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Before looking at Erzurum flight ticket deals, getting the right information about this city will make your trip in the city more efficient. Erzurum, known as the birthplace of Dadas and the city of Evliyas, is the second most populous city in Eastern Anatolia. In Erzurum, which has natural beauties such as plains and streams, some of the local people make a living from animal husbandry and agriculture. It was first established on the territory of the Roman Empire in history and then came under the domination of races such as Sassanid, Cimmerian, Byzantine, Mediterranean, Urartian, Persian, Arab, Roman, Mongolian, Safavid.

It is one of the most beautiful cities of the East, which has witnessed different cultures because it has hosted many empires. First of all, it should be noted that winter tourism is quite developed. The best period for those who want to travel here is the winter season. The reason for this is the ski facilities located here. One of Turkey's most important ski resorts is located here.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Erzurum?

How many days are needed to visit Erzurum, the answer to the question is 6-7 days. In Erzurum, which is home to many historical and cultural structures, it is necessary to spend 6-7 days to master all the details of the city.

Erzurum Airline Transportation

Located in the city, Erzurum Airport is approximately 13 km from the city center. You can go to Erzurum airport by bus from the center. While at the airport, there are opportunities to rent a car and take a taxi. You can fly to Erzurum directly from cities such as Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir, thanks to the Erzurum flight ticket.

Places to Visit in Erzurum

The city of Erzurum has many historical and cultural structures that appeal to all segments and all ages. In addition to the historical and cultural beauties it offers to its visitors, it also offers opportunities to spend a pleasant winter and ski. You can visit one of Turkey's most important cities by going to the places to see in Erzurum and collect unforgettable memories.

Erzurum Bastions

Unlike other structures, Erzurum Bastions were a military structure built between 1877 and 1878 to protect the people from the Ottoman-Russian War and fortified with weapons. These forts were made of semi-submerged stone that was scraped 10 meters from the earth to protect it from long-range artillery fire. Almost invisible from afar, castles are durable and useful.

They have all kinds of rooms necessary for life, such as barracks, watchtowers, training places, headquarters, arsenal, artillery rooms, ambush rooms, company or battalion, dormitory, houses, baths, laundry, kitchen, bakery and wine. Aziziye and Mecidiye castles, the most magnificent of the Erzurum castles, played a very important role in stopping the advance of the Russians during the Russian-Ottoman War. These two castles are located 3 km from the city center. The tomb of the Turkish mother Nene Hatun, who resisted heroically against the Russians and became famous for her courage, is located here.


Yakutiye Madrasa

Yakutiye Madrasa, located in Erzurum city center, is located in Yakutiye District on Cumhuriyet Street and next to Lala (Mustafa) Pasha Mosque. Yakutiye Madrasa was built by Emir Hoca Cemalettin Yakut in 1310 during the reign of Ilkhanid ruler Sultan Olcaytu.

It is the biggest example of the madrasahs in Anatolia with a courtyard, fenced and covered veranda. It is in better condition with the restoration made after 2009. Today, it serves as a museum of Turkish-Islamic and ethnographic works. It is one of the must-see places in Erzurum. Individuals who ask the question of how many days to stay here to visit Erzurum should definitely add Yakutiye Madrasa to their travel plan.


Lala Pasha Mosque

Erzurum has a spiritual atmosphere that affects everyone. The biggest reason for this is the mosques here and the spiritual atmosphere of Erzurum. One of the most important mosques here is Lala Pasha Mosque. The first mosque built during the Ottoman period, Grand Vizier Lala Mustafa Pasha, the commander of Suleiman the Magnificent, had it built in 1562 when he was the governor of Erzurum. Although there is a primary school and a palace belonging to Mimar Sinan next to this mosque, it has not survived until today. Lala Pasha Mosque is located in the very center of Erzurum.


Palandoken Ski Center

Many tourists come to Palandöken with Erzurum Airport flight ticket deals. This place is located 5 km from the center of Erzurum.

It is not possible to find a ski resort so close to the city center, airport and bus station, not only in Turkey but also in any other part of the world. Palandoken Mountain attracts the attention of those who love to ski, as it is a mountain covered with snow for 6 months of the year. The ski season, which opens at the end of October, can continue until April – May at high altitudes. Since the temperature is 0°C at night in Erzurum, the snow manages to remain of high quality for a long time. It can snow in Erzurum even in June. However, the weather starts to warm up after February. You can choose December and March to be here with the best timing.

Narman Fairy Chimneys

Narman Fairy Chimneys, located on Pasinler Street in Narman, a district of Erzurum, are geological structures formed by the passage of millions of years. Although this place, which is 90 km away from the city center, is far, it is one of the most visited touristic areas in Erzurum. The colors and natural environment of the Norman region are very similar to the Grand Canyon in the USA. To visit Erzurum, the most beautiful city of Eastern Anatolia, you should review Erzurum Airport flight ticket deals.

Tortum Lake and Tortum Waterfall

Tortum Lake, located in the Uzundere district of Erzurum, was named after the district because it was connected to the Tortum district for a period. Tortum's source is Tortum Waterfall, located at the end of the lake, which is one of the most beautiful living places in Eastern Anatolia. Tortum Waterfall, which was formed after a landslide, is one of the largest waterfalls in Turkey with its 50 m height. To see the waterfall in its most magnificent state, you should come here in April – May. It is possible to take a boat trip on Tortum Lake. You can see the splendor of the water up close by climbing the steps on both sides of the waterfall.


Erzurum Castle and Clock Tower

One of the places to visit in Erzurum is Erzurum Castle. This castle, which fascinates those who see it, is located in the city center, directly opposite the Medrese Twin Towers. Since this is the highest point in the center, you can see the whole view of Erzurum from above.

Although it is not known who first built the castle, it is estimated that it was built by the Byzantines, Arabs and Romans in the first half of the 5th century AD. Erzurum castle consists of two parts, an inner and an outer castle. In the middle is the Clock Tower. The clock tower was also used as the tower of the castle mosque inside the castle. When you reach the top of the tower, the most beautiful view of Erzurum can be seen. The castle has four different gates, namely Tabriz Gate, Georgia Gate, Uyucan Gate and New Gate. Unfortunately, most of its walls have been demolished.

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