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Ulusoy Turizm

Ulusoy Tourism is one of the companies established in a very old date. It is a travel company that works meticulously to provide quality service. The company, which always respects its customers regarding their rights and time, is one of the most preferred companies. Ulusoy Tourism, which follows innovations in the sector and attaches importance to necessary changes, also attaches great importance to the safety of its customers.

Ulusoy Bus Ticket

Customers who want to travel on the routes created by the company can buy Ulusoy bus tickets. Tickets can be purchased advantageously online. It is possible to easily create a ticket for the desired date and city. By saving time, you can get your ticket as soon as possible.

About Ulusoy Tourism

It is possible to access information about Ulusoy Turizm from many different sources. The company, which has been serving for many years, shares information with its passengers in the most accurate way. Many different information, from the company's establishment to the flights it organizes today, can be accessed reliably. This adventure, which started with passenger transportation between Of and Trabzon, has now taken the form of a very wide network.

Company Imprint

Accurate information can be accessed by accessing Ulusoy Turizm company information online. Established as a family business, the company first begins to establish agencies in the Black Sea Region. Over time, it organizes trips between cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Samsun and Erzurum. Ulusoy company also operates in the truck transportation sector by starting international businesses.

Vehicle Features

Ulusoy Tourism, which has a very comfortable vehicle fleet, provides the necessary conditions for its passengers throughout the journey. With the 2+1 seating arrangement, passengers have the opportunity to travel as they wish. Vehicle features include technological equipment such as wireless internet connection. More entertaining journeys can be achieved thanks to smart devices and sockets located next to the seats. The seating arrangement is specially designed to ensure that every passenger travels under the same conditions.

Google Score: 3.9/5

Official Site: Ulusoy.com.tr

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Year of foundation:1937
Bus Count:-
Head Office:İstanbul
Founder:Hacı Mehmet ve Bahattin Ulusoy
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