Can I Take a Scooter on a Plane?

Jan. 10, 2024
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Air travel is frequently preferred for both domestic and international travel. The main reason for this is that air travel takes less time than other means of transportation. A shorter travel time is very important, especially for visitors who want to go to distant cities or countries. Today, many different airline companies provide services in this regard. Some airlines run ticket-related campaigns at certain periods. Thanks to these campaigns, people buy flight tickets at more affordable prices and fly profitably. In fact, the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation is to travel with your own car. However, although it may seem like a good idea to drive to very remote areas, the travel time is very long. For domestic trips, nearby areas are mostly traveled by bus. Just like in air travel, bus companies also offer various campaigns on ticket prices from time to time.

Those who do not miss these campaigns can have a pleasant journey by purchasing affordable bus tickets. Although airplanes are the best means of transportation, some people may be afraid of heights. On the other hand, there are important points that those who will travel by plane for the first time should know. These important points may differ depending on the airline you choose. However, most airline companies have the same rules, especially regarding the items you can take with you. It is extremely important that we learn these rules before the trip. One of the most curious topics for people planning to travel by plane today is whether scooters can be taken on the plane. There are two different luggage compartments on airplanes: cabin baggage and check-in baggage. One of them carries the items placed at the bottom of the plane, while the other is located in the section where the passengers sit. There are various sections just above your seat on the plane. These sections are also known as hand luggage.

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Can I Get on a Plane with a Scooter?

All planes have a luggage compartment where larger items such as suitcases can be placed. In addition, there is a section called the cabin section where the passengers sit. The cabin section, located in the passenger area, is also referred to as hand luggage, and people's own small belongings are usually placed here. At this point, many people may want to take transportation vehicles such as scooters with them during the trip. As it is known, scooter is a means of transportation with different types. Some run on gasoline, while others run on electricity. It is generally forbidden to keep gasoline-containing items on planes. Because such items or devices fall into the risk category. Because substances such as gasoline and lighter fluid can cause fire. On the other hand, some airline companies may allow vehicles such as scooters to be taken on board depending on their size and weight.

Can You Take an Electric Scooter on a Plane?

Scooter vehicles are also divided into different classes. Some vehicles run on gasoline, while others only need electricity. In addition, there are also scooter models specially manufactured for children. As we mentioned in our article, some vehicles may be smaller in size and some airline companies may allow such vehicles to be taken on board. However, it is also useful to point out this. It is not possible to put such vehicles in the hand luggage compartment. Because this luggage section, also referred to as the cabin section, represents an area mostly for personal needs. On the other hand, not every airline company may accept the electric scooter vehicle. For airline companies that accept it, you may have to fill out a detailed form beforehand. Apart from this form, you may also need to pay extra transportation costs. Additionally, since the scooter will not fit in the hand luggage compartment, it can be placed in the cargo section at the bottom of the plane.

Can a Scooter Be Carried on a Plane?

As we explained in the previous title, it is both possible and impossible to transport transportation vehicles such as scooters by plane. This is completely determined by the rules set by the airline company you choose. Most airline companies do not accept to transport such vehicles. However, if the size and weight of the vehicle is small, it can be placed in the checked baggage compartment by paying a certain fee. The same applies to means of transportation such as bicycles. Passengers who want to take their bicycles with them can also put them in the trunk by paying an extra fee, if there is space in their luggage. It is extremely important to strictly comply with the rules set by the airline company. If the size and weight of the scooter are determined within these rules and your vehicle is suitable for this, it is likely to be carried on the plane. However, many airline companies do not prefer to carry scooters and similar transportation vehicles on the plane. Therefore, you can contact the airline company before your trip to learn the rules and find answers to any questions you may have.

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