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Places to Visit in the Phrygian Valley

Every corner of Turkey has touristic areas in terms of both cultural and natural beauties. There are many regions worth seeing in our country, which is of great importance in terms of tourism. The Phrygian Valley is one of these important tourist spots.

What is a Chip Passport? How to Buy?

There are many travelers who like to go out of the country and explore new places. Seeing and visiting another region outside one's own living space opens the doors to an extremely enjoyable journey. However, there is an important point to consider when traveling abroad. At this point they are passports.

Where is Gelevera Creek?

Every corner of Turkey has places that stand out with both their historical texture and natural beauty. Gelevera Creek is one of these important tourist spots. This stream has become even more popular thanks to the folk song of the late Kazım Koyuncu, which has the same name as the stream.

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