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Turkmenistan Airlines

Turkmenistan Airlines

By purchasing a Turkmenistan Airlines flight ticket, you can fly with the airline that has been in service since 1992. Founded after Turkmenistan gained independence, this airline company has been serving for many years and aims to maximize customer satisfaction. Thanks to the flight ticket purchased from the company, it is possible to fly to nearly 20 destinations in the world.

About Turkmenistan Airlines

Thanks to the Turkmenistan Airlines flight ticket purchase process, you can travel with the national airline of Turkmenistan. Since the company has been carrying out air transportation for many years and provides service with its friendly staff, it carries out the transportation of more than 500 thousand passengers every year. The company, which has increased its number of aircraft, also begins to operate flights to new destinations every year. The company tries to maximize customer satisfaction and informs its customers as soon as possible in cases of delay or cancellation of flights. The company communicates with its customers and prevents their customers from being victimized by providing flight tickets or refunds so that they can fly another time.

Where is the Company's Headquarters Located?

People who want to buy Turkmenistan Airlines flight tickets may want to have more information about the company. Founded less than a year after Turkmenistan gained independence in 1991, this company continues to provide services both internationally and nationally. This company, which actively operates flights after independence, is headquartered in Turkmenistan. The airport in Ashgabat can be shown as the company's headquarters. Thanks to the flights operated from this airport, it is possible to fly to 15 different destinations domestically and abroad.

Where can you travel with a flight ticket purchased from the company?

Thanks to the flight tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to visit many countries in Asia and Europe. Turkmenistan Airlines also operates frequent flights to countries in Southeast Asia and Central Asia. You can also fly within Turkmenistan thanks to the flight ticket purchased from the company. Thanks to the flight tickets you purchase from the company, you can have the opportunity to travel pleasantly both nationally and internationally.

How to Buy Flight Tickets from the Company?

To buy a flight ticket from the company, all you need to do is visit the official website of the company. You can find the tickets you need in a short time by visiting the Turkmenistan Airlines official website. You can find the flight ticket you need within seconds by filtering the destination you want to fly to and the time period you want to fly to. By clicking on the reservations page, you can purchase your ticket in a short time and have your ticket confirmed using different payment methods.

How to Inquire about Purchased Flight Tickets?

To inquire about flight tickets purchased from the company, the company's website should be visited. You can visit the company's official website and review your tickets in the reservations section. By examining these tickets, you can get detailed information about the airport you will fly to and the time you will fly. You can also cancel and refund your tickets from this page. If you visit the company's website, you can also get more detailed information about what rights you may have in case of cancellation or refund.

How to Perform Check-In Procedures?

Check-in must be completed after purchasing a Turkmenistan Airlines flight ticket. Passengers must visit the airport to check-in. Since Turkmenistan Airlines does not have a platform where online check-in can be performed, passengers have to visit the airport to check in. Passengers visiting the airport can check-in for domestic flights up to 2 hours before the journey. For international flights, check-in at the airport ends 4 hours before the flight. Since online check-in operations cannot be performed, it is beneficial to arrive at the airports long before the flight and complete the check-in procedures this way. 

About Turkmenistan Airlines
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Year of foundation:1992
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Flying Point Count:15
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