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Thanks to the Hatay flight ticket facilities, many people can plan a trip to the Hatay. Travel plans to be made can start immediately thanks to the flights, thus saving time. Hatay, known as the city of unity and solidarity, is located in the south of Turkey and in the east of the Mediterranean. It is the 13th most populous city in Turkey and has a large population. Its surface area is 5524 square kilometers and it has an altitude of 100 m. The most populous district of Hatay city is Antakya, and the least populated district is Kumul. This city, which is one of the first human settlements, is home to many civilizations from different cultures and beliefs.

In addition to its intense historical, cultural and natural structures, the city has a unique cuisine of legendary beauty. Many artists and scientists have visited this city and contributed to the development of this city. This city, where Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace, is very important. Its cultural accumulation can be seen in every corner of the city. There are many churches, mosques and historical buildings here. For this reason, visitors come here at all times of the year. Visitors can have a great time by staying in Iskenderun or hotels in the center. You can easily fly to this city thanks to the flight ticket deals to Hatay.

When to go to Hatay?

The city of Hatay is generally dominated by the Mediterranean climate. For this reason, summers in the city are hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. Depending on the altitude, seasonal temperature differences may also occur. Snowfall is a rare event in the city, with an average temperature of 18 centigrade degree. It takes no longer than a week when there are frost days. Individuals who are curious about the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here to visit Hatay can determine how many days you can stay here by following the weather forecast.

Places to Visit in Hatay

In the city of Hatay, which has become the symbol of three great religions and tolerance, plateaus, hot springs, beaches and historical beauties fascinate those who visit this place. You can enjoy the wonderful works of art, the sea, the beach and the sun, which have survived to the present day from history. Those who wonder the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here in order to visit Hatay, should spend at least 3 days here and visit all parts of Hatay. The number of touristic places is quite high in the city. By preparing a correct plan, you can include the historical ruins and natural beauties of the city in your Hatay trip plan.

Musa Tree

The history of the Musa Tree, which is the most visited place in Hatay, is very old. This tree, which is thought to be 3000 years old, has provided the development of tourism in the village of Hıdırbey. According to the legend, St. Khidr and Hz. Musa wanted to climb Mount Musa. Because Hz. Musa was very thirsty, he left his walking stick here and went to the river to drink water. On the way, he remembers that he forgot his walking stick and returns. When they look, seedlings are seen wherever the stick touches. Saplings grow and become trees over time. These trees are called the Musa tree. Today, many visitors from abroad, especially from Japan, take advantage of Hatay Airport flight ticket opportunities to visit this city, which is one of the must-see places.

Iskenderun Bay

Iskenderun Bay, located in the easternmost part of the city, is one of the important trade centers where land and sea transportation is developed between the cities of Hatay and Adana. Its name comes from the name of the county in which it is located. It is the third busiest port on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Beirut lost its former importance with the crises that took place in the Middle East in the past. As a result, the value of the Iskenderun Bay and its surroundings increased significantly. You can join boat tours here.

Antakya Mosaic Museum

Today, the works that have the traces of mythology are exhibited in the Antakya Mosaic Museum with their magnificent appearance. The number and quality of mosaics in the museum is very high. The mythological symbols carved into the mosaics were found as a result of excavations in 1932. The mosaics of the bath, house and church, where traces of the Roman and Byzantine periods can be seen, are still under protection in Samandağ, Antakya and Harbiye. There are also sculptures in this museum. The most important statue is the statue of Apollo, who is described as the sun god. You can expand your horizons by getting detailed information about the Gods of Olympus, which consists of mythological themes engraved on the mosaics.


Kaynak: kulturportali.gov.tr


Iskenderun Naval Museum

This museum, which started with Atatürk's words "to make the sea the greatest ideal of the Turks", has the title of being the third largest maritime museum after the ones in İstanbul and Çanakkale. This building, which was built as a mansion in 1930, was purchased by the Naval Forces Command in 1942. Then the command building was used for purposes such as purchasing and inspection committees. You can have the opportunity to visit this museum with Hatay Airport flight ticket campaigns.

Antakya Glass Museum

In Antakya, in the north of Syria and in the south of Beirut, the coast of Sidon is mentioned in the books as the place where glass was first discovered. Glass products produced in the city of Antakya are sold all over Anatolia and abroad. A large number of products are produced by melting and reshaping old glasses such as glass jars, bottles, carboys, yoghurt containers and plates in different forms used to store liquid and dry foods in Antakya and its surroundings. While many travelers undertook this job in the 1940s, glassmakers used to take the pieces of glass they collected from the village to glass furnaces and workshops in different parts of Antakya and melt them to produce various items. Many families made their living this way. The green glass produced by the local people is sent to many parts of Turkey and used in the production of various kitchenware.

Aromatic Plants Museum

The Museum of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants was established in 2013 to introduce the rich structure of Hatay and the plant species used in modern medicine and alternative medicine to the visitors. The upper floors of this relatively newly opened museum can be reached by stairs. A close-up view and names of a total of 280 different plant species are featured in the museum. The city of Hatay, which has more than 2000 endemic plant species, meets approximately 20% of Turkey's medicinal plant need.

Samandağ Beach

Samandağ Beach, which is one of the must-see places in Hatay, attracts a lot of visitors. Samandağ Beach, where locals often go, is in Hatay's Antakya district. The length of this beach, which is 22 km away from the center of Antakya, is 16 km. It is ideal for locals and tourists to have a good time. There is a light breeze on the beach with fine sand and surfing is possible here thanks to the wind blowing from the southwest. You can surf by bringing your own equipment.

Uzun Çarşı Street

One of the must-see places in Hatay is Uzun Çarşı Street, which has a wonderful atmosphere with its colorful structure. This bazaar is a historical district. There are different small businesses such as traditional handicrafts, food products, clothing products, souvenir shops on the street. Atatürk Statue and the street leading to the Municipality Square are in harmony with its streets. The shops on each street in the street are categorized. Certain workplaces are organized for individuals of different faiths and different histories, and this tradition still continues in Antakya. Workplaces similar to the guild organization of the Ottoman period attract many visitors.

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