city not only with its natural beauties but also with its cultural areas and structures. It is possible to say that there are many different areas that should be seen as historical in this city, which is widely visited both in summer and winter and attracts the attention of not only domestic but also foreign tourists. Hasan Harakani tomb, on the other hand, is known as a tomb built during the conquest of Kars 31 years after he was married in 1033. Although it has undergone various changes and restoration works over the centuries, it is quite remarkable because it is one of the historical structures that has survived to the present day.

The 21 tombs around the tomb belong to many different important names such as Kars Governor Kethuda Mehmet Pasha. This tomb, which is a must-see for those who want to get more detailed information about the deep-rooted history of the city of Kars, can be visited both in summer and winter.

Kars Museum

Kars, which attracts attention due to its many features, has witnessed the transition of many civilizations until it reached its current state. In addition, Kars, which can be referred to as an ancient settlement that has been inhabited for thousands of years, is very rich in terms of culture as it is located on the Silk Road. Kars Museum, which was opened in 1981, is quite remarkable with the archeology hall, the ethnography hall and the wagon belonging to Kazım Karabekir Pasha. This museum, which is among the must-see places in the city and makes it possible to have a pleasant time, attracts great attention not only by domestic but also by foreign tourists.

Kümbet Mosque

It is possible to say that there are many different structures that must be seen in terms of religion in this city, which you will have the chance to see with a bus ticket to Kars. This structure, known as the Kümbet Mosque or the Church of the Apostles, is located at the foot of Kars Castle. Built as one of the Armenian churches, the church, known to have been built during the Bagratlı Kingdom, was converted into a mosque in 1064 with the transition to Muslim rule.

When the region came under Russian rule again, the building was converted into an Orthodox church, but it continued to serve as a mosque when it came under Turkish rule again in 1918. The building still serves as a mosque today and is known as one of the most important historical buildings of the region. The cupola mosque, which attracts attention with its architectural texture and is among the must-see structures, also attracts attention due to its central location.

Caucasian Front War History Museum

Get to know the history of Kars, which attracts attention with its cultural areas, Kars, which lets you know that you had a pleasant trip with the museums that allow you to experience it, is one of the must-see cities of Turkey. Known as one of the most impressive museums in the city, the Caucasian front war history museum, besides having a very meticulous collection, hosts works that will never be forgotten by those who see it.

The collections in the museum contain the equipment used during the defense of the city against the invasion of the Russian armies in the 19th century. This museum, which was created to reveal the admiration for the equipment and soldiers who took part in the victory of Kars, is a unique option for those who want to understand the history of Kars more closely. There is no charge for entering this museum, which consists of 8 main halls and exhibits important events that took place from 1828 until the proclamation of the republic.

Fethiye Mosque

This city, which you will have the chance to see with Kars bus station, has a very important place in terms of religious as well as historical buildings. Fethiye Mosque, which is among the structures that have been converted from a church to a mosque, is a structure built as a church by the Russians at the end of the 19th century. The mosque, which served as an indoor sports hall until the 1970s after the Turkish-Armenian War, was converted into a mosque with 2 different minarets added to the building in 1984 and has been serving as a mosque ever since. Fethiye Mosque, which offers a unique architectural view and must be visited by those who come to the city, attracts attention due to its central location.

Lake Çıldır

Çıldır Lake, which offers a unique view that will never be forgotten by those who see it, is known as one of the most symbolic natural beauties for Kars. Çıldır Lake, which can be visited in both summer and winter months, is quite remarkable with its unique view, especially in winter. If you visit the lake in winter, you can have the chance to walk on the frozen lake and feel yourself in a fairy tale by taking a ride on sleighs.

In summary, there is a very long list of places to visit in Kars. Depending on the season of your touristic trip to the city, you can change your list and make it possible to spend a few days enchanted by the unique historical beauty of Kars. The fact that urban transportation is very easy with public transportation makes your touristic trips much more enjoyable.

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