Dalaman Airport Flight Ticket

Dalaman Airport

People who buy Dalaman Airport flight tickets can visit Dalaman, one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Turkey. Dalaman is located in Muğla and is a holiday region visited by local and foreign tourists every year. The fact that Dalaman attracts so many tourists has also increased research on the airport. Dalaman Airport hosts millions of passengers every year with its flights both domestically and internationally.

About Dalaman Airport

People who arrive in Muğla by purchasing a flight ticket from Dalaman Airport will land close to the touristic spots of Muğla. Due to its location, Dalaman is close to the most tourist-attracting points of Muğla, such as Fethiye, Bodrum and Köyceğiz. Dalaman Airport is 6 kilometers away from the city center. This airport is the most important airport serving Muğla and hosting the highest number of passengers. This airport, which is among the busiest airports in the Aegean, hosts more than 10 million passengers every year.

It is possible to fly both domestically and internationally by completing the Dalaman Airport flight ticket purchase process. It is known that this airport, which also hosts flights from abroad, hosts thousands of foreign tourists every year. The airport, which is located close to the city center, can be accessed in a short time via different transportation methods. The airport, which was opened in 1976, started to provide international transportation after a period of 5 years. People who want to visit the touristic spots in Muğla and those who want to visit Antalya can buy a flight ticket to this airport.

People who reach Dalaman by purchasing a flight ticket from Dalaman Airport may wonder how they can reach the city center. Dalaman is located only 6 kilometers from Muğla city centre. For this reason, people who want to reach the city center from the airport often prefer Havaş shuttles. Havaş shuttles provide services considering the planes landing and taking off from the airport. You can reach the city center after a 10-minute journey with Havaş shuttles, which operate between 01:00 and 21:00. People who land at the airport can use the Marmaris shuttle if they want to visit holiday resorts. By choosing the Marmaris service, you can make a journey towards Gökova, Köyceğiz, Fethiye and the city center. Since the shuttles provide service every hour, you can reach all the touristic points of Muğla with these shuttles after landing at the airport.

How many years has Dalaman Airport been in service?

Dalaman Airport is one of the most established airports in Turkey. The airport, which was opened in 1976, provided flights only within the country for 5 years. As Muğla gained worldwide popularity, the number of foreign tourists visiting the city has increased several times. For this reason, the airport started to provide international transportation since 1981.

How to Reach Dalaman Airport from the City Center?

Dalaman Airport is only 6 kilometers away from Muğla city center. People who want to reach this airport can choose Havaş shuttles, rental cars and taxis.

How to get to the airport from touristic points such as Gökova, Köyceğiz and Marmaris?

Dalaman Airport is located in a central location and has created various transportation networks to touristic points. People who want to reach the airport from the touristic points of Muğla can choose the service called Marmaris shuttle. With this service, you can reach the airport from towns such as Gökova, Köyceğiz and Marmaris after a 1-hour journey.

Does Dalaman Airport Organize International Flights?

Dalaman Airport is an airport that has been operating international flights since 1981.

How many passengers does Dalaman Airport have the capacity to accommodate per year?

Dalaman Airport announced its annual passenger hosting capacity as 10 million. This airport, where domestic and international flights take place, has become a frequent destination for millions of tourists every year. Dalaman Airport hosts between 3 million and 10 million passengers every year.

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