Aris Seyahat Bus Ticket

Aris Seyahat

Aris Travel offers both intercity services and organizes international travel flights. It is highly preferred as one of the high quality and rare companies in Turkey that organizes trips abroad.

Aris Travel Bus Ticket

People who want to complete their Aris Travel bus ticket purchase online are faced with the 2+1 seat arrangement, which is also known as the distinguishing feature of the company. At the same time, Aris Travel bus tickets can be easily purchased from the company's many agencies.

About Aris Travel

Aris Travel fully meets the expectations of those who want to travel abroad by road and is considered a great opportunity. The company organizes flights to Baku, Kazakh, Ganja, Yevlakh and Sherur regions of Azerbaijan. It organizes flights to Pitelti, Constanta, Bucharest, Craivo and Bacau regions of Romania. In intercity passenger transportation, it organizes regular flights to many regions such as Istanbul, Kayseri, Antalya, Izmir and Gaziantep.

Company Imprint

Aris Travel was founded by Fırat Hocaoğlu in Istanbul in 2019. The company's vision, which provides services at a level equivalent to European standards, is the safety and comfort of passengers. The company, which always maintains this understanding, has managed to further expand both its network and recognition in Istanbul and its surroundings.

Vehicle Features

The company attaches more importance to its vehicle fleet investments. Thus, it adds many new model vehicles to its vehicle fleet every day. The company is also generous in terms of catering and service, offering various snacks, hot drinks, cold soft drinks and salty foods throughout the journey. Mercedes Benz Travego car seats, which have convenient and comfortable features, can be moved as desired and passengers have the opportunity to watch the channels they want on the seat-back TV.

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Year of foundation:2019
Bus Count:3
Head Office:İstanbul
Founder:Fırat Hocaoğlu
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Rahat Koltuk
Koltuk Ekranı (10 inç)
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