How much is Anıtkabir Entrance Fee?

May 7, 2024
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Every corner of our country resembles paradise with its various beauties. Surrounded by natural beauty, our country also stands out with its historical texture. In addition, it is home to many places that are spiritually valuable. One of these places is undoubtedly Anıtkabir, which houses the mausoleum of our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Located in our capital city Ankara, you can reach this place by purchasing plane tickets or, if you prefer, bus tickets. Anıtkabir emerges as an important place that every individual must visit. Situated in an area of ​​approximately 750,000 square meters, this structure consists of two different parts: Peace Park and Monumental Block.

When you come to the area where Anıtkabir is located, there are other places you can visit. In addition to structures such as Ceremony Square, Mausoleum, Lion Road, Independence Tower, Liberty Tower, Peace Tower, Revolution Tower, and Republic Tower, you can also see many different structures such as Peace Park and Women's Statue Group up close. Since this area is quite extensive, we recommend allocating at least a day to see everything. Anıtkabir is known as one of the important symbols of our country. The construction of this structure, which began in 1944, reflects the design of Orhan Arda and Emin Onat. Completed in 1953, Anıtkabir also embodies the characteristics of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture. In the continuation of our article, we will provide more detailed information about Anıtkabir.

Where is Anıtkabir?

Anıtkabir is located in the Çankaya district of Ankara, which is situated in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. Ankara, also known as the capital of Turkey, hosts various cultural structures and natural beauty areas within its borders. Among all these beauties, Anıtkabir stands out as the most important one. Ankara also holds significant importance in terms of tourism. Every year on November 10th, known as the anniversary of the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, this area becomes quite crowded. Anıtkabir is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists on this date. The most striking parts of the structure are its architectural design and various decorations. Additionally, excerpts from the "Nutuk" (The Speech) and "Address to Turkish Youth" are written in golden letters on the walls of the structure. Visitors who wish to come here can purchase plane tickets or bus tickets depending on their location. Additionally, transportation to the city by railway is also possible.

When is Anıtkabir Open?

One of the most commonly visited places in our country is Anıtkabir. Known as the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, this place is quite large. You have the opportunity to visit here in every season, regardless of whether it's summer or winter. Anıtkabir, which is open both weekdays and weekends, also houses the tomb of İsmet İnönü, in addition to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is open to visitors from 09:00 in the morning to 16:30 in the evening between February 1st and May 14th, from 09:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the evening between May 15th and October 31st, and from 09:00 in the morning to 16:00 in the evening between November 1st and January 31st. We highly recommend visiting this important place, which is open every day of the week.

How to Get to Anıtkabir?

There are several different ways to reach Anıtkabir, located in our city of Ankara. Those planning to come from within the city or its districts can use public transportation. Additionally, those with private vehicles can reach this important location more quickly. Visitors planning to come from outside the city must first arrive in Ankara, the capital city of our country. They can either take a flight from distant cities by purchasing plane tickets or enjoy a pleasant bus trip by purchasing bus tickets. Those planning to come by private vehicle can comfortably complete their journey via routes such as the Istanbul road, Eskişehir road, or Samsun road, using a navigation system for directions.

For those not considering traveling by private car or those without vehicles, intercity bus travel is an option. Regular bus services are available to Ankara from every part of Turkey. You can research bus companies that operate services to the AŞTİ bus terminal in Yenimahalle district of Ankara from your location, choose the most suitable one for your budget, and purchase bus tickets. Since the travel duration and bus ticket prices may vary depending on the starting point, you can obtain the most accurate information from the selected bus company. Upon arriving at the bus terminal, you should take the metro towards Kızılay and go to Tandoğan station. After getting off at this station, you can reach the area where Anıtkabir is located with a short walk.

Visitors planning to travel by plane can consider the transportation option to Esenboğa Airport, which serves in Yenimahalle district of Ankara. For this, you can examine the airline companies that operate flights to this airport from your location, choose the most suitable one for your budget, and purchase plane tickets. After landing at the airport, you can take HAVAŞ shuttles or municipal buses. Additionally, if you want to reach Anıtkabir more quickly, you can rent a car or take a taxi directly. The duration of the flight may vary depending on the departure point, so it's not possible to provide exact information. Additionally, ticket prices may vary in each season.

How much is Anıtkabir Entrance Fee?

Anıtkabir, one of the most important spiritual values ​​of our country, is one of the places that accept visitors every day of the week. It also houses various cultural treasures within its premises. During your visit to Anıtkabir, you should definitely see the Anıtkabir Atatürk and Independence War Museum, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's mausoleum is located, just below the Honor Hall. This museum showcases not only Atatürk's personal belongings but also items used in the War of Independence, such as bullets and cannons. There is no entrance fee for visits to Anıtkabir. You can visit this important structure free of charge.

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