Lomio Cancellation and Refund

1.1 All reservations, ticket sales, cancellations and changes regarding the tickets purchased through www.lomio.com are carried out by www.lomio.com, which is registered and licensed with TÜRSAB with document number A-6807. Payments related to ticket sales are also received by the relevant companies. www.lomio.com is authorized for the transactions to be carried out through www.lomio.com within the scope of the Travel Agencies and Association of Travel Agencies Law No. 1618.

1.2 For all ticket purchases and reservations made on www.lomio.com; National and International General Flight Rules, as well as Flight Safety Rules; All rules applied by the airline company in question regarding ticket cancellation information, fees to be deducted in case of cancellation, ticket refund and reservation change, including ticket fees and transportation rules, will be valid. Users can visit www.lomio.com in cases such as the flight not being made on the scheduled time, canceled or postponed to a later date, the flight company not accepting the passenger and/or their belongings, the ticket buyer not being suitable for the flight, the validity period of the passport being insufficient, or not having a valid identity document. They accept that they are not responsible. Information such as seat distance, aircraft model, video, wifi, number of aisles and food provided in the flight details are provided instantly by the airline or gds and www.lomio.com does not check the accuracy of this information. Airlines have the right to make changes to this flight-related information without prior notice. With each ticket sale and reservation, USERS declare that they have read these terms and accepted the terms, upon approval of the terms of use.

1.3 Payment: Online ticket purchases over the internet can only be made with Visa, Master Card and American Express Credit cards and debit cards as follows:

-For security reasons, you will be asked to enter the three-digit security code (CVC Number) of your card during purchase. The security code is the three numbers located after the credit card number in the signature section on the back of the card. When you confirm a purchase, the relevant amount (including taxes and other charges) is charged to the card used for payment.

-3D Secure security system is mandatory for your purchases via the SITE. You can get the necessary information about using 3D Secure from your bank. www.lomio.com may take additional security measures for the credit card in ticketing transactions where fraud is suspected and may request additional confirmation from the User / Member. In cases where additional security confirmation cannot be provided, www.lomio.com may cancel ticketing. In such a case, the User / Member will be informed through the contact information provided during ticketing. The User / Member is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during ticketing, www.lomio.com does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

1.4 Cancellation / Refund: For the tickets you have purchased from www.lomio.com, the cancellation, refund and change rules of the airline companies you have made transactions with apply. These rules may vary depending on airline companies and ticket class differences. You can get information about cancellation / refund policies from the airline company. Under any circumstances, the ticketing service fee you purchase is non-refundable. Additionally, depending on the airline company's rules, the ticket may be refunded with a penalty or the refund may not be accepted. Generally, no cancellation, refund or change can be made for tickets included in the promotion class. In the economy category, cancellation, refund and change conditions may vary depending on the airline's rules. Cancellation, refund and change conditions for tickets belonging to Business (or similar) categories may vary depending on the rules of the airline you have chosen.

1.5 The refund of the ticket that is refundable or decided to be refunded by the relevant airline is made in accordance with the payment method used when purchasing the ticket. The time it takes for refunds to be reflected on the relevant debit or credit card may vary depending on banks and card programs. Information on this subject can be obtained from banks.

1.6 In case of No-Show (Non-Exercise of Flight Rights / Failure to arrive on the flight), in cancellation and refund transactions, some airline companies may refund only the collected airport taxes to the User / Member himself or to www.lomio.com on behalf of the User / Member. . Ticketing service fee / fuel surcharge is not refundable and these refund procedures may vary depending on the airline companies. In case of No-Show, if the refund of the airport tax is made to lomio.com on behalf of the User / Member, the User / Member can use this fee for the ticket fee to be paid for the next flight from the member account at www.lomio.com., or can use it uninterruptedly at www.lomio.com. You can request it from lomio.com

1.8 The transactions you make over the internet will be carried out in the manner shown on the websites. It must be done in m. Reservation, reservation changes, cancellations and refunds and online ticket purchases may occur due to incorrect or incorrect operation, incorrect entry or selection of requested information such as but not limited to name, contact information, TR ID number, flight date, flight time, flight class. www.lomio.com is not responsible for any disruptions that may occur in transactions. In accordance with the International Aviation Rules, the Civil Aviation Law and the General Policies of the Airline Companies, a reservation made or a ticket purchased cannot be transferred to another person and the name cannot be changed.

1.9 Before purchasing a ticket, the User/Member must check the ticketing class, flight date, flight time, flight times, departure and arrival airport, transfer airport, baggage allowance, baggage limitations and paid/free additional services for the destination they have chosen.

1.10 Denial of Boarding, Flight Postponement / Delay, Flight Cancellation and Placement in Lower Class - Upper Class: In such cases, the User / Member, within the scope of the Passenger Rights Evaluation and Implementation Principles Circular, firstly to the airline company; If the airline company's response is not sufficient, the complaint does not yield any results, or the complaint is not responded to within 10 days, the airline may apply to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. www.lomio.com; It has no authority or responsibility to intervene in matters such as denial of boarding, flight postponement, flight delay, flight cancellation and placement in lower or upper class.

1.11 User/Member may be liable for any lack of treatment regarding passport and visa procedures, failure to complete visa procedures for the country to be traveled, control and/or reminder of these transactions, or personal reasons arising from the passenger (tax debt, judicial proceeding, lack of transit visa, etc.). He accepts, declares and undertakes that www.lomio.com has no responsibility in case the exit is blocked, and that the responsibility for any cancellation or delay that may occur for this reason belongs entirely to him/her.

1.12 User/Member, cancellation or delay of flights, closure of airports or airspace to flight traffic due to reasons such as natural disaster, terrorism, riot, war, strike, civil unrest, civil unrest, electronic communication disorder, infrastructure failures, power outage, bad weather conditions. He acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he knows that www.lomio.com has no responsibility in such cases, and that the responsibility for cancellations and delays that may occur due to one or more of these reasons belongs to the relevant airline companies or relevant local governments.

1.13 www.lomio.com displays the successful sales status of flight ticket sales on its website and mobile application at the last stage of the sales flow. In addition, it sends an e-mail to the registered e-mail address to inform the passenger, and also sends an informative message via text message (SMS) to the passenger's mobile phone. The results page shown to the passenger at the purchasing stage is necessary and sufficient to prove that the ticket sale has been completed. Email and text message notifications are free services of www.lomio.com. www.lomio.com is not responsible in any way for any access disruptions or delays that may occur in these services. In some cases, the airline company may notify the User/Member about the latest changes regarding the flight by contacting directly via SMS, e-mail or phone. In this case, the most up-to-date information and announcements of the airline companies should be taken into consideration first.