Hatay Airport Flight Ticket

Hatay Airport

By purchasing a flight ticket to Hatay Airport, it will be possible to visit Hatay, which stands out with its historical structure. Hatay is visited by tourists at different times of the year with its historical and natural beauties. To visit the city, it is generally preferred to buy a flight ticket as it is both more comfortable and faster. People who arrive in Hatay by purchasing a flight ticket can explore the historical and religious buildings in the city after landing at the airport. People who land at the airport can closely examine the churches and mosques here if they reach the city center.

About Hatay Airport

People who buy Hatay Airport flight tickets land at the airport, which started operating in 2007. This airport, where flights have been operating for 16 years, has international airport status. The airport, which is built on a large area, has terminal buildings. It is stated that more than 4 million passengers land at this airport annually with flights operated from the airport.

People who reach the city with the Hatay Airport flight ticket option wonder how they can get to touristic spots from the airport. Transportation between the airport and the city center is mostly carried out by Havaş buses. Havaş buses depart every half hour and thus enable journeys between the city center and the airport. It is possible to reach the city center in about an hour by Havaş buses. With these buses, it is also possible to get off at different points on the bus route without going to the city center.

People who reach the city with the Hatay Airport flight ticket option land at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city center. While the airport is 25 kilometers away from the city center, it is 40 kilometers away from Reyhanlı and 25 kilometers away from İskenderun district. It is recommended to choose Havaş buses to reach both the city center and different districts of Hatay. In addition to buses, people who want to travel from the airport to different points of the city are also recommended to choose taxis. Taxis are preferred because they are both comfortable and more cost-effective to reach the city center.

Are there flights abroad from Hatay Airport?

There are flights between Hatay Airport and different cities of Turkey. In addition to the cities in Turkey, there are direct flights from this airport to the airports in Düsseldorf, Antalya. Since this airport was declared as a border gate, it did not neglect to organize international flights.

How to Travel Between Hatay Airport and Hatay Districts?

Different methods can be preferred to reach Hatay center or districts from Hatay Airport. Havaş buses are generally preferred to reach the airport. These buses travel between the city center and the airport in approximately half an hour to an hour. In addition to Havaş buses, it will be possible to easily reach different districts of Hatay with taxis and rental cars.

Where is it possible to fly from Hatay Airport?

Thanks to Hatay Airport, there are mutual flights to airports in different parts of Turkey, especially Istanbul and Ankara. Among these flights, flights to Cyprus and Düsseldorf, Germany, can also be mentioned.

How Many Passengers Are Carried at the Airport Each Year?

Hatay Airport is a frequently preferred airport due to the multicultural structure of the city. Although the annual flights to this airport vary, more than one million passengers have been transported annually through this airport since 2015. The airport, which hosted over 900,000 passengers in 2015, has managed to increase the number of passengers carried today.

Which Districts of Hatay is Hatay Airport Close to?

The airport, called Hatay Airport, is located 45 kilometers from Iskenderun and approximately 41 kilometers from Reyhanlı. It is possible to quickly access different districts from the airport with taxis and Havaş buses.

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