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Places to Visit in Kesan

Keşan is a district of Edirne province located in the Marmara Region of our country. Millions of local and foreign tourists come to Keşan, one of the most visited districts of Edirne, every year.

Places to Visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy

Şarköy is a touristic district located in the southwestern part of Tekirdağ city. Located on the coast of the Marmara Sea, this district offers its guests an unforgettable holiday with both its historical beauties and nature.

Places to Visit in Cide

Cide is one of the touristic districts of Kastamonu city, located in the Black Sea Region of our country. This district, which is famous for its foods such as walnut halva, chestnut honey and apple molasses, is one of the coastal regions.

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