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This city, which can be easily reached by using the Muğla flight ticket, is located at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, and has an attractive beauty, Mugla attracts many tourists every year with its 1100 km coastline, lush green beaches, hidden coves, and natural paradises. welcomes you.
Muğla, one of the oldest settlements of Ancient Caria, hosted Carians, who were natives of Anatolia, and then Egyptians, Assyrians, and Scythians. Before the period when the Hellenes were under the rule of the Medes, then the Persians lived and ruled the region through a satrap. When Alexander the Great came here with his army, the region was ruled by a Carian satrap.
It is thought that the name 'Karya' comes from a commander named 'Kar' who came to the region around 300 BC and led the tribes. The region has been called Caria throughout the ages. Starting with Söke, Aydın, and Nazilli in the north and ending where the Dalaman River empties into the sea in the south, the Lydians did not live in the north of the Caria Region, and the Lycians did not live in the south.

How Many Days Do You Need To Visit Muğla?

The answer to the question of how many days are needed to visit Muğla depends on what you want to do during the trip. For those who want to take a summer vacation, this period can be 1 week.

When to go to Muğla?

The Mediterranean climate prevails in the city of Muğla, which can be easily reached with a Muğla flight ticket. Summers are quite hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. In the high regions, the Mediterranean mountain climate is seen. It may snow very rarely in the interior, but it does not snow on the coasts. It would be best to come here during the summer months so that you can fully experience the atmosphere of the city of Muğla. In this way, you can have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Most of Muğla's lands are composed of mountainous areas. The highest points are the Menteşe Mountains. In terms of forest area, it is one of the provinces with the highest tree density in Turkey. Muğla, three quarters of which is forested and steppe, also has a coastline of 1200 km, the longest coastline in Turkey.

Muğla Airline Transportation

Muğla has three airports. These:
• Muğla Dalaman Airport
• Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport
• Bodrum Airport
There are direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara. There are shuttles from Dalaman and Milas Bodrum Airports to the center and surrounding districts. In addition, there are facilities such as renting a car and hiring a taxi at the exit of the airport. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance in order to find low-priced airline tickets to Muğla during the summer months. For this, you should always follow the campaigns.

Places to Visit in Muğla

Among the places to visit in Muğla, beautiful places and a long coastline await tourists.


Due to the attractive bays on the Bodrum Peninsula, boat tours and cruises are made here. There are thousands of tourists here because of the beautiful touristic towns that are quite developed in terms of tourism. By purchasing a Milas Bodrum Airport flight ticket, you can reach Bodrum comfortably and easily. Thus, you can get the chance to explore Bodrum closely.


Saklikent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon is just one of the few natural wonders in the region, located outside Muğla and easily accessible from the Fethiye-Antalya highway. The famous Saklıkent, located in Kemer with its fascinating natural beauty, brings you the hidden beauties of nature, as its name suggests.
Its very clean and cold waters are even more beautiful than you can imagine. Saklıkent, which was discovered only 2530 years ago, is located 5 minutes from Fethiye and is an 18 km long passage. It has a perfect view with its nature, cool water, and branches touching the water.

Sedir Island and Kedrai Ancient City

Sedir Island, located in the Gulf of Gökova, is one of the must-see places among its tourism and natural beauties. Sedir Island appeals to people who love historical beauties as well as its natural beauty. The ancient city of Kedrai is also located on Sedir Island, which is one of the rare places with ruins and ancient houses in Muğla, which has hosted many civilizations in the past. It is an ideal place for those who want to have a cultural holiday with its historical architecture, which has a very different culture. Cleopatra Beach on Sedir Island is not only of historical importance but also a legendary place.
According to legend, a Roman commander, Mark Antony, proposes to Cleopatra, one of the most famous and powerful women of her time, and Cleopatra accepts this offer. Then tons of special sand was brought here from Egypt.
Sedir Island has a magnificent sandy beach and its water is in the most beautiful shades of blue. The Temple of Apollo on the island, which has a fascinating appearance, is a great attraction with its walls, towers, churches, theater, and ancient harbor ruins.
People who are curious about the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here to visit Muğla should definitely spare 1 day to visit this island and have fun lying on the wonderful beach.


Milas, located on the İzmir-Bodrum highway and one of the districts of Muğla, is named after Mylasos, a descendant of the Wind God Ailos. This city, whose foundation was laid five thousand years ago, is Labraunda, the birthplace of God Zeus.
Milas is home to some of the most important symbols that reflect the cultural richness of the city. 18th century such as Hacı İlyas Mosque, Firuz Bey Mosque, Belen Mosque, Ağa Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Ahmet Gazi Madrasa.
There are structures such as Çöllüoğlu Inn, which is one of the religious and architectural structures belonging to the 19th century, and Gümüşkesen, a building dating from the 2nd century BC.
The ruins of the Zeur Karios temple in its column, the walls from the Byzantine period, and the Balta Gate with Milas houses are among the examples of civil architecture. One of the most important features of the house is its different looking chimneys. There are archaeological sites in the vicinity that have not yet been opened to visitors. You can visit this place with a Milas Bodrum Airport flight ticket.


Fethiye, formerly known as Meğri, is one of the biggest tourism centers not only for Muğla but also for Turkey. Fethiye has unique places worth seeing. There are many natural beauties, valleys, coves, beaches, and places where nature sports are practiced, and there are things that local and foreign tourists must see, especially with the Lycian Way.
This city, which has been known for its ancient city for many years, provides unforgettable memories to the visitors coming to the region.


Marmaris, which is among the places to see in Muğla and is the second most populous district of Muğla after Bodrum, is one of the most important holiday centers in Turkey. It has beautiful beaches, coves, and natural protected areas. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine amphoras, oil lamps, kitchen utensils, arrowheads, handicrafts such as carpets, rugs, weaving, weapons, household items were found in the excavations of Hisarönü, Knidos, and Burgaz.
Ancient cities and ruins of Physkos, Saranda, Kastabos, Amos, Bybassios, Tymnus, Loryma, Lake Kıran, Burgas, and Knidos are important in terms of reflecting the archaeological richness of the region. 

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