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May 16, 2024
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One of the regions within Turkey that hosts various natural beauties and historical structures, and holds significant importance in terms of tourism, is the Adana province's Ceyhan district, situated in the Mediterranean Region. You can come here by bus or plane and experience a wonderful holiday. Located approximately 35 kilometers from the city center of Adana, this district tends to be quite crowded, especially during the spring and summer seasons. The district has hosted various civilizations in the past, and there are many areas to visit and explore.

For those planning to visit Ceyhan, it's essential to know how to reach the district before discussing the places to visit. Those coming from Adana city center and surrounding districts can use public transportation. Additionally, traveling by private vehicle is the easiest means of transportation. If you have a car, you can obtain directions from a navigation application to reach your destination. Vacationers planning to come from outside the district should first arrive in Adana city. You can purchase a plane ticket or a bus ticket for this purpose. Those arriving by plane can reach the district from the nearby airport to Adana city center using shuttle services.

For vacationers considering bus travel, after arriving at the central bus station, you can first reach the city center and then use other transportation options to reach the Ceyhan district. Since travel durations and ticket prices may vary depending on the departure point, it's not possible to provide precise fare information.

Ceyhan district emerges as one of the culturally significant regions of Adana province. When you visit this district, you need not worry about where to start your exploration. In this article, we will highlight the prominent spots of the district. Among the most popular places worth seeing in the Ceyhan district are Yılan Kale, Kurtkulağı Caravanserai, Ulu Mosque, Tumlu Castle, Durhasan Dede Tomb, and Anavarza Castle. You can make note of these places to create your travel itinerary.

Snake Castle

The first destination on our list of places to visit in Ceyhan is the Snake Castle, believed to date back to the Byzantine era. You may wonder why this castle is called "Snake." According to a legend, a woman with the body of a snake, known as Şahmeran, is said to have lived here. Hence, the castle's name has gone down in history as "Snake Castle." With an interesting story, this castle's length is approximately 700 meters. This castle, which boasts a magnificent appearance, is also known as Şahmeran Castle due to its story. We recommend starting your journey through the history of the district by visiting this area.

Kurtkulagi Caravanserai

Located in the Kurtkulağı area of Ceyhan district, this caravanserai is one of the historical structures that tourists show great interest in. Built by Hüseyin Paşa, this structure impresses its visitors with its magnificent appearance. Situated close to Ceyhan district and currently serving as an ethnography museum, you can purchase a plane ticket or a bus ticket to visit this historical site.

Grand Mosque

This mosque, built by Nogay Abdülkadir, stands out as one of the structures with a historical texture. Completed in 1868, this mosque initially did not have a minaret. Its minaret was added in 1946. We recommend adding this mosque to your list of places to visit in Ceyhan. It is among the points that lovers of historical mosques should definitely visit.

Tumlu Castle

Located on a high hill, Tumlu Castle is situated at an approximate distance of 18 kilometers from the district. The name of this castle comes from the village of Tumlu with the same name. During periods of neglect, this structure suffered significant damage, after which restoration works were carried out. The castle has a total of three side entrances. If you don't prefer the side entrances, you can also enter through the arched door located next to the semi-circular tower and explore this important historical castle.

Durhasan Dede Tomb

There are many tombs of great importance for religious tourism. The Durhasan Dede Tomb is known as one of these tombs. Located in Durhasan Village of the district, this tomb was built in honor of Durhasan Dede, one of the spiritual leaders of the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV. Situated on a hill, this tomb also hosts a large oak tree. If you enjoy visiting tombs, you can come here and pray abundantly. Travelers who want to visit Ceyhan district in Adana can reach this historically rich district by purchasing affordable plane tickets or bus tickets.

Anavarza Castle

The final destination on our list of places to visit in Ceyhan is Anavarza Castle. Situated at the point where Ceyhan, Kozan, and Kadirli districts converge, this castle covers an area of approximately 143 acres. When you come to this area where the castle is located, you also have the chance to see many different historical structures together. In addition to Anavarza Castle, there are other castles here that attract attention with their unique appearances. Furthermore, you may also come across structures such as walls, churches, towers, and theaters in this area. As we conclude our article here, we recommend that you don't end your trip without tasting the local flavors of the region when you come to the district.

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