What to Eat in Muş?

Nov. 15, 2023
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Muş is a touristic city located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country and surrounded by mountains. Muş is known as a region that attracts attention with both its cultural values and natural beauty areas. That's why many tourists visit this region every year. The city is not only with its places to visit; It also becomes the center of attention with its local delicacies. When you go to Muş, you can visit the restaurants and try their delicious delicacies while visiting the prominent tourist attractions.

In addition to its local cuisine, Muş is also very popular for its products such as rugs, carpets and tulips. You can buy these products and take them as gifts to your loved ones. If you have the opportunity to visit Muş, we recommend that you choose the spring season. Because this city takes on a colorful atmosphere in spring. It is possible to tour the city by separating two or three of you. Transportation to Muş is also extremely easy. You can easily reach from every point of our country with your private car via Muş/Ağrı Road. If you do not have a private car or do not prefer it, you can also consider the intercity bus option by purchasing a bus ticket.

Visitors who want to arrive in the city in a shorter time can choose to travel by air. Since there is an airport in the city, it is enough to buy a flight ticket to this region from where you live. There are direct flights, especially from big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. After landing at the airport, you can reach the city center or its districts by transfer vehicles or by taking a taxi. Although the duration of your flight varies depending on your location, ticket prices may also vary. In addition, train services are also organized between Ankara and Tatvan. If you wish, you can also come to the city by taking a pleasant train journey.

Famous Dishes of Muş

Our city of Muş is one of our cities that stands out with its historical bridges, castles, mosques and many other cultural monuments. It is also home to many natural beauty areas. When planning a trip to Muş, we believe that your trip will not be spent on an empty stomach. Therefore, if you want to take a breather and fill your stomach during your trip, you can try the prominent flavors of the city. Among the prominent flavors of Muş are Muş Meatballs, Hez Dolması, Mırtoğe, Rib Stuffed and Herse. After trying these delicacies, we recommend that you also try their soups and desserts.

Mus Meatballs

The first answer to the question of what to eat in Muş is undoubtedly Muş Meatballs, which leave a delicious taste in the mouth. When you see this food, you may compare it to stuffed meatballs. However, there are some features that distinguish it from stuffed meatballs.

Ingredients such as bulgur, minced meat, onion and rice are used in the making of Muş Meatballs. What distinguishes it from stuffed meatballs is that the dough and the inside are completely meaty. When these boiled meatballs are ready, they are served with butter on top. There are eateries where you can taste this food in many parts of the city.

Stuffed Hez

Another prominent flavor of Muş is Hez Dolması, prepared with cubed meat, rice and various spices.

Those who will eat this type of stuffing for the first time may liken it to the taste of stuffed cabbage. Because the prepared stuffing is placed inside cabbage leaves. However, its difference from other stuffed vegetables is that it is prepared with cubed meat. Since this stuffed food is generally made at home, you can ask local people for the recipe and make it yourself.

Apart from this stuffing, one of the prominent flavors of the region is Stuffed Cabbage with Tomatoes. You can also try this stuffed food at restaurants that offer food service in the city center.


When you hear the name Mırtoğe, you may ask what that is. Our city of Muş, which is famous for its meat dishes, is also famous for its breakfast tables serving local delicacies.

Mırtoğe, prepared by roasting oil and flour and breaking eggs on top, is likened to a kind of omelette. But its taste is quite different from omelette. Since this dish is mostly made at home, if you happen to see a breakfast table during your visit to Muş, we recommend that you try the taste. Additionally, if you come across foods such as Cavbelek and Çorti, which are mostly made at home, we recommend you to try them too.

Stuffed Ribs

Another answer you can give to those who ask what to eat in Muş is Stuffed Ribs, which is made with meat and stands out with its taste and satiating properties.

Stuffed Ribs is one of the local delicacies that is frequently made especially during weddings and holidays. Since it looks appetizing, we don't think anyone will say no, I won't eat it. It is possible to try this delicious taste in restaurants in the city center.


Herse, one of the important flavors of Anatolian cuisine, is in the city of Muş. It is called k. This dish, prepared with beef or chicken as desired, is very satisfying.

You can taste Herse food by visiting the restaurants in the city center that serve local dishes.

Mus Soups and Desserts

Although our city of Muş stands out with its meat dishes, it also has delicious soups and desserts. Before any meat meal, you can start your meal by choosing one of the delicious soups such as Helim Aşı or Ayran Aşı, and then continue with a main course of your choice. We recommend that you close by trying one of the desserts.

Teter Halva, prepared with bread, molasses and walnuts, stands out as the city's most popular dessert. We want you to know that when you try this dessert, you will not be able to erase the taste it leaves in your mouth for a long time. 

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