How to get to Ihlamur Pavilion?

Jan. 12, 2024
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Many points of our country stand out with their cultural heritage and unique natural beauties. Ihlamur Pavilion is an important travel destination among these beauties and has become a favorite of both local and foreign tourists. This place in Istanbul stands out especially with its historical texture and architectural structure. Since our city of Istanbul is a tourism center in itself, it hosts many visitors throughout the year. Since Ihlamur Pavilion is a cultural structure, it has great importance in terms of cultural tourism. The location of the building, which reflects the traces of history, seems to be free from city noise. When you visit the building, which is located in a lush green area, you can relax in its cafe and sip your tea or coffee with a wonderful Bosphorus view. Those who want to see this structure closely must first travel to Istanbul. For visitors who are not fully informed about the route, we will explain how to reach this important historical point in the rest of our article. If there are people who have not yet seen this building, which has become one of the historical symbols of our city of Istanbul, we recommend that they see it as soon as possible.

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Where is Ihlamur Pavilion?

Ihlamur Kasrı is located between Beşiktaş district and Nişantaşı district on the European side of Istanbul. The building, which is among the cultural riches of the region, attracts attention with its historical features. Ihlamur Pavilion, which hosts both local and foreign tourists every year, was built using cut stones. This building, built by Sultan Abdülmecid, was built as the Ceremony and Maiyet Mansion when it was first built. The building known as Merasim Pavilion, one of these important buildings built by Nigoğos Balyan, is today known as Ihlamur Pavilion. The appearance of this historical building, which consists of a single floor, is in rectangular form. The pavilion is completely surrounded by high walls. The building consists of three parts in total. The first of these parts is the Hacı Hüseyin Vineyard, the second is the Havuzlu Ihlamur Mahalli and the last part is the Muhabbet Garden.

How to Get to Ihlamur Pavilion?

There are many different options for transportation to Ihlamur Pavilion, located on the Beşiktaş side of Istanbul. First of all, let's talk about transportation alternatives for visitors planning to come from Istanbul. These transportation alternatives include metro, ferry, funicular, tram and bus. Visitors planning to come from Taksim can consider the funicular option. Those coming from Osmanbey can choose the metro line. Visitors coming from regions such as Taksim, Gayrettepe and Dikilitaş can take city buses. Those who want to prefer transportation by sea can also get on one of the ferries going to the Beşiktaş region. Apart from these, you can also consider the tram transportation option that runs between Zeytinburnu and Kabataş. Visitors who want to come from outside Istanbul must first obtain transportation to the city.

It is possible to come to Istanbul from every point of our country. Those who come with a private vehicle can easily reach there by using the navigation service and taking advantage of the directions provided by this service. Apart from private vehicles, you can also come by intercity buses. You can choose one of the bus companies that organize bus services from your region to Istanbul and buy an affordable bus ticket. Another transportation alternative is to come by plane. Air travel is one of the first preferred means of transportation for many people. You can choose Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is closest to Ihlamur Pavilion located in the Beşiktaş region. When you arrive at the airport, which is located approximately 40 kilometers from the Beşiktaş region, you can take a taxi and go directly to the area where the historical building is located or use other public transportation. For air travel, simply choose one of the companies that offer flights from your current location to this airport. Then, you can have a pleasant flight by purchasing an affordable flight ticket.

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Is Ihlamur Pavilion Paid?

Ihlamur Pavilion appears as one of the most valuable historical buildings in Istanbul. Many visitors come from outside the city to see this pavilion. To visit the pavilion, which is among the cultural values, you need to pay a certain amount of entrance fee. Entrance fees vary depending on whether the visitors are local or foreign. The entrance fee for local visitors is 30 TL, while the entrance fee for foreign visitors is 90 TL. We stated that Ihlamur Pavilion consists of three parts in total. We would like to point out that if you want to enter the garden section, you must pay an entrance fee of 15 TL. The discounted ticket amount is also 15 TL.

On which days is Ihlamur Pavilion open?

Ihlamur Pavilion is open on some days of the week and on some special days. It is also closed to visitors. The day it is closed during the week is Monday. On all days except Mondays, it opens its doors to visitors at 09.00 in the morning and closes at 17.00 in the evening. Let's say that it is closed to visitors on New Year's Eve, the first day of Eid al-Fitr and the first day of Eid al-Adha. Because many travel lovers plan to visit such places on holidays. It is possible to come and visit on other holiday days other than the first days of the holiday. If you have time after visiting this important cultural structure of Istanbul, you can also visit Dolmabahçe Palace and Yıldız Park, which are located nearby.

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