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Pamukkale Turizm

Pamukkale Tourism is one of the distinguished companies in Turkey. The company, which has achieved many successes since the year it has been in the sector, has always been the priority of those who will travel. It always follows the developments in the travel industry worldwide and makes it better for its passengers. Thanks to the services it offers to its customers, it makes it one of the most preferred bus companies today.

Pamukkale Bus Ticket

Customers who want to be Pamukkale Tourism passengers can easily buy tickets online. Pamukkale bus tickets can be purchased in a 2+1 seat arrangement. People who want to travel to different cities of Turkey can obtain their tickets as soon as possible. It is sufficient to verify the date and time from the current city to whichever city you want to go to.

About Pamukkale Tourism

It is possible to access transparent information about Pamukkale Tourism. It is one of the companies that has always provided accurate information to its customers since its establishment. The project, which was prepared to lay the foundations of Pamukkale Tourism, became operational with the approval of Atatürk. The company, which had only Denizli-Istanbul and Denizli-Ankara flights when it was founded, today organizes flights to dozens of cities.

Company Imprint

When the Pamukkale company identity is examined; It can be seen that the project was put into operation by members of the Bababalım family in 1962. The company took its name from Pamukkale Travertines, one of the symbols of Denizli. It serves different cities with its fleet of 600 vehicles. With this fleet, it accompanies an average of 15 million passengers on their travels throughout the year.

Vehicle Features

Pamukkale Tourism is very sensitive about the vehicle characteristics of the buses it uses during travels. It is possible to travel in vehicles with the necessary equipment and equipment. To ensure the comfort of passengers, a 2+1 seating arrangement has been introduced in their vehicles. Thanks to the technological equipment in the vehicle, more enjoyable journeys are possible. Passengers can connect to the vehicle's screen with their own USB cables.

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Year of foundation:1962
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Head Office:Denizli
Founder:Bababalım Ailesi
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