Can a Public Worker Get a Green Passport?

Dec. 4, 2023
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Nowadays, there are many people who travel abroad and visit many countries. People want to learn the cultural values of other countries other than their own and discover new places. You can go to another country with your own means, or you can also participate in sightseeing tours abroad. However, in order to go to another country, you need to have some documents. One of these is a document called passport, which replaces international identity. Passports are known as important documents issued by official organizations.

There are many different types of passports available in green, black, gray or burgundy. Each passport has its own unique qualities and important advantages it provides to the person. Green passport is a type of passport that is among these important passports and provides many important advantages to the person. For trips abroad, transportation by air is commonly preferred. When traveling by air, it is sufficient to purchase a flight ticket from your current location to the country you want to go to. In addition, if you do not have a passport, you must also request a passport. It is frequently questioned whether public workers in particular have the right to obtain a green passport. A green passport, also known as a special passport, is issued by the Republic of Turkey that has fulfilled some conditions. It can be given to anyone who is a citizen.

This includes workers serving in the public sector. However, it is useful to know this important issue. When people working in the public sector are mentioned, many people think that civil servants are also in this category. However, public workers and civil servants are different from each other. Having a passport is a must to go abroad. Traveling to another country is often done by plane. However, some bus companies organize bus services to certain countries. If the destination is suitable for bus transportation, international bus tickets can be purchased. Of course, transportation by air is the best in terms of both more comfortable and easier transportation.

Can a Public Worker Obtain a Green Passport?

Many important documents must be ready before going on a trip abroad. The most important documents are passport and visa. The most important feature of the green passport type, also referred to as a special passport, is that it gives the privilege of going abroad without a visa. So, if you have this passport, you can enter countries that require a visa without a visa. Green passport is a type of passport given to people who meet certain conditions. Among these people, there are people such as former bureaucrats, former members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, former ministers, mayors who retired or have retired as first degree staff, civil servants in the first, second and third degree staff, and contracted civil servants. 

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When Does a Public Worker Get a Green Passport?

With the recently revised law, green passports are also given to people who do not have the title of civil servant but serve as public workers. Of course, as with every passport type, it is very important that certain conditions are met in this type of passport. In order for public workers to have a special passport, they must first be included in one of the first, second and third degree positions. Public workers in these positions and grades may have the right to obtain a green passport if they request it. Additionally, length of service is not taken into account in this passport type. In short, people who work as public personnel or civil servants under the umbrella of the state have the opportunity to obtain this passport. The important point to note here is that public workers are among the first, second or third degree staff.

What are the Green Passport Application Documents for Public Workers?

Public workers in the first, second and third degree positions who provide their services as public personnel have the right to obtain a special passport. Public workers who have this right must prepare some documents before applying. These documents are generally as follows:

• 4 biometric photographs

• T.R. original ID card

• Document indicating the staff rank

• Signature circular prepared by the provincial, regional or general directorate of the organization where the personnel serves.

How Much is the Public Worker Green Passport Fee?

When you have a green passport, also known as a special passport, you have the right to benefit from many advantages. Public workers who have met the conditions specified by law may have the right to obtain this passport. There are multiple opportunities provided by the green passport. One of these is the right to travel without a visa to some countries. Another is to be exempt from paying fees. In other words, you do not need to pay any fees when getting a green passport. You only need to pay the book fee.​ 

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