The 5 Best Rock Climbing Routes

Aug. 26, 2022
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Rock climbing has regained appeal among the general public as a result of the nationwide precipitous growth in popularity of climbing gyms and the recent success of the movie "Free Solo." The sport, which calls for both physical and mental attention, is drawing more outdoor competitors than ever before, many of whom are drawn to its combination of strength, agility, and concentration.

Additionally, it helps that some of the finest rock climbing occurs in some stunningly stunning environments. These are our top recommendations for the world's top climbing locations, all of which will astound you with their breathtaking scenery.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park must be towards the top of any list of fantastic places to go rock climbing. With literally thousands of routes available, Yosemite is the climbing destination of choice for large wall climbing for many climbers.

El Capitan, possibly the most well-known vertical rock structure in the world, is also located in the park, and Half Dome is also a popular attraction. However, Yosemite has much more to offer than just these well-known features, making it a destination that every serious climber should explore.

Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss town of Zermatt could be able to compete with Yosemite in terms of outstanding climbing. Zermatt, frequently referred to be the cradle of alpine climbing, provides access to 38 peaks that are 13,000 feet or higher and are all nearby.

The famed Matterhorn and the notorious Eiger are two mountains that can be reached from here; they both give unique climbing difficulties and are worthwhile additions to any climbing portfolio.



Red Rocks, Nevada

One of the finest climbing places in the world is located not far from Las Vegas, but not everyone is aware of it. In fact, you can leave the sparkle and glamour of the strip in less than an hour and be tied in on a rope along some genuinely legendary courses.

Red Rocks' sandstone cliffs offer a magnificent location that makes it feel like you're miles away from civilization and are welcoming to both novice and experienced climbers.

Kalymnos, Greece

In addition to its wonderful limestone, Kalymnos, Greece, is home to Europe's other rock climbing hub and provides a remarkable fusion of sun, sea, and history. This is a great option for both seasoned climbers and those just starting out because there are hundreds of routes to select from, offering alternatives for climbers of any ability level.

The rock walls are also accessible all year round because to the region's consistent Mediterranean climate, which cannot be claimed for the majority of the other places on our list.

Rocklands, South Africa

Visit the Rocklands in South Africa for some of the greatest bouldering in the world. Bouldering is a kind of rock climbing that involves scaling big rocks, or boulders, as opposed to massive rock walls. Even though the routes are frequently shorter and closer to the ground, they are nevertheless difficult and physically taxing.

That's precisely what climbers discover at this outdoor playground, where the desert scenery is broken up by hundreds of rocks to scale, making it a fantastic location for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

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