Can Pensioners Get a Green Passport?

Dec. 20, 2023
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Having a passport is very important for people who want to go abroad and like to explore new countries. A document issued by authorized institutions that allows passage from one country to another is defined as a passport. Passports are also divided into different types. Each passport type has its own advantages and features. Additionally, passports differ from each other in terms of color. The type of passport that has a green color and is also called special is called green passport. There are many opportunities provided by this passport. The most important of these opportunities is to travel to more than a hundred countries without a visa. Because of this advantage, many people want to get a green passport. Retired people may also wonder whether they are entitled to this passport.

With a Green (Special) passport, you have the opportunity to travel visa-free to countries that require a visa. If we count some of these countries; We can say Germany, France, Estonia, Georgia, Belgium, Moldova, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Sweden and Italy. Of course, you have many other country options. You can buy flight tickets to these countries and fly without needing a visa. The duration of a special passport varies depending on some conditions. However, mostly passport duration varies between one year and ten years. In other words, you can benefit from this passport for a maximum of ten years and renew it after the period expires. Traveling abroad is an issue that concerns not only employees but also retirees. Nowadays, many retirees may want to get a green passport to go abroad.

Can Retired People Get a Green Passport?

Green passport is one of the most desired passport types with its many different advantages. Anyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and meets the required conditions has the right to obtain a passport. With a green, or special, passport, you can travel to many countries in the world without a visa. Although the most common way to travel abroad is by air, buses are also used in some cases. There are many companies that organize bus trips abroad. If you are going to make your choice in this direction, we would like to point out that you must have a passport when purchasing an international bus ticket. Even if traveling by bus, a passport is still required. With a special (green) passport, it is possible to travel to countries in many continents such as Asia, Europe, South America and North America without needing a visa. There are some conditions to have a green passport. Retirees who meet these conditions may also be entitled to receive a green passport.

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Who Can Get a Green Passport?

There are multiple different passport types preferred for trips abroad. Each passport has its own color and some advantages. Green passport, also called a special passport, is a type of passport that has its own important features and provides many different advantages. Undoubtedly, the most important feature of this passport is that it allows visa-free passage to regions that require a visa. In order to have a special passport, it is important to meet certain conditions. Green passport;

• Civil servants working under contract,

• First, second and third degree civil servants working under the umbrella of the state,

• First-degree retired former mayors,

• Athletes who have served under the umbrella of the state,

• Lawyers who have been serving for fifteen years and are registered with the bar association,

• It is given to public personnel and people who have retired or left these services.

What are the Green Passport Application Documents for Retirees?

Retirees can have a green passport if they meet the specified conditions. It is important for retirees who are entitled to receive this passport to prepare some necessary documents when applying. It is important to ensure that these documents are not missing. Green passport application documents for retirees are generally as follows:

• Original identity card

• Both the original and a photocopy of the retirement card

• Four biometric photographs

• Letter written to the Ministry of Internal Affairs stating the passport request

• Document showing when retired and with what seniority.

How Much is the Retirement Green Passport Fee?

It is possible to benefit from many opportunities more easily when you have a green passport, also known as a special passport. Working or retired individuals may have the right to obtain this passport if they meet the conditions. When obtaining a passport, both the book fee and the fee are paid. However, there is no need to pay fees for the green passport type. Those who have a special passport are only responsible for the book fee. The current book fee to be paid for this passport is 501 TL. 

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