How to Make Health Insurance for Visa?

Aug. 31, 2023
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Health insurance is required for visa. People who want to visit a country abroad from Turkey or come to Turkey from a foreign country must have health insurance in order to obtain a visa. Thanks to the health insurance, you are insured against any accident or health problem that may occur during your travel. The insurance you have made will cover your treatment costs due to an accident or health problems you have experienced during your travel.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that people who want to visit abroad have in order to take precautions against any health condition that may happen to them in the country they visit. Health insurance provides coverage for your travels in the country or abroad. With the health insurance you have, you can cover the costs of treatment in case of accident, illness or injury that may occur during your travel. In addition, thanks to the health insurance, the expenses necessary for returning to the country due to the health problems experienced are also covered.

How is Health Insurance Made?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that must be taken out before flights to or from the country. This insurance is usually made by companies or banks. Since it is a very easy process to have health insurance, it is recommended to have this insurance before applying for a visa. People who want to feel safe during the trip can visit companies or banks to get insurance. They learn how much they have to pay for the health insurance they want to have in the institutions they visit. In addition, companies and banks provide detailed information about the rights covered by the insurance to people who want to have health insurance. People who accept these rights provided by companies and banks can get health insurance in a short time.

Is Health Insurance Mandatory?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that is needed for travels to be made abroad or in the country. This type of insurance can be either compulsory or optional, depending on the country to be visited. Especially those who want to get a Schengen visa and before the visa application process, they should definitely have a comprehensive health insurance. The policy application documents of the health insurance should be submitted to the institution where the visa process will be carried out. Apart from Schengen visa, people who want to visit countries such as the United States of America, France or Belgium are also required to have health insurance. Health insurance is not compulsory in countries that do not require a visa. However, even in these countries, it is recommended to have health insurance in case something happens to you. If you do not have health insurance, you may encounter high treatment costs in cases such as illness or injury that may occur during your travel.

Who Makes Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that must be taken out in order to accept the visa application for travels abroad. This insurance is usually taken out by insurance companies or banks. Health insurance is provided by insurance companies and banks, and people who want to do so are usually those who cannot enter the country they want to visit without health insurance. Thanks to the health insurance, you are protected against all kinds of events that may happen to you during your travel in the country you have visited until you return to our country. In countries that do not require a visa, there is no obligation to have health insurance. However, the vast majority of people who visit countries that do not require a visa take out health insurance voluntarily because they fear that something will happen to them while traveling.

How Long Is the Health Insurance Period?

Health insurance starts the moment you set foot in the country you are visiting. However, the duration of the insurance process varies according to the period specified in the travel insurance. Necessary negotiations with insurance companies and banks are required to make health insurance. During these interviews, he/she will drop a clause on the validity period of your insurance into the health insurance policy, taking into account your departure date. Your health insurance can be carried out for up to one year within the scope you have determined. Most insurance companies set a 92-day limit for health insurance. Persons wishing to stay in a country for a year must exit the country and re-enter the country after 92 days have passed. Otherwise, your health insurance will expire at the end of 92 days.

Who Can Have Health Insurance?

travel insurance visa It is a type of insurance that is obligatory to be taken out in the countries that can be visited. Anyone between the ages of 0 and 75 can have health insurance. It is not possible for individuals over the age of 75 to obtain health insurance for their overseas visits. Health insurances may be offered at different prices depending on the country to be visited and the special items included in the health insurance. Insurance companies or banks can be consulted to obtain detailed information about health insurance and insurance fees. Thanks to the interviews held at banks and insurance companies, detailed information can be obtained on many issues, from how long the visa period will be to what items will be included in the visa. 

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