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You can visit Samsun, which is located in the Black Sea region, with a Samsun flight ticket. Flights are very comfortable and practical. Samsun is the largest city in the Black Sea region. Samsun is a gateway for those who go to Istanbul and Ankara from the Eastern Black Sea region. It is bordered by Sinop in the west, Tokat and Amasya in the south, and Çorum in the southwest. With an area of ​​9364 square kilometers, Samsun is the 31st largest city in Turkey. Looking at its lands, three different features are visible: the mountains to the south, the plateaus between the mountains and the coast, and the plains and plateaus on the Black Sea coast.

According to the archaeological studies conducted in Dandartepe, which is located in the coastal region of the Mert River, which draws the border of the Ilkadım district and the Canik district, it is believed that the city's history dates back 7000 years. The Tekkeköy cave castle settlement on the banks of the Kızılırmak River in Bafra and the finds in İkiztepe indicate that the region is older. The history of the city of Amisos, which has existed in the Karasam region since the first days of the Ottoman Empire, begins 2600 years ago. There are different ideas about the name of the city of Samsun. According to one of them, the name Samsun, derived from the word Amisos, was said by the first Greek sailors who came to the Black Sea coast. According to another thought, the name Samsun XII. and XIII. He states that the region of Anatolian origin, which is thought to date back to the period of Turkish rule centuries ago, is called Sampson in Western sources. The names Samsun and Sampson are derived from the word Amisos.

You can come to the city with Samsun flight ticket deals. These opportunities allow you to come to the city quickly and practically.

When to go to Samsun?

It is recommended that those who wonder the answer to the question of how many days to stay here in order to visit Samsun, should know the climate of Samsun and check the weather conditions before determining how many days they will stay. In Samsun, which offers different travel options every season of the year and where you can have a great time, the climate is different in the inner and coastal regions. Summers are hot, winters are mild and rainy. The average temperature in the city is 14 degrees. Thanks to this, it is very easy to come here even in winter.

This way you can walk around. When you want to go to Samsun depends on what activities you want to do while spending time here. If you want to go to the spa, ski, and visit historical places, you can come here during the winter months. If you want to spend time on the beaches of the Black Sea on a sunny day, do trekking, mountaineering, participate in high-altitude tourism, and do paragliding, the summer months are more suitable for you. The vitality and dynamic structure of the city is seen in different regions every day. One of the carefully preserved routes.

Places to Visit in Samsun

The history of Samsun, which is one of the places that attract the most tourists in the Black Sea region, dates back to ancient times. With its rich cultural structure and pearly coast, Samsun is a great choice for those who want to visit geographical and cultural values. The city, which is described as the capital of the Black Sea, is very important for the history of the Republic. In Samsun, which has impressive natural beauties, virgin is ideal for those who want to spend time in natural beauties. Witness the beauties such as the Kızılırmak River, the different street structures of Samsun and the Yeşilırmak River. Those who wonder the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here to visit Samsun should spare at least 3 days for this city.

Kurtuluş Road and Tütün Pier

Tütün Pier is the place where Atatürk and 18 of his friends took the first step when they came to Samsun for the National Struggle. The pier was reorganized on May 19, 1919, due to the interest of patriots of all ages. The area in front of the pier representing the Bandırma Ferry is called Kurtuluş Yolu. There are ceramic reliefs depicting Atatürk and his friends and an ornamental pool on the road, which is 400 m long and 45 m wide. There are statues of Atatürk and his companions on the pier. This place, which looks like an open-air museum, can be easily reached from the center by public transport. People gather here because of the Youth and Sports Day (Gençlik ve Spor Feast), which is held on May 19 every year. The airplane show is a particularly great show.

Amisos Hill

Amisos Hill, also known as Balkan Hill, dates back to the 3rd century BC and was discovered in 1995. In an archaeological study carried out in burial mounds, ruins from the Hellenistic Period and many tombs called Amisos Treasures were discovered. As a result of a study on the topography of the mound, tombs belonging to the high-ranking families of the Pontus Kingdom were also found. Amisos Hill, which must be on the list while preparing the Samsun trip plan, was completed and put into service in 2008. Thanks to Samsun Çarşamba Airport flight ticket, you can discover the beauties of Samsun.

Bandırma Ferry and National Struggle Park Open Air Museum

Looking at the original drawing of the Bandırma Ferry, it is seen that it was created by the Samsun Private Ministry and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and turned into a museum. All items such as wooden lifeboats, ropes, files and paints have been updated in the Bandırma Ferry and National Struggle Park Open Air Museum. The museum, which contains 13 wax figures, consists of 6 different sections. There are rooms such as kitchen, living room, bedroom. Thanks to the advantage of Carsamba Airport flight tickets, those who want to come to this museum can easily reach Samsun.

Hamamayagi Thermal Spring

Every year, domestic and foreign tourists come to Hamamayağı Thermal Spring, which is one of the must-see places in Samsun. Located 13 km from the center of Ladik District, Hamamayağı Thermal Springs is the most important tourism center in the district. The private hot spring water, picnic area and resting facility here are very famous. Locals and foreign tourists often come here.

The hot spring, which is famous around the world due to the minerals found in the water, is a place mentioned in Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book. The thermal spring, which has a long history, is also called 'Youth Water'. It is said that the water, which has a temperature of 37 degrees, is good for health problems such as rheumatism, skin diseases, muscle fatigue, arthritis, nervous diseases, post-operative fatigue. Hot springs, which cause floods in the surrounding provinces and districts at any time of the year, are very important for tourists. Since most of the facilities in the region were destroyed over time, a spa hotel was opened here in 2018.

Atakum Beach

Atakum Beach, one of the must-see places in Samsun, is one of the places with a long beach where you can spend time swimming safely, especially in summer. The beach has a bike path and many places to eat and drink. You can spend time with a pleasant walk.

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