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Malatya is known as the largest city in the Eastern Anatolia region, which you will have the chance to see on a pleasant trip with Malatya bus station. Thanks to İnönü University, which is located in the city, the young population has increased considerably, and this has led to the increase in the number of museums, shopping centers and hospitals in the right proportion.

Malatya, which has a very important place with its apricot production and has hosted many different dominations until today, has come under many different dominations, especially the Byzantines, Seljuks and Romans. Malatya, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman, Tunceli, Elazığ, which is the 27th most populous province of Turkey with a population of 772,000, also draws attention because it is the neighbor of highly touristic cities such as Sivas and Kahramanmaraş.

New Mosque

The new mosque, which was completely produced using cut stones, is known as one of the most striking and architecturally important structures because it is a square planned mosque. The mosque, which is also known as Teze Mosque among the local people and which was heavily damaged by the earthquake in 1894, became open after its reconstruction. The New Mosque, which can be described as the most eye-catching structure in the city, is preferred by the local people for worship as well as being a visiting point for tourists.

Malatya Castle

It is known that the construction of Malatya Castle, which is located in the Battalgazi district of Malatya and is thought to have started to be built during the Roman Empire, continued for quite a long time. Although it is in ruins today, restoration works continue in some parts of Malatya Castle, which attracts the attention of tourists and is known as one of the places you must see during your Malatya trip.

Malatya Mansions

Malatya, which you will have the chance to see with a bus ticket, is known as a city that attracts attention not only with its natural beauties but also with its historical and cultural structures. Malatya mansions, on the other hand, help you to get more detailed information about Malatya's history. Malatya Konakları, which has 2 floors and a unique structure, draws attention with its thick walls designed according to the climate type of the region and small windows that are compatible with each other. Malatya Mansions, which have a very pleasant architectural appearance, consist of various parts.

Orduzu Sycamore Tree

Orduzu Sycamore Tree, which is located approximately 7 km from the center of Malatya, is a tree that draws attention with its 15-meter trunk. The emptying of the inside of the plane tree over time caused it to separate from its main body. Around the tree, it is possible to see that the branches grow from the trunk shoot and grow up to 8 to 10 meters. Orduzu Sycamore Tree, which must be visited by tourists coming to the region due to its historical and natural beauty, is preferred by those who want to spend a pleasant day in nature.

Malatya Museum

Malatya Museum, which is among the places to visit in Malatya and offers its guests the opportunity to get to know the deep-rooted history of Malatya, has a collection of historical artifacts obtained from archaeological studies in and around the regions. After the building in İnönü Park was converted into a museum in 1971, the museum opened in 1977 in its new building in Kernek Square and houses more than 15 thousand works of art. Malatya Museum, which has a very rich collection revealing the history of Malatya such as human tombs, seal prints and king tombs, is known as one of the must-visit spots for tourists coming to Malatya for various reasons.

Polat Sulu Cave

Polat Sulu Cave, located in Polat Town of Doğan Şehir district and entered through a narrow and low entrance, attracts attention due to its height of 2260 m. It is recommended to be careful while moving in the Polat Sulu Cave, which has a slippery floor due to humidity. Polat Sulu Cave, which consists of 2 different sections and is known to only crawl through the strait in one section, is known as one of the most remarkable structures of Malatya.

Gunpinar Waterfall

Malatya, which can help you with a pleasant travel with a bus ticket, hosts crowded tourist groups both in summer and winter months. The time you spend in Malatya, which has not lost its cultural texture due to the fact that it has been under the domination of many different dominations and has hosted different dominions, will help you to get to know the history of Malatya more closely and will make a cultural touristic trip possible.

However, Gürpınar Waterfall is one of the must-see natural beauties in Malatya, which draws attention not only with its cultural texture but also with its natural beauties. Located in Darende district, it has the distinction of being Turkey's 243rd nature park. Günpınar Waterfall, which must be seen because of its nature, offers a unique view that will never be forgotten by those who see it in the spring and autumn months.

Sürgü Takaz Recreation Area

Surgü Takaz Recreation Area, which you must see if you want to be in touch with nature and have a pleasant time during your trip to Malatya, is located 14 km from the natural city district. It is known as one of the structures resembling a natural aquarium with its cold and clean waters in its single reservoir area, which attracts a great deal of attention not only from tourists but also from the local community and hosts more and more visitors every day.

Turgut Özal Nature Park

Turgut Özal Nature Park, which is a very important place for outdoor photography and makes it possible to spend a pleasant day with nature by having a picnic, is interesting because it has a size of 403 decares. In addition to having a very large area, Turgut Özal Nature Park, which is only 3 km away from the city center and has been registered and protected since 2009, is also known as one of the remarkable points due to its forest and rocky ecosystem.

You can have a picnic in the park, which has turned into a life center today, or spend a pleasant day in the botanical gardens where rare plants grow. The zoo and bicycle paths in the park attract great attention especially by families with children.

Levent Valley

Located in the levent valley, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Malatya and should be seen by everyone who wants to get to know the natural beauties of Malatya more closely, the caves, which are located in the levent valley, offer unforgettable views with their interesting surface shapes and cliffs. Levent Valley is known as a region that should be preferred by those who want to have a pleasant time. It is known that the reliefs found in the region, which attract attention, belong to the Late Hittite Period.

Malatya Cameras Museum

It is possible to say that there are many activities you can do artistically in this city, where you can go with Malatya bus station. Malatya Cameras Museum, on the other hand, is known as one of the most popular museums by tourists, as it is the largest camera museum in Europe and Asia. The museum's collection has about two different cameras in its collection. There is no charge to enter this museum, which should be visited by those who want to have more detailed information about the art of photography.

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