How to Get an Australian Student Visa?

Jan. 15, 2024
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Australia is a country located on the Oceanic Continent and has the distinction of being the sixth largest country in the world. This country can almost be said to be at the other end of the world. There are many people who go from one country to another for many different purposes. Australia is one of the touristic countries that stands out with its natural beauty areas and historical buildings. Although the number of people who go to this country for sightseeing purposes is quite high, there are also many people who go to visit family or to work. The country is also very rich in terms of places to visit. It has a special importance especially in terms of sea tourism. Because when you come to this country, wonderful beaches will welcome you. The number of people who want to come to the country for education other than travel or business trips is also considerable. However, as we all know, both a passport and a visa are required to enter this country. At this point, we may encounter the issue of how to obtain an Australian student visa.

Before we get into how to get a student visa, we would like to talk about how you can get to Australia. Since this country is one of the countries that has no land connection, transportation is only possible by air. Therefore, it is not possible to travel by bus with your private vehicle or by purchasing a bus ticket. Since Australia is located very far from our country, the journey may take a long time even by air transportation. However, the only option for comfortable transportation is air travel. It is possible to reach Australia by flying from points in our country such as Istanbul and Ankara. To do this, it is enough to buy a flight ticket at an affordable price. However, it is also useful to point out this. Since it is not possible to arrive in the country directly, you will need to travel via connections. Your travel time may vary depending on the starting point.

Although Australia is located quite far from our country, it is a country that hosts many visitors. Especially when it comes to education, many people dream of studying in this country. In this case, the question of how to get a student visa comes to mind. Australia, like many countries, is among the countries that require a visa. In the rest of our article, we will talk about the ways to obtain an Australian student visa, the required documents and conditions.

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Is It Easy to Get an Australian Student Visa?

Australia is one of the countries that requires visas from visitors coming from our country. In addition, while in some countries visa procedures are carried out according to passport color, for this country a visa is required regardless of passport type. To receive education in this country, you must be over the age of six. Apart from this, it is also important to pre-register with one of the educational institutions serving here before going to the country. In addition to registration, the acceptance of this application is also one of the necessary criteria for a visa. You may have come across a lot of information about getting an Australian student visa. Because we read information in many places that it is very difficult to obtain this visa. However, this is not exactly the case. After the Australian visa application is approved, the application response comes within approximately two weeks. In addition, most of the applications are concluded positively. Australia is one of the leading countries in education. Additionally, since the language spoken here is English, this is considered an advantage for many students. In addition, living conditions in this country are better and there are many job opportunities.

What are the Australian Student Visa Requirements?

There are many students who want to study and study in Australia. These students must meet certain conditions in order to receive education in this country. The type of visa that can be obtained by those who want to study in this country is a student visa. However, in order to obtain this visa, it is important to have a passport and meet certain conditions. In this context, Australian student visa conditions are generally as follows:

• An application has been made to a well-known educational institution operating in the country and this application has been approved.

• Having financial documents showing that you can support yourself financially while living in the country.

• Proof that you meet the foreign language requirement

• Character conditions

• Parental permission certificate for those under 18 years of age

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What are the Required Documents for an Australian Student Visa?

The type of visa that individuals who want to study and be a student in Australia should apply for is a student visa. In order to obtain this visa, some important documents are needed. It is not possible to apply for a visa without these documents. The documents required for an Australian student visa are generally:

• ID card photocopy

• Passport

• 2 checks in the last six months taken biometric photo

• Student certificate

• Documents such as certificates or diplomas

• Documents proving mastery of the English language

• Notarized parental permission documents for those under the age of 18

People who receive a student visa have the right to study in this country for a total of five years.​  

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