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By purchasing a Samsun bus ticket, you can have a wonderful trip in the Central Black Sea region. The first name of the city is Amisos, a name that comes from Palaska. When we look at the deep-rooted history of the region, the first human community to have lived is the Gagaş. A habitat was unearthed around the Mert River. In the following times, the Hittites began to live. The ruins found as a result of the excavations have provided information about the city.

The city, which was captured by the Phrygians after the Hittites, later came under the rule of the Cimmerians. The Cimmerians were defeated by the Lydian King, and the Lydians were defeated by the Persian Empire. The city, which was captured by Alexander the Great, was ruled by the Macedonians. After the Romans and Byzantines, it was under the domination of the Turks. Samsun has an important place for many civilizations with its harbor. People who were important in different periods were fascinated by the beauties of Samsun.

Samsun Ataturk Monument

One of the symbols that is very important and special for Samsun is the Samsun Atatürk Monument. The monument, located at the location where Atatürk set off, is located in Atatürk Park. It is a monument built after the National Struggle, which is important for the Republic of Turkey. One of the reasons why the monument in Samsun is so important is; It is the gathering of money among the people to have the statue made. The monument is about 9 meters long. There are inscriptions on the bronze stone plate on the front and back of the statue made by the Austrian artist Heinrich Krippel. It is a monument of great spiritual importance for the city, people who come to Samsun can visit Atatürk Park and the monument.

Amisos Hill

It is one of the first places to visit in Samsun. Being the first settlement of the city, it gained importance. Amisos Hill, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, overlooks Samsun. Amisos Hill, which can be reached by cable car, offers guests a unique view. This is the ideal location to see the city from a bird's eye view. With its green Black Sea forests and blue waters, the Black Sea offers a very impressive visual. Samsun is one of the most touristic cities in the Black Sea. Amisos Hill is in the first place among the touristic places. Thanks to the facility located on the hill, it is possible to take a pleasant break.

Tekkeköy Caves

The first studies in the Tekkeköy Caves area were carried out in 1941. According to the archaeological studies; Paleolithic Age, Bronze Age and Mesolithic Age remains were discovered. As a result of the detailed examination of the ruins, it was revealed that the people who lived in the region were foraging and hunting. Tekkeköy Caves, one of the oldest settlements discovered in Samsun, reflect the houses of the period in the best way. It is one of the beautiful regions that can be preferred for traveling in history. The sculptures around the caves are quite interesting. The caves, which were inhabited thousands of years ago, are the first imitation museum in Turkey. The restored Greek houses in the immediate vicinity of the cave area are also among the places to be visited.

Amazon Village

Amazon Village, known as the region where warrior women live, is located in Gölyazı town. According to known rumors; It is said that women who cut their chests to shoot the arrow more balanced lived here. They are women who use various weapons such as bows, arrows and axes and fight. Visitors to the village can have a lot of different information about the warrior women. The Amazon Village, located in Ilkadım Batıpark, was built in memory of a society that lived as a matriarchy. Amazon women have a very important place, especially in Greek mythology. Visitors to the Amazon Village can see wax statues of Amazon women. The Anatolian lions statues next to the wax statues are quite impressive. It is a place to visit to have a different experience and learn about Amazon women. You can pass to Gölyazı town via Samsun Bus Terminal. Located by the sea, the park attracts the attention of visitors.

Bandırma Ferry Museum

Samsun is one of the cities that was very important during the years of the National Struggle. It is a city that maintains its importance today and offers different options to those who come to visit the city. It is a ship that was built as a representation of the ship that Atatürk set out from Bandırma to Samsun. The construction of the museum took approximately 3 years. It was built to be exactly the same as the ship Atatürk came from Bandırma. The actual ship that set off was dismantled in 1925. It is possible to see the bridge, saloon and other parts of the ship. There are wax statues of Atatürk and his comrades in the ship. The telephone and sailor clocks in the museum attract the attention of people who are especially interested in shipping. Various documents written by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, inside the museum is displayed in. Bandırma Ferry is moored at Doğu Park beach and opened for visitors in 2003. After buying a Samsun bus ticket, a more efficient Samsun trip can be made by preparing a list of places to see.


It is one of the most preferred locations by the guests who come to Samsun in the summer months. Yakakent, a peaceful and quiet town, is located by the sea. It is very pleasant to take a walk by the beach in summer days. Green trees and forest on one side and the blue sea on the other offer a very peaceful environment. Thanks to the restaurants and cafes located by the beach, pleasant lunch breaks can be given. Çamgölü forests in Yakakent are very popular. It is one of the places to go for a picnic. Eating against the unique sea view is especially impressive in the evening.

Akdag Ski Center

Samsun is one of the cities that can be visited in four seasons. While it offers different options in summer, it can offer different options in winter. Located at the top of the mountain, Akdağ Ski Center is very important for winter tourism. It is one of the places that must be visited by people who come to Samsun during the winter months. There are 6 separate tracks within the scope of the ski center. Having a very suitable ground for winter sports provides visitors from different parts of the country. There are slopes where people who have just started skiing can have experience without difficulty. There are different facilities that offer accommodation in the ski center. It is the first place to be preferred in the winter months among the places to visit in Samsun.

Samsun Castle

Samsun Castle, located on the very shore of the sea, was built to protect the city from threats. Samsun Castle was built in 1192 by Danishmen. After visiting the Castle, it can be visited at the Great Mosque, which is located nearby. Evliya Çelebi mentioned the castle in his Travel Book. He says that it has 5 thousand steps, 2 thousand battlements and 70 towers. As a result of the studies carried out by the Archeology and Ethnography Museum, many remains were found. As a result of the studies carried out in the castle, a bath belonging to the 15th century was unearthed.

Kizilirmak Delta

One of the largest deltas in Turkey is located in Samsun. Although it is located in an area far from the city center, it is a point visited by visitors due to the view it offers. It is a corner of paradise in nature. It is a delta formed by the alluviums carried by the waters of the Kızılırmak River. Kızılırmak Delta is one of the natural places to be seen in Samsun. The natural beauties of the delta are very well preserved. When you come to one of the Black Sea cities like Samsun, it is impossible not to take a tour in nature. One of the locations to be added to the route to be created after Samsun Bus Station is Kızılırmak Delta. It is a location included in the UNESCO World Cultural Temporary Heritage List.

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