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You can buy an Istanbul bus ticket and go on a journey to Turkey's metropolis. Istanbul is one of the favorite cities in Turkey. Compared to other cities, Istanbul is the place that receives the most immigration. There are many places to visit and see in this beautiful city that brings people from many cultures together. Allocating some time in line with your possibilities will allow you to have a more productive and enjoyable trip.

The subject of movies and TV series, Istanbul is a city that will blow your mind. Apart from historical buildings, museums, places of worship, shopping centers, you have to go to many different places to see the unique Bosphorus view. There are so many places you can visit to travel back in time. You also have a lot of options to have fun. You should plan and use your time in the best way possible.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower, which is legendary with its story and history, is one of the places to be seen. The tower, which was built with the famous architects of the era, has survived until today without any damage. There are floors in the tower, visitors can visit these floors and have information about the tower. You can go up to the top floor of the tower and watch the sea view and soak up the sun. After seeing the tower, you can walk around the historical streets of Beyoğlu.

The Egyptian Bazaar

Spice Bazaar, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Istanbul, hosts countless tourists throughout the year. It can be difficult to take your eyes off the windows of the shops in the bazaar. As you stroll through the bazaar where local delicacies and products are sold, fragrant scents will always accompany you. The pleasant smell of coffee, herbs and spices will not be erased from your memory. It is one of the best locations where you can feel the pulse of the city.

Topkapi Palace Museum

The best way to learn about the history of the land you live on is to visit Topkapı Palace. While visiting the museum, it reflects the history in the best way. It is one of the most special structures remaining from Ottoman history. You will have made a cultural trip with the information you have learned while impressing you with its architecture. Besides its magnificent structure, it can make you feel like the sultan of the palace while walking in the garden.

Dolmabahçe Palace

It is one of the places that everyone who comes to Istanbul should definitely visit. Atatürk spent the last days of his life in this palace. Atatürk's clothes and belongings are exhibited in this palace, which has a great spiritual meaning. You can visit the rooms inside the palace and make a meaningful visit. The time you spend in its large courtyard will be quite impressive.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge, located on the Golden Horn, is one of the oldest bridges. It can be quite enjoyable to eat fish and bread in places under the bridge. Spending time on the bridge, which will be on your way to go to the Galata Tower, can give you a taste of the old Istanbul atmosphere. It is possible to cross the bridge on foot. Walking on the bridge connecting the two ends of the city can be a pleasant experience.

Maiden's Tower

Located in the Bosphorus, the Maiden's Tower was built on an islet in the middle of the sea. Its history dates back to ancient times. Thanks to its tower structure, which is the subject of different mythologies, it fascinates those who see it. Galata Tower was opened to visitors as a result of restorations. A pleasant dinner can be eaten in the restaurant section. If your Istanbul Bus Terminal arrival time is in the evening, you should definitely come to watch the tower in the evening.

Saint Anthony's Church

The largest Catholic church in Istanbul is the Sent Antuan Church. Its architecture is quite impressive. It is a building that attracts the attention of both Turkish and foreign tourists. It has an assertive appearance with the motifs used outside the building. The church, which is open to visitors, can also coincide with the liturgical hours. You can easily tour both inside and outside of the church. The Virgin Mary Monument in its garden is a piece that reflects religion very well.

Big Island

Büyükada is the largest of the islands connected to Istanbul. Visitors come to the island all the time. It is one of the islands that you must visit when you go to Istanbul. It is very pleasant to cross the island with the ferries. It can be peaceful to watch the seagulls while sailing on the sea. There are many places to visit on the island. Cycling on the island has become a tradition. You can tour the whole island by bike and enjoy its unique nature.

Suleymaniye Mosque

There are many mosques that come to mind when buying a bus ticket to Istanbul. Süleymaniye Mosque has an important place among the works of Mimar Sinan. Inside the mosque, which is among the legacies from the Ottoman Empire; hospital, library, madrasah, bath and burial ground. It is a building that is at the center of tourists from different parts of the world. The number of visitors is always quite high, it is possible to witness the influx of tourists.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque has a worldwide reputation. It is possible to pray regularly in the mosque. Misa who wants to come for visiting purposes It is also open to firms all day long. It is a place considered as a center for worship in the civilizations that lived in the past. It was used as a patriarchal cathedral with a basilica plan built in the old city center of Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, which was used as a museum over time, is used as a mosque today. The fact that its past history is quite impressive makes it attract attention.

Basilica Cistern

It is a water cistern that has been in the city of Istanbul for 526 years. It is a closed water cistern built to meet the water needs of the city in the past. Marble columns were used in the interior, so over time, its name remained as the Basilica Palace among the society. Being close to Hagia Sophia in terms of location can allow you to visit two places in turn. The cistern, which has preserved its splendor for centuries, has recently been restored and made more impressive. Improvements have been made without harming its natural structure.

Ortakoy Mosque

One of the favorite places to visit in Istanbul is Ortaköy Mosque. It is a mosque that was built in the 19th century at the request of Sultan Abdülmecid. It is one of the most visited among historical mosques. The architecture of the mosque bears traces of the Ottoman period. Its architecture is quite impressive, the dome and the images used are truly fascinating. Located right next to the sea, the mosque is one of the symbols of Istanbul. After visiting the mosque, you can have a good time in the cafes and restaurants around.

Rumeli Fortress

It is a fortress in Istanbul that was opened in 1452. It has survived until today without any deterioration in its architecture. Rumeli Fortress should be seen by everyone who comes to Istanbul. It is a building where both Turkish and Ottoman architectural understandings are seen together. You can have an unforgettable experience with the sea and Bosphorus view next to the fortress. It is also easy to reach the restaurants and cafes near the fortress.

The city of Istanbul is quite a big city with the coming together of two different continents. It is a place that has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present, and was wanted to be seized due to its location and opportunities. It may be more than enough time to spend more than a few days before coming to this city, which lives with its beauties. It has countless places such as Beylerbeyi Palace, Şerefiye Cistern, Ağa Bath, Gülhane Park. It is very difficult to leave Istanbul, where you will find something different in every district.

Istanbul Bus Terminal is a point where exciting trips begin and good memories are left behind. You can easily go anywhere you want without any problems with transportation. Planning before you arrive can help you decide where to go in Istanbul. People who will come to Istanbul for the first time will start to visit more frequently in the future. It is impossible not to be impressed by the fascinating atmosphere of Istanbul. Your first choice should be Istanbul to find cultural, historical and fun trips together.

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