Akyurt Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Akyurt Bus Terminal

By purchasing Akyurt Bus Terminal bus ticket, you will reach the bus station, which you can reach from all over Turkey. Akyurt, a district of the capital Ankara, BC. It has a history dating back to 3000 years. It has been under the domination of many civilizations, from the Hittites to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Ottomans. One of the doors opening to the historical beauties of a city with so many cultures and civilizations can be the Akyurt Bus Terminal bus ticket.

About Akyurt Bus Terminal

By completing the Akyurt Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase process, we can reach the district, which hosts various festivals and events every year. Thanks to the activities held, it also contributes to the economy of the district, which attracts tourists seasonally. With its calm and peaceful structure, the district's bus terminal is often visited for tourism purposes. The bus terminal of the district, which has monuments worth visiting with Akyurt Castle, Hüseyin Gazi Tomb, Söğütlü Lake and Kızılcahamam Thermal Springs, is designed to be extremely modern and useful. There are luggage storage areas and children's playgrounds inside the bus terminal.

Those who buy Akyurt Bus Terminal bus tickets will encounter food and beverage areas, bus waiting platforms, offices and souvenir shops inside the bus terminal. The bus terminal, which has open and closed areas, makes frequent trips with the number of passengers increasing over the years. As can be seen from the buildings around it such as the stadium, mosque and sports hall, the bus station is located close to the city center.

Akyurt Bus Terminal Transportation

You can reach the capital district by quickly purchasing your ticket using the Akyurt Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase process. You can reach the bus station, which you can reach from Ankara in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by private car, by using the D200 highway. You can then leave your car in the paid area in the parking lot. Apart from that, there is also a bus service from Ankara. Those who wish can also choose a taxi, but it will be a more expensive solution.

You can reach the bus station from the district center in a short time by completing the steps to buy Akyurt Bus Terminal bus ticket. It is possible to reach the bus station, which is 5 km away, by minibus or taxi. Depending on your location, you have the opportunity to reach there even on foot. It is located near the bus station, close to the campus.

What Hours is Akyurt Bus Terminal Open?

Akyurt Bus Terminal remains actively open 24 hours a day, but certain venues and shops may open and close at different times during the day.

Is There a Restaurant in Akyurt Bus Terminal?

There are areas where you can eat inside Akyurt Bus Terminal.

In which neighborhood is Akyurt Bus Terminal located?

Akyurt Bus Terminal is located in Beyazıt district.

Is There Parking at Akyurt Bus Terminal?

Yes, there is paid parking.

Which Companies Are Located at Akyurt Bus Terminal?

In addition to the national companies operating at Akyurt Bus Terminal, local companies also operate.

What are the cities with the most frequent flights from Akyurt Bus Terminal?

The cities with the most frequent flights from Akyurt Bus Terminal are Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Edirne, Istanbul, Eskişehir, Bolu, Çankırı, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir and Aksaray.

What to Find Around Akyurt Bus Terminal?

Around Akyurt Bus Terminal, there are the town hall, food and beverage venues, stadium, recreation areas where you can have a picnic and get fresh air, conference hall and similar places.

What Can I Do While Waiting at Akyurt Bus Terminal?

While waiting at Akyurt Bus Terminal, you can rest in the rest areas inside. You can eat and chat. Apart from that, thanks to the social facilities around the bus station, you can spend your time exploring the surroundings instead of waiting for your bus inside the bus station.

Is there an ATM at Akyurt Bus Terminal?

Yes, there are toilets for both men and women at Akyurt Bus Terminal.

Is there disabled access at Akyurt Bus Terminal?

Yes, disabled access is available at Akyurt Bus Terminal. The ramps at the entrances and the toilets inside were made specifically for him.

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