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June 25, 2024
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Seydikemer is a touristic district of the city of Muğla, a small part of which is in the Mediterranean and a large part of which is in the Aegean Region. Every year, many local and foreign tourists flock to the district, located in the southeastern part of the city, for both sightseeing and holiday purposes. The district, which has a great value in terms of sea tourism, has wonderful natural beauty areas and historical places, as well as beaches where you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. You can easily reach the district by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. You can have a great time in the district, which frequently hosts visitors from big cities such as Istanbul and Izmir. Seydikemer offers many touristic spots to its visitors in terms of places to visit.

Before moving on to the topic of places to visit, we would like to talk about how you can come to the region most comfortably. Those who will travel with their own vehicles can use applications that give step-by-step directions. The most frequently used means of transportation to the district, other than private vehicles, are buses. For this, you must first arrive at Fethiye Bus Terminal. There are regular bus services to this bus terminal from every point of our country. Therefore, you can easily come here by purchasing a bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take public transportation such as minibuses to Seydikemer district. Visitors planning to come by plane should arrive at Dalaman Airport. Since there is no airport in the district, you must first come to Dalaman Airport.

You can search for airline companies that organize flights from your location to this airport and buy a flight ticket. After landing at the airport, you can take a shuttle, rent a private car, or take a taxi to reach the district directly. Since ticket prices and travel times will vary depending on the departure point, it is not possible for us to provide precise information on this subject. You have the opportunity to have a wonderful summer holiday in Seydikemer, one of the favorite districts of Muğla. Among the spots you should definitely visit when you come to the district are Saklıkent Canyon, Tlos Ancient City, Hiddenkent Waterfall, Kumluova Beach, Karadere Beach and Pınara Ancient City. You can examine these prominent places and shape your travel route according to these places.

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Saklıkent Canyon

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Seydikemer is Saklıkent Canyon, located between Muğla city and Antalya.

Located approximately 20 kilometers away from the town center, this region is home to various natural beauties. We would like to state in advance that you will find peace when you come to this canyon, which is among the spots frequently visited by tourists. You can go on a nature walk with your family or friends, have a picnic or stay in a tent in this canyon, which is one of the regions preferred by the local people to escape from the scorching heat and cool off. Let us tell you in advance that you have to pay a certain entrance fee to enter the canyon.

Tlos Ancient City

Another place you can discover by purchasing a Seydikemer flight ticket is the Tlos Ancient City. You can feel like you are on a historical journey while visiting this ancient city from the Lycra civilization.

There are various historical buildings such as temples, acropolis and castles worth seeing around this ancient city, which is located at an average altitude of 500 meters. In the inner parts of the city, historical ruins such as ancient theaters, churches and baths welcome you. Since the area where the ancient city is located is surrounded by natural beauties as well as a historical atmosphere, you can be in touch with nature and take a historical trip at the same time.

Hidden Kent Waterfall

Saklikent Waterfall is one of the natural beauty areas that stands out with its wonderful view, rich vegetation and ice-cold water. You have to pay a certain fee to enter here.

We can describe this place as a point where blue and green meet. Because there are various trees in the area where the waterfall is located. It is possible to spend a quiet day alone with nature here. Additionally, if your visit falls during the summer, you can dip your feet in the cool waters of the waterfall. Since the waterfall has a magnificent view, you can also take lots of photos. You can come here by purchasing a flight ticket and spend an unforgettable day accompanied by natural beauties waiting to be discovered.

Kumluova Beach

The next point on our list of places to visit in Seydikemer is Kumluova Beach, which allows you to enjoy the sea.

You can easily get here using city public transportation. If you wish, you can rent an umbrella or sun lounger for a certain fee at this beach, where entrance is free. You also have the opportunity to surf on this beach, which stands out with its crystal clear sea. There are also facilities at the location of the beach where you can have a snack when you get hungry.

Karadere Beach

Another beach where you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun by purchasing a Seydikemer bus ticket is Karadere Beach.

Özlen Stream is one of the most important water resources of the district. Since this beach is located at the point where this stream meets the sea, its water is quite cold. There are places around the beach where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. Facilities such as sun loungers, umbrellas and showers are also available. After swimming at this beach, you can also take a walk and explore the surroundings. In addition, you also have the opportunity to set up a tent and stay here. Instead of staying in any accommodation facility, you can stay here and have a pleasant time.

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Letoon Ancient City

Another region you should definitely see before ending your Seydikemer trip or holiday is the Letoon Ancient City.

When you come to this ancient city from the Lycian period, you can visit the temples of Apollo, Leto and Artemis. This ancient city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, was used as a religious center during the Lycian period. You can easily reach this ancient city, where a certain fee must be paid at the entrance, by purchasing a bus ticket.

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