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Etihad Airways Flight Ticket

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

With an Etihad Airways flight ticket, you can fly to more than a hundred destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way. Established in 2003, this company serves as the headquarters of the United Arab Emirates and has managed to become one of the best airlines in both the United Arab Emirates and the world. Thanks to the plane tickets bought from the company, it is possible to both fly safely and enjoy the flight.

About Etihad Airways

People who want to buy Etihad Airways flight tickets can fly to many destinations from the Middle East to America, from Africa to Asia in a pleasant and comfortable way, thanks to the plane tickets they have purchased. Based in Abu Dhabi, the company offers a high-level flight service to its passengers thanks to the technology blades in its fleet. Thanks to its flights, it has managed to be among the best airline companies in the world and has become the most preferred airline company in the United Arab Emirates.

Etihad Airways Frequently Asked Questions

How to Perform Check-In Procedures for Flight Tickets Purchased from the Company?

Passengers who have purchased an Etihad Airways flight ticket must check-in before the flight. It is recommended that passengers visit the company's website, download the company's mobile application, and visit the points at the counters at the airport in order to perform this transaction. Check-in at the airport can be done 45 minutes before the flight. The 45-minute period is valid for domestic flights operated by the company. For international flights, check-in procedures are carried out at the airport until one hour before the flight. For check-in, you can visit the company's website and check-in from your seat in a short time.

In addition, you can download the mobile application designed by the company to provide convenience to its passengers on your phones or tablets, and you will have the right to complete the check-in process within minutes. Online check-in starts 39 hours before the flight and ends 2 hours before the flight. Passengers can easily check-in by visiting the mobile application or website within this time frame.

How to Choose a Seat?

After the plane tickets purchased from the company, the passengers must choose a seat. Passengers can visit the company's website to choose a seat. After completing the check-in process on the website, passengers can choose the seats at the most suitable point for them. Passengers who do not have to pay any extra fees during seat selection may wish to pay a fee only to be able to choose seats with extra rights. Seats that are subject to an extra charge include seats with legroom and more legroom. Passengers can travel with these seats in order to make their journey more comfortable by paying an extra fee.

What are the Ticket Classes Offered to Passengers by the Company?

Passengers who want to buy plane tickets within the company want to have information about the ticket classes. Three ticket classes have been determined for airline tickets to be purchased from the company's website or offices. Economy class is the first among these ticket classes. Economy class is followed by Business class and first class ticket classes. The rights of each ticket class and the fee to be paid to buy tickets differ. People who want to buy tickets can choose the most suitable flight ticket for them by examining the fees and even the rights granted by their class.

Does the company offer free refreshments to its passengers?

The company has become number one among airline companies with the free screens it provides during the journey. The company provides all kinds of treats free of charge to its passengers in all ticket classes. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to benefit from free food and beverage service during the journey.

What should I do to buy a flight ticket from the company?

To purchase Etihad Airways flight tickets, you can visit the company's website. From the reservations section of the company's website, you can search for tickets according to the point and date you want to fly. After the ticket inquiry process, you can choose the most suitable flight for your travel date among the flights offered to you on the site and complete the ticket purchase process. You can easily pay for the flight tickets you have purchased from the company's website with a credit or debit card. In addition, passengers who want to buy tickets from the company have the opportunity to easily buy tickets by visiting the offices of the company at the airports. 

About Etihad Airways
Head Office:Abu Dhabi
Year of foundation:2003
Airplane Count:90
Flying Point Count:130
Flying Country Count:-
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