What is a Chip Passport? How to Buy?

April 16, 2024
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There are many travelers who like to go out of the country and explore new places. Seeing and visiting another region outside one's own living space opens the doors to an extremely enjoyable journey. However, there is an important point to consider when traveling abroad. At this point they are passports. It is not possible to go abroad by buying a flight ticket without a passport. This also applies to those who plan to go abroad by purchasing a bus ticket. There are various types of passports depending on the status of the person and their circumstances. One of the most curious topics about passports is what a chip passport is and how to get it. When you think of a chip passport, you may think of a new type of passport. In fact, this passport is a renewed version of the passports we currently use. With the advancement of technology, the concept of passport with chip has entered our lives.

As it is known, passport controls are carried out at border gates. While these checks took longer in the old passport period, they are now carried out more quickly thanks to the renewed passports. The use of old type passports has ended as of 2015. The new, so-called chip version, has been used since 2011. Nowadays, only chip passports are used. While our identity information is clearly written in the so-called old type passports, this is not the case in the so-called chip passports. Because in this type of passport, information and photographs are stored digitally. In addition, while there are many pages in old passport types, the number of pages in new ones has decreased significantly. In the rest of our article, we will talk about what a chip passport is, how to get it and what documents are required during application.

What is a Chip Passport?

Whether your transportation choice for trips abroad is by bus by purchasing a bus ticket or by air by purchasing a flight ticket, you must have a passport for both. Since a passport serves as an identity card when traveling abroad, it is not possible to move to another country without it. Within the scope of the European Union Harmonization Laws, the transition to chip passports has been made since 2011. The most distinctive feature of chip passports, also called e-passport or electronic passport, is that they have a chip on them, as the name suggests. A chip passport containing your name, surname, ID number, date of birth, signature, photograph, fingerprint and passport number is called a chip passport. Since all this important information is stored in the chip, it can only be accessed through special devices.

How to Get a Chip Passport?

Travelers planning to travel abroad must apply for a passport if they do not have one beforehand. Because it is useful to complete passport procedures before purchasing a flight ticket for a trip outside the country. The same applies to those who buy a bus ticket and travel by bus. Since it is possible to travel to some countries by bus, it is important to get your passports beforehand. Nowadays, old type passports issued as notebooks have been replaced by electronic passports, that is, passports with chips. This chip status is a system used not only in passports, but also in our IDs and driver's licenses. Those who want to get a passport with a chip must make an appointment in advance. To make this appointment, you should visit the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. You can make your online appointment by clicking on the passport section on this website and following the instructions.

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Where to Buy a Chip Passport?

Preventing forgery in passports or IDs is an extremely important issue. Thanks to the chip system, the protection of identity information has become more secure. In order to get a passport with a chip, you must first make an appointment. After you make your appointment, you can go to the district police department and start your application process. Chip passport transactions include special passport, diplomatic passport, ordinary passport and service passport types. We would also like to point out that the cover colors of some passports have changed. While the color of public passports is normally dark blue, the chip versions have been changed to burgundy. Likewise, diplomatic passports have a old cover color of red while the chip color is black. There has been no change in the colors of the other two passport types. We would also like to say that there is no process such as extending the validity period of chip passports when they expire.

How to Apply for a Chip Passport?

Exploring new places, relaxing and collecting good memories is important for all of us. Especially going from one country to another and learning the culture of the country you visit. Learning may be even more appealing. The most preferred means of transportation for international travel is undoubtedly buying a plane ticket and going somewhere by plane. On the other hand, you can easily go from one place to another by purchasing a bus ticket. Since the passport serves as identification for trips outside the country, it is not possible to enter a country without a passport. Since chip passports have replaced old passports today, it is important at this point how to apply for a chip passport and what the required documents are. Applications are made to provincial or district directorates depending on the preferred passport type. The documents required during the application are generally as follows:

• Two biometric photographs taken

• Identity card with the Republic of Turkey identification number on it

• Old passport document, if any

• Receipt showing that passport book and fee fees have been paid (may vary depending on the type of passport received).

• Service passports and special passports are exempt from fees.

Chip Passport Fees

Chip passport fees may vary depending on the type of passport to be purchased. The book fee for chip passports with a passport validity of 6 months to more than 3 years is 790 TL. Tuition fees are 1,639.30 TL for those for 6 months and 7,833 TL for those for more than 3 years. The tuition fee is 2,396.60 TL for 1-year passport periods, 3,912.60 TL for 2-year passport periods, and 5,558.30 TL for 3-year passport durations. It is also possible to learn the chip passport costs in detail from the institutions you applied to.

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