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Feb. 9, 2024
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The Greece region is one of the touristic spots that attracts attention with both its natural beauty areas and historical texture. Thassos is also known as one of the prominent islands of this region. Thassos Island, which is the twelfth largest island in Greece, offers its visitors the opportunity to have a peaceful and quiet holiday, especially with its lush nature. Additionally, since this region is very rich in terms of beaches, you may be undecided about which beach to swim at when you arrive. On this island, located in the northernmost part of Greece, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun, as well as taste delicious dishes that make you feel your Greek culture. As you know, Greece is known as one of the touristic regions close to our country. There are many different ways to reach Thassos Island, one of the tourist spots of the region. Before moving on to the details of our Thassos travel guide article and the highlights of the island, we would like to give you information about how you can reach the region.

It is extremely easy to reach this island from our country. While road options for transportation to this island include private cars and buses, there is an alternative to plane for air transportation. With these transportation options, you can come to a certain area and then go to the island by sea. However, when you choose the flight option, we would like to point out that there is no airport on the island. For this, you can choose the airports in the coastal city of Kavala or Thessaloniki. Since the airport in Thessaloniki is further from the location of the island, we recommend that you choose the other airport. After arriving at the airport in Kavala, you can walk to the port in the Keramoti region, located in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region of Greece, and take ferries from the port to reach the island. Visitors who plan to come with a private vehicle can use the navigation application to go to the Keramoti region or Kavala, and from there pass to the island by sea.

If you want to choose buses to reach Thassos Island, you can choose one of the bus companies that organize trips between Istanbul and Thessaloniki. However, we would like to point out that the best time to visit the island is spring and summer. There are more transportation alternatives, especially in summer. Since many tourists flock here during the summer, there is a significant increase in the population. If you want to have a quieter holiday, you can also choose spring or autumn. Yes, now let's come to the touristic spots that will be on our list of places to visit in Thassos. Among the most popular places you should not miss when you come to the island are Limenas (Thassos), Aliki, Panagia, Giola and Thassos Beaches. Those who want to have a wonderful holiday can add the following places to their travel routes. So, without further ado, let's start taking a look at the remarkable tourist spots of the island.

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Limenas / Thassos

Limenas, which is the largest settlement in the region, comes first on our list of places to visit in Thassos. This region is also known as Thassos.

There are many historical buildings that you can visit and see in this settlement. In this region, which is considered the main center of the island, you have the chance to see many historical artifacts, from the museum where archaeological artifacts are exhibited to historical ruins bearing traces of the Temple of Appolo.

In this region, which is one of the first places visited by local and foreign tourists, you can take a walk to explore the surroundings, go to the Market Square to shop for both yourself and your loved ones, and sit facing the sea and watch the wonderful view of the island.


This region has a very impressive and dazzling beach that fascinates its visitors. Although it is approximately 1 hour away from the center of the island, it can be easily reached by taking a taxi or bus.

Since this region stands out especially with its beach, you can swim here, sunbathe on the sparkling sand grains and spend a pleasant day away from sight. We recommend that you add this region, whose sea is both crystal clear and waveless, to your list of places to visit in Thassos.

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Thassos Island is a region famous for its historical buildings and natural beauty areas, as well as its mountain villages dominated by greenery. Panagia is one of these mountain villages.

In this mountain village, you have the chance to see many historical houses that attract attention with their appearance. There are also many gift shops here where you can take gifts to your loved ones. If you are hungry, you can visit restaurants and have a snack while looking at the lush nature.


Giola, which is one of the natural pools, is approximately 2 kilometers from the Aliki region. It is located at a distance of metres.

Since this pool is formed naturally, it is an area that attracts the attention of tourists. On days when the sea is wavy, water overflowing from the sea fills this pool. When you come here, in addition to swimming in the sea, you can also swim in the natural pool and have fun.

Thassos Beaches

We mentioned that Thassos Island stands out with its beaches. There are nearly forty beaches where you can swim in this region, which hosts many local and foreign tourists thanks to its crystal clear sea and wonderful beaches.

It is not possible to write the names of these beaches, which are nearly forty, and it is not possible to talk about their features one by one in our article. However, based on the comments of those who have visited before, some of the most enjoyed beaches are Potos Beach, Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Tripiti Beach.

Of course, you may not have time to see all the beaches when you come here. As we come to the end of our Thassos travel guide article, visitors who want to come to the island can also research the tours organized at certain periods and come to the region by participating in the tours.

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