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Nicosia, one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to places to see in Cyprus, is the cultural, economic, and artistic center of Cyprus thanks to its wonderful location. Approximately 1 million domestic and foreign tourists come to the most populous city on the island annually. The city has one airport called Nicosia Ercan Airport. Those who want to go to the center from here can use the bus or private services.

Places to Visit in Nicosia

Nicosia, which is visited by thousands of tourists a year, is a place that will be appreciated by those who love historical trips. In this city with a temperate climate, the temperature gradually increases after February. The period from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn is the best time to come to Nicosia. There are many historical touristic places in this city, where you can come with a round-trip flight ticket to Nicosia.

Barbarism Museum

Carrying the traces of a massacre that took place in the recent past, the Museum of Barbarism is a place for tourists who want to learn and closely examine the bad events in history. The Greek Cypriot attacks that started in 1960 and the murder of his wife and children in the raid on Major Nihat İlhan's house are one of the most horrific events in history. This house, where the massacre took place, was turned into a museum without touching any of the items in it. Many visitors go to the Museum of Barbarism to examine the bloodstains in the tub, the traces of lead, the photographs on the wall, and this chilling image.

Bedesten St. Nicholas Church

The Bedesten St. Nicholas Church, which you can visit with Nicosia flight tickets, is one of the historical symbols in the north of the city. Two small Catholic Latin Churches built side by side are very similar to Selimiye Mosque. A large number of tourists come here every year, as it is almost like a small version.

Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Church)

Built as a Catholic church during the Lusignan period between 1208 and 1326, this building is an example of gothic architecture on the island. This building, which fascinates those who see it with its monumental veranda and three magnificent doors, was converted into a mosque in 1570 with the addition of two tall minarets as a result of the Ottoman rule of the region. Selimiye Mosque, which is one of the must-see places in Cyprus, is one of the structures that attract the most tourists in the region.


This defensive wall, known as the Nicosia Walls, also known as the Surlariçi, surrounds Nicosia. It is known that this medieval structure was rebuilt by the Republic of Venice towards the middle of the 16th century. The architect of this very large and magnificent building is the Venetian Engineer Guillio Saorgnan. He added 11 bastions and 3 entrance structures to the 4.8 km long wall. Surlariçi, known as the Renaissance city, are useful examples in the city. Cyprus was divided into two during the Peace Operation period and this feature is unique in the world. It is an important building in terms of history and architecture. By purchasing a flight ticket to Cyprus, you can have the chance to see this important structure.

Arab Ahmed Mosque

Arap Ahmet Mosque, also known as Arap Pasha Mosque, Arabahmet Mosque, is located in the north of Nicosia and was a church converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period. There are tombstones around this mosque, whose church structure has completely deteriorated. The marble and stone floors of the Lusignan and Venetian periods inside the mosque are architecturally interesting.

Kyrenia Gate

This gate, located on the walls of Nicosia, was built in 1567. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The purpose of the door is not visual. It was built to facilitate transportation to Kyrenia, the north of the city. In 1821, the Ottomans made many restorations. It was restored in 1931 to allow motor vehicles to pass through. Venetian architect Proveditore Fransesco, the owner of the work, named the door Portal Del Proveditore (Proveditore Gate).
You can also visit the Kyrenia Gate thanks to the round-trip flight ticket deals to Nicosia.

Great Khan

The construction of this inn, which was started by Sinan Pasha, known as the Governor of Cyprus in 1572, took 7 years and was completed in 1579.
The Great Han, which was built to be an accommodation place for many local and foreign traders who came to the old bazaar, has been transformed into a region where authentic coffee shops are sold, where Cypriot handicrafts and gifts are sold. There are 68 rooms and 10 shops in the Büyük Han, whose architectural structure is similar to the inns in Anatolia. It is a place for those who want to have a pleasant time today.
You can shop for yourself and your loved ones at Büyük Han, which you can visit by purchasing a flight ticket to Nicosia, and take a coffee break at a coffee shop that feels like it belongs to ancient times.

Dervish Pasha Mansion

Located in the city's Arabahmet district, this historical mansion now serves as an ethnography museum. Fascinating its visitors due to its Ottoman architecture, Derviş Pasha Mansion was built as a result of the process carried out in 1869 on an old gothic structure built in 1801 in the same place.
The mansion belongs to a Turkish Cypriot, Hacı Ahmet Derviş Efendi, who was one of the wealthy of the period. Stone materials were used in the lower floor of Derviş Pasha Mansion, which was converted into a museum after many restorations, and mudbrick was used in the upper floor. Its architectural structure bears Ottoman traces and attracts tourists who want to feel like in the old times.

There are 2 entrance structures. It is thought that one of these doors belongs to women and one to men. Apart from this, sections such as interior towels and bay windows are also very interesting. It was in danger of being demolished in 1979. It was purchased and renovated by the state in 1981. It was later turned into an ethnographic museum. Artifacts such as needlework, old swords, and historical clothes are exhibited in Derviş Pasha Mansion, which is one of the most important restoration works of the country.
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Gamblers' Inn

The construction of the Kumarcılar Han, located in the famous Asmaaltı Square in the city, dates back to the end of the 17th century. In Kumarcılar Han, where traces of Ottoman architecture can be seen, there is a large hall entrance and arched structures with a gothic architectural style. It has 44 different rooms. This place, which is adored by tourists, is now a center with souvenir shops and cafes.

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