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With Van bus ticket opportunities, you can reach the city of Van in a very short time. Van, which is among the most crowded cities of Turkey in terms of population, is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of the country. The city, which borders Iran, has Ağrı in the north, Hakkari in the south and Bitlis in the west.

In fact, the history of this city dates back to 7000 BC. It is possible to come across many remains from both the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Chalcolithic Age in this city. Moreover, the civil history of the city started with the Urartians. Later, many different cultures and communities were also here. The lands of Van finally joined the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. As explained, the city, which has hosted many cultures and civilizations, also hosts many historical structures in this respect. There are many places that you should visit and see in the city, which has managed to carry the traces of civilizations to the present day and offers valuable moments. In this respect, it is necessary to ideally plan the trips to the city of Van.

The average amount of precipitation falling throughout the year in the region where the effects of the cold continental climate are felt; 409mm. In July and August, the air temperature does not rise above 21 degrees, while in January and February the air temperatures drop to -4 degrees. For this reason, it is recommended that visits to the city be carried out in spring or summer as much as possible. In this way, you can make your travel plans without being affected by the air temperatures in the winter months, and explore the must-see places closely. You can also easily take a look at the Van bus ticket opportunities in order to reach the city in a comfortable and very practical way.

Van Castle

When it comes to places to visit in Van, Van Castle comes first. This castle, which is approximately 5 km away from the city center, was built in 840. The Urartian King Sarduri, who had a great influence on the construction of the castle, thus facilitated the city to have a symbolic value. It is possible to come across many ruins in the castle, and various inscriptions and fortifications are interesting. The addition of stairs to the castle as a result of various renovation works made it easier to reach the top of the castle. Rubble stone was preferred in the construction of the bastions and towers that make up the castle, while mudbrick and also cut stone were used in the other parts of the castle. The presence of many caves in the castle allows travel to be carried out more efficiently. Six inscriptions found in the castle attract attention as they are exhibited in a panel. You can also spend a very productive time by choosing to stop by here during your visits to the city.

Van Cat Statue

In the second place of the list of places to visit in Van, there is the Van Cat Statue. Everyone knows that the Van cat is the most important symbol of this city. In order to fully reflect this important symbol, this statue was built at the entrance of the city. It is known that the construction of the statue was completed by Cafer Necibi, an Iranian sculptor. It is possible to say that the statue, which was made at a height of 5.5 meters, was especially appreciated by the public. In addition, many people visiting the city visit the area where these statues are located, and visitors want to take a photo of this magnificent cat statue.

Historical Van Houses District

These houses, which have managed to survive until today, are accepted as examples of traditional Turkish architecture and reflect their characteristics in the best way. The fact that both adobe, wood and stone materials were used in the construction of the houses makes the houses even more traditional. Most of the houses, which are one of the important values of the city and are described as heritage, are single-storey, but there are also two-storey ones. It should also be noted that the houses built on an area of 830 meters high serve as a viewing terrace. In this way, you can get the opportunity to watch the whole magnificent view of the city. Even the view of Lake Van can be watched from here.

Van Museum

As a result of various excavations carried out in the region, many victory stelae, tombstones and various inscriptions were found. The artifacts, which were first collected in a warehouse building, left a need for the museum as their numbers increased, and the Van Museum was established in 1972. All the items found were completely preserved and moved to the museum. The first floor of this museum, which consists of two floors, completely exhibits archaeological artifacts, while ethnographic artifacts can be found on the other floor. In addition, the tombstones and stone collection in the museum attract the attention of all visitors.

Van Urartian Museum

Van Urartu Museum is home to many cuneiform works. As it can be understood from the cuneiform works, the Urartian State has built many castles, palaces, water channels and dams. In addition to these, we should also mention that thanks to this museum, it is possible to explore the entire history and culture of the Urartian State closely and learn in detail. In the museum, which has 16 exhibition halls, in addition to the cuneiform works, many documents, photographs and models are also exhibited. In addition to the exhibition halls, there is a conference hall, children's workshop and jewelry workshop in the building. You should definitely visit the museum, which offers the opportunity to travel in time, on your visits to the city of Van.

Ercis Doganci Thermal Springs

Erciş Doğan Thermal Spring, which can be easily reached by public transportation vehicles via Van Bus Terminal, is frequently visited by both local people and visitors from outside the city. It is known that the hot spring water, which contains sodium chloride, is good for many diseases, from chronic low back pain to various skin diseases. There are many pools in the spa, and the spa facilities help all visitors to meet their needs completely.


Fairy chimneys, located in the Başkale district of Van city, are called by this name by the local people. In this place, which reflects Cappadocia in every aspect, you can come across many tourists in every period of the year. This place, which was completely formed as a result of erosion, has 17 thousand fairy chimneys and many caves. During your visit to the city, you can choose to stop by here and take beautiful photos, and you can spend a productive time by visiting many caves as you wish.

Ataturk Culture Park

Atatürk Culture Park is one of the places preferred by the local people to relax and have a pleasant time, especially in the spring months when the weather warms up. It is also possible to have a picnic in this park, where many tree and plant species can be found. This park, which extends to the skirts of Van Castle, is established on a large area and allows everyone to spend time as they wish. Moreover, it is very fast and easy to reach this park via Van Bus Terminal. If you want to visit the city, especially in hot weather, you can choose to visit Van Castle and Atatürk Culture Park on the same day.

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