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March 19, 2024
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Göksun is a district of Kahramanmaraş province, located in the Mediterranean part of our country. Many tourists come to this district, which is home to wonderful natural views and cultural riches, every year. It is extremely easy to reach the district, which is among the frequent destinations of those who are tired of the city crowds and want to have a quiet and peaceful time. You can arrive by air by buying a flight ticket to the district, which is approximately 76 kilometers away from Kahramanmaraş city center, or if you wish, you can also reach by road by purchasing a bus ticket. When you come to this district, which stands out with its lush green nature, you can leave yourself in the peaceful arms of nature and renew yourself by breathing in plenty of fresh air. Before going into the details of our article on places to visit in Göksun, we would like to talk about which means you can use to reach the district. Because there are two different transportation alternatives in total to reach this district: road and air.

The first option for visitors who want to come to Göksun district by road is to set off with their personal vehicles. If you plan to come with your personal car, you can use the navigation service to get directions. Travelers who do not want to come with their personal car or who do not own a vehicle can travel by intercity bus if they want to travel by road. To do this, you can choose one of the companies that organize bus services from your location to the bus terminal in the district and buy a bus ticket. Another transportation alternative is by air. Since there is no airport in the district, you need to arrive at Kahramanmaraş Airport, which is closest to the region. You can search for companies that operate flights to this airport from your location and buy a flight ticket by choosing the company that best suits your budget.

After arriving at the airport, you can first take the shuttles and go to the city center. After arriving at the center, you can go to the district by public transportation. However, if you do not want to have faster transportation and do not want to waste time, you can take a taxi from here after landing at the airport and go directly to Göksun district. Yes, after providing detailed transportation information, we can move on to the places to visit in Göksun section. The district has a feature that fascinates its visitors with its lush green nature and historical buildings. Especially in the spring and summer months, many visitors come from outside. Among the places you should visit when you come to the district are Cödden Valley, Göksun Forest Park, Aybastı Castle, Berit Gümüşkayalar Cave, Göksun Höyük, Büyük Kızılcık Springs, Hamamgözü and Göksun Ulu Mosque. If you want to explore both historical and natural beauties during your trip to Göksun, you can add these highlights to your list of places to visit.

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Cödden Valley

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that you stand out with the lush green nature and fascinatingly beautiful views of the district.

Cödden Valley is one of the places where you can be fascinated by the view you see when you come to the region. This place is actually located at an average distance of 37 kilometers from the town center. This valley, which is also called the hidden paradise of the district, hosts magnificent views. If you wish, you have the opportunity to stay here by setting up a tent. It is also possible to go on a nature walk to explore the surroundings.

Goksun Forest Park

Another natural beauty area in Göksun is Göksun Forest Park. There are also many different activity options you can do in this park area.

When you arrive at the forest park area, you will be greeted by different bird species. Because you have the chance to do bird watching here. You can have a picnic with your family in this environment accompanied by bird chirping and closely explore the various plant species in the forest. There are also playgrounds where children can have fun. Visitors who plan to come to the district by bus simply need to purchase a bus ticket from their location.

Aybastı Castle

The next route on our list of places to visit in Göksun is Aybastı Castle, which attracts attention with its historical texture.

The castle, built on Hançer Canyon between Yağbasan Village and Varsak Village, fascinates its guests with its majestic appearance. There is also information about the castle that iron was processed in the past. We recommend you to see this castle, one of the important historical buildings of the district, closely.

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Berit Gümüşkayalar Cave

If you are among those who like to visit caves, it is impossible not to be fascinated when you see Berit Gümüşkayalar Cave.

Located approximately 34 kilometers from the town center, this cave has a magnificent appearance with its stalactites, travertines and stalagmites. Do not forget to bring your camera before visiting here.

Moreover If you want to travel to Göksun district by air, you can purchase flight tickets in advance and benefit from discounted ticket prices in some periods.

Goksun Höyük

Göksun Mound is located right in the middle of the district center. We recommend that you add this mound, which is one of the frequent destinations of those who love visiting historical places, to your list of places to visit in Göksun.

As a result of some studies carried out in the mound area, ceramic pieces obtained using materials such as pots and bowls were unearthed.

Big Cranberry Drink

The Big Cranberry Drink is one of the places you should definitely see closely when you come to the district.

Located approximately 16 kilometers away from the center of Göksun, this region stands out with its healing waters. Therefore, it is among the spots frequently visited by the local people. It is said that the water here cures kidney and urinary diseases. If you want to benefit from this healing water, you can visit this region.


Another region that reveals the historical beauties of the district is Hamamgözü, which is approximately 25 kilometers away from the center.

When you come here, you can come across historical traces of many theaters and temples. You can also see historical structures such as rock tombs and arch ruins closely. As a result of some investigations carried out in this region, it is estimated that these historical ruins belong to the time of the Ancient City.

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Göksun Ulu Mosque

The last place on our list of places to visit in Göksun is Göksun Ulu Mosque, which has the same name as the district.

Unfortunately, this mosque, which consists of three domes, suffered heavy damage as a result of the earthquake last year. We recommend that you add this mosque, which bears traces of Ottoman architecture, to your travel list. We recommend that you purchase bus tickets or plane tickets in advance to reach the district. Because booking your ticket in advance will prevent possible mishaps.

Photo: Göksun District Governorate

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