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By buying a Muğla bus ticket, you can set off to a hidden paradise in the Aegean. It is one of the cities that must be visited to see the harmony of blue and green in the best way. The city, which has lands in the Aegean and Mediterranean, is among the most touristic places of the country. The city is one of the oldest settlements of the Ancient Caria Region.

Apart from being one of the most important places for the country's tourism, it also attracts attention with its historical richness. There are many places to see in the center and its districts. It is possible to see the structures belonging to the Ottoman Period in the center of the city. In addition to the cultural heritage in the city, it is also very fascinating with its natural beauties. Before going to Muğla, it is necessary to have information about the places to see and visit.

Knidos Ancient City

The ancient city, which has hosted different civilizations throughout history, has been under invasion for years due to its location. According to historical sources, the ancient city of Knidos, which was founded by the Carians, was invaded by the Persians and Dorians and then rebuilt. Among the ruins of the ancient city, churches and temples are well preserved. Many different ruins belonging to the Roman and Byzantine periods are located in the ancient city. Buildings and artifacts reflecting the architecture of the period attract great attention from visitors. The Aphrodite Statue in the Ancient City of Knidos is a very important work. The city, which hosts different civilizations, had the most crowded population during the Byzantine Period. It is known that approximately 70 thousand people live.

Saklikent Canyon

The list of places to visit in Muğla is quite long. The stops that must be visited with their natural beauties never end. Saklıkent Canyon gets very crowded when summer tourism starts. Due to the presence of limestone in the area where the canyon is located, the waters have caused erosion and deformation over time. The canyon, which was formed over time, is flooded with crowds of tourists. There is a very strong flowing water source at the entrance of the canyon. The bridge is used to enter the canyon. In addition to being a naturally formed structure, it is ideal for a peaceful and enjoyable time. It is one of the must-see locations to do water sports and enjoy nature.

Cedar Island

Sedir Island, one of the legendary natural beauties of Muğla, is quite famous for its story. The sands on the beach are also very effective in making it popular. According to the rumors; There is no sandy beach on the island, Roman General Antonius gives a special gift for his great love, Cleopatra. Antony brings tons of sand to the island by ships from Africa. Although it is a story told by society and attracting people's attention, they are geologically formed sands. Due to the special formations, the sands on the island are taken under protection. Guests visiting the island are not allowed to take the sand out of the island. It is one of the must-see places with its different story and fascinating beauty.


Ölüdeniz is one of the places that comes to mind when Muğla is mentioned. Located in the district of Fethiye, the region was awarded the title of the World's Most Beautiful Beach in 2006. It has a beauty that impresses people with its sea and beach. Oludeniz, which is flooded by tourists every year, has very calm waters. For the Lydians it was a land of sun and light, and in the Middle Ages it was known as the far lands. Being one of the lagoons in Turkey reveals its geological importance. It is one of the locations that can be preferred in summer with its unique view and beauty. Oludeniz, which is among the first places to go in Muğla, is one of the important paragliding spots in Turkey. It is one of the ideal locations for adrenaline lovers. It is possible and easy to pass directly over the Muğla Bus Terminal.

Bodrum Castle

Located in the Bodrum district of Muğla province, the castle has a history of approximately 600 years. It is a structure built for all kinds of threats from the sea. The castle, which has become the symbol of Bodrum, is also featured on many souvenirs. The castle, which is an important structure thanks to its historical past, is now open to visitors. There are towers named after different countries inside the castle, which was started to be built by the knights in 1406. The castle, which offers a different view during the day and a different view at night, is used as the Underwater Archeology Museum.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, one of the most popular locations in Muğla, attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists. Located in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, the valley is quite fascinating with its view. Surrounded by rocks up to 350 meters in length, the valley is home to more than 80 butterfly species. Tiger Butterfly, which is famous among butterflies, is also located in this valley. The water coming from Faralya Village pours into the valley from a height of 55 meters. The unique view of the waterfall and the valley together becomes breathtaking. The fact that it is a natural living environment has a great effect on attracting attention. It is one of the points that should be added to the list after buying a bus ticket.

Kaunos King Tombs

Ancient tombs, also known as Dalyan King Tombs, are located in Dalyan town. Kaunos King Tombs, BC. It was built in the 4th century. The tombs, which are in a very high position, were positioned close to the god according to the belief of the period. It is a cemetery prepared for kings, commanders and wealthy merchants. The tombs, which have a very impressive appearance with their lighting in the evening hours, are among the historical structures that should be seen in the Muğla region.

Cleopatra Bath Cove

Cleopatra Bath Bay, located in Göcek, is quite suitable for visits, especially with yacht tours. There are remains from the Lycian Period, one of the important civilizations that lived in the region. The history found under the water is very important. There are remains of baths under the waters of the bay. The bath, which is thought to have been built by Cleopatra, gave its name to the bay. Apart from the historical ruins, the natural beauty impresses the visitors. It is possible to take a walk in the forested areas and stay alone with nature. It is one of the points that should be added to the route in Muğla travel.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum

It was made for King Mausolos by his wife and sister. Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the building is a very large tomb. It is one of the historical buildings that should be added to the places to visit in Muğla. While Greek architecture is observed on its columns, Egyptian architecture is observed on its pyramidal roof. The mausoleum was opened to visitors as an open-air museum. When you enter the building, a house from Bodrum architecture is seen on the right. In the building on the left, models, drawings and reliefs of the Mausoleion are exhibited. According to ancient works, the mausoleum consists of four separate parts.


Datça, where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet, is one of the most visited places by local and foreign tourists in Muğla. It is one of the most popular spots in Marmaris. A port city of great importance in history has hosted many different civilizations. In addition to being a place that still reflects its historical and cultural richness, being an important location for tourism ensures that it attracts great attention. According to rumors, it is known as a special place blessed by the gods. The region, which has gained fame due to its stories and narrations, is one of the important districts of Muğla with its natural and historical beauties. It is possible to pass to Datça via Muğla Bus Terminal. It is one of the places that can be preferred for a pleasant summer vacation.

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