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By buying a Trabzon bus ticket, you can set off to the city, which is the pearl of the Black Sea. It is a city that fascinates people with its wonderful nature. The city has a wide variety of plants as it receives precipitation in all seasons. The city, which is famous for its forests, has a very harsh climate. When the geological structure of the city is examined, it is possible to encounter many different sources. It is a very rich place in terms of slopes, valleys, lakes and streams. In the region where the Black Sea climate is dominant, it is rainy in the coastal areas during the winter months and snow is seen in the higher regions. In the summer months, the humidity rises with the rains.

Sumela Monastery

It is a very important structure not only for Trabzon but also for Turkey. Sümela Monastery is located in Maçka district. The building, which was used as a monastery until 1923, is also called the Virgin Mary because it is an Orthodox church. The reason why it is called the Virgin Mary is; In 2010, on the day when the Virgin Mary is thought to have ascended to the sky, a ritual was held here. It is a very magnificent structure built on the slopes of the steep mountain. Fascinating visitors, the monastery was founded by two monks from Athens during the Byzantine Empire. The monastery is impressive with its exterior, as well as its interior. It is a building consisting of student rooms, kitchen, library, chapels, holy sections and guesthouse. It is among the places visited by the most visitors in Trabzon. Sumela Monastery consists of six floors, each floor provides entrance to a different world. The frescoes inside the building have a very fine workmanship. The details in the pictures are interesting. The monastery has been hosting visitors for many years. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Trabzon should definitely visit Sümela Monastery.

Zagnos Valley Park

Zagnos valley is one of the most visited places by local people. The valley park, which has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, covers a large area. The park, which offers environments where visitors can relax, gets quite crowded especially in summer. Artificial ponds consist of flowers, birds, trees, swans and green spaces. It is one of the locations that can be preferred for walking or having a picnic. Zagnos Valley Park is located in the center of the city. Due to its location, it can be easily accessed. It is one of the places to stop in the city center to take a break and relax.

Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle, which is one of the symbols of the city and has managed to preserve its structure until today, is a very important historical structure. It is located in the Araklı district of Trabzon and is positioned on one of the highest points of the city. The castle, which stretches from the coast of the sea to the hill, is included in the Travel Book of Evliya Çelebi. Due to its location, it is possible to go on a historical journey as well as intertwined with nature. Domestic and foreign tourists show great interest in Trabzon Castle. The lower, middle and upper fortress walls in the castle belong to the Roman period. Trabzon castle consists of three parts. It was built by combining stones collected from old buildings. B.C. The castle was built in the 2000s. It is one of the historical buildings that should be seen in Trabzon. It is a castle located on foundations from the Byzantine period. It was built to defend Trabzon against any threat from the Black Sea during the Ottoman period. The castle can be reached by the Trabzon Bus Terminal Araklı buses.

Trabzon Museum

After buying a Trabzon bus ticket, research should be done about the places to visit. Trabzon museum located in the city center was built in 1009 centuries. The building where the museum is located is also called Kostaki Mansion, because it was built by Banker Kostaki. When the mansion structure is examined, the Italian lines are clearly seen and most of the materials used in the construction of the building were brought from Italy. After Kostaki went bankrupt, all his assets were confiscated. By the leading family of the period The mansion, which was purchased from Istanbul, was used as the headquarters building during the National Struggle. Atatürk and his wife, Latife Hanım, once stayed here. Before Atatürk and his wife came to the mansion, arrangements were made in the interior. Except for the basement floor, all the walls of the mansion are decorated with pencil work. The design seen in the construction inside the mansion is one of the few examples of civil architecture in the country. In addition to the historical structure of the mansion, the fact that it is open to visitors as a museum attracts the attention of the guests. There are many ethnographic and archaeological artifacts in the museum. Apart from historical artifacts, there are many different works describing the mansion in the past.

Long Lake

Due to being a Black Sea city, Trabzon has many natural beauties. Uzungöl, which stands out in the city, offers its visitors various beauties. Uzungöl Neighborhood, one of the famous highland villages of the region, gave the lake its name. Uzungöl Neighborhood is also a location of rainforests in Turkey. Rocks blocked the way of Haldizen Stream and a lake was formed. It is among the oldest forested areas in temperate regions worldwide. It is an environment in nature with green vegetation in all four seasons. During the winter months there is snowfall, while in the summer it rains. With the opening of the summer season in April and May, Uzungöl can be visited for about seven months. It has been declared a protection zone by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Uzungol is one of the places with the most visitors in the Black Sea region. It is a region that should be placed in the first place by preparing a list of places to visit in Trabzon.

Atatürk Museum

Atatürk Mansion is quite impressive with its location among the pine trees and the magnificent architecture of the building. When Atatürk first came to Trabzon, the mansion was used as a museum. When Atatürk came to the city, he stayed here. Since Atatürk liked the mansion very much, Trabzon Special Administration delivered the title deed and turnkey. After Atatürk's death, the mansion was reopened as a museum. The building, which is under the influence of European and Renaissance architecture, is quite ostentatious. Stonework can be seen on the exterior, while the Baghdadi technique can be seen on the interior. Atatürk's furniture, porcelain, paintings, carpets and many items he used are exhibited in the mansion.

Altındere Valley National Park

Trabzon is a city built on valleys. Guests coming to the city should definitely visit Altındere Valley National Park. The national park in Maçka district also includes Sümela Monastery. Altındere Valley was declared as a park in 1984. The park has a total area of 4468 hectares. Since the Sümela Monastery is also located in this park, it welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year. It attracts a lot of attention due to the fact that it can be done in various activities in the region. There are many activities and sports opportunities such as mountaineering, fishing, camping and trekking. There are social facilities that can be accommodated in the park. It is among the places to visit in Trabzon to see unique views in nature and to visit the historical Sumela Monastery.

Gulbahar Hatun Tomb

Gülbahar Hatun Mosque is the first Islamic monument found in the city. It was built by Yavuz Sultan Selim for his mother. The mosque, where master stonework can be seen, was built in the 1500s. There is also the tomb of Gülbahar Hatun inside the mosque. There are two sarcophagi inside the tomb; one of them is Kamer Sultan, the daughter of Yavuz Sultan Selim, and the other is the prince Salih. It has a very important place among the Islamic works that should be seen in the city.

Cal Cave

The second longest cave in the world, Çal Cave is very interesting with the streams running through it. The cave, which is one of the natural beauties in Trabzon, is an underground water channel. It is one of the places that should be included during the trip with its natural structure that fascinates people. During the cave visit, a historical castle is also seen. For a different experience, you can come to Çal village via Trabzon Bus Terminal.

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