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SunExpress (Güneş Ekspres Aviation A.Ş.), an aviation company established in 1989 and affiliated with Turkey's Antalya province, organizes non-stop scheduled and charter flights from holiday resorts to Europe. SunExpress was founded by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa companies. The second center of SunExpress was opened in Izmir in 2006. SunExpress, which has 55 aircraft, including those parked in its fleet, was selected as the "World's best holiday airline" in 2022. Selected as "Europe's best holiday airline" in 2023, SunExpress ranks sixth in the airlines index.

To which destinations does SunExpress operate domestic routes?

SunExpress operates direct flights to Adana, Antalya, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Istanbul, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Samsun, Mardin, Malatya and Kars.

Which countries can I fly to with SunExpress?

With SunExpress, you can fly non-stop to Albania, Germany, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Netherlands, Iraq, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Hungary, Macedonia, Egypt, Norway, Poland and Greece.

How and when is the check-in process at SunExpress?

SunExpress online check-in starts at the earliest 24 hours before the flight with the reservation or ticket number and ends 90 minutes before the flight.

Can I carry my sports equipment in SunExpress?

Thanks to the golf package of SunExpress, you can take your golf sets with you to the tourist resorts. Golf baggage allowance up to 23 kg, reservation for the seat of your choice, sandwich and a drink included in the golf package. In addition, your other sports equipment is carried for a certain fee.

Can I also carry my musical instruments on SunExpress?

SunExpress carries musical instruments in the cabin or in the cargo hold for a certain fee.

Can I also transport my pet with SunExpress?

SunExpress also delivers your pet to the destination airport at certain distances and subject to certain conditions.

Can I request additional baggage on SunExpress?

SunExpress also gives its guests additional baggage allowance for certain fees. Detailed information about additional baggage can be obtained from SunExpress's official website, mobile application, customer service or authorized travel agencies.

What is the SunExpress SunPriority Package?

Thanks to the SunExpress SunPriority Package, you can take advantage of priorities during check-in, boarding and baggage claim. For detailed information about the SunPriority Package, you can call SunExpress's customer service.

Can I choose my food menu at SunExpress?

You can choose the menu you want by informing SunExpress 36 hours in advance.

Do I have the right to choose a seat at SunExpress?

SunExpress offers its family members and passengers who want legroom the chance to sit wherever they want for a certain fee.

Does SunExpress offer inflight entertainment for long flights?

Thanks to SunExpress SunCafe, you can have the food you want during long flights. All you have to do is to inform SunExpress about the menu you want 36 hours in advance.

About Sun Express
Head Office:Antalya
Year of foundation:1989
Airplane Count:55
Flying Point Count:90
Flying Country Count:20
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