What to Eat in Prague?

Feb. 3, 2024
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Prague is a tourist city that is the capital of the Czech Republic, located in Central Europe. Prague, which is the most populous city in the Czech Republic, hosts many tourists every year. Built in the ninth century, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Central Europe. The city, also known as the Golden City and the Heart of Europe, stands out especially with its historical buildings. Of course, it is very impressive with its natural beauties as well as historical places. For those who want to go on a trip to Prague, transportation information is very important. In addition, the issue of what to eat in Prague is also of particular importance. The city has many different flavors that stand out. While some of them consist of local delicacies, some of them consist of street delicacies. Among these flavors, there are some that you should especially try. Before listing the unique flavors of Prague, we would like to give you information about how to get there.

The most suitable period for those who want to come to this city is spring or autumn. You can also come during the summer, but since the prices of accommodation facilities are quite high in the summer season, we recommend that you visit in the autumn or spring. In addition, the weather is very clean and pleasant during these periods. The most convenient way to reach Prague is by air. Visitors planning to come from Istanbul can easily go to the city directly from Sabiha Gökçen or Atatürk Airport. To do this, you must first determine which airport you want to go from. Afterwards, you can set out for a pleasant trip by purchasing a flight ticket that suits your budget. After landing at the airport in Prague, you can take buses or take a taxi to the city center.

There are many different flavors you can taste in Prague, one of the most frequently visited regions of Central Europe. Of course, it is not possible to fit all the dishes into this article. However, in this article, we will share with you the tastes that many visitors visit and are most satisfied with. Among the famous flavors of the region are Tridelnik, Svíčková, Goulash, Smažený Sýr, Pecena Kachna, Kulajda, Medovnik and Koblihy. You can find the answer to the question of what to eat in Prague in the rest of our article.

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When you come to Prague, a city that stands out with its historical texture and unique natural beauties, Tridelnik is one of the first flavors you should try.

This dessert, also known as Chimney Dessert, is very famous among street delicacies. This dessert, made from pastry, contains chocolate chips and cream. Since it is made on a barbecue, it resembles kokorec in appearance. You can come across this delicacy, served covered with plenty of hazelnuts and cinnamon, while wandering the streets.


Since Czech cuisine is quite famous, there are many flavors you should try. One of these delicacies is a delicious dish known as Svíčková, which means fried beef in Turkish.

This dish, which uses beef in its preparation, is very delicious. The meat is marinated the day before and prepared with a unique sauce. It is a dish you can find in restaurants, especially on Sundays. That's why you should come on a Sunday to taste this flavor.

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Goulash is actually a local flavor from Hungary. However, when it comes to what to eat in Prague, it is among the first flavors that come to mind.

The main ingredient of this dish, which uses ingredients such as onion, red pepper and garlic in its sauce, is veal or beef. It is possible to taste this flavor in the restaurants serving on the streets of Prague. Let's not forget to mention this. In some restaurants, this dish can also be made with pork. Therefore, if you wish, you can ask beforehand which meat is used in the dish.

Smaženi Sır

If you are not too hungry when you arrive in Prague and are looking for a light snack, you can try Smažený Sır.

The main ingredient of this dish, also known as fried cheese, is goat cheese. Since it comes with French fries and bread, you can fill your stomach in no time. Since you can find this flavor both in restaurants and street vendors, we recommend that you try it.

Pecena Kachna

There are many delicacies made in Prague, especially on special occasions. Pecena Kachna is also among these dishes.

This dish, also known as roast duck, is served in many restaurants with side products such as french fries and toast. If you are wondering what you can eat for dinner, you can try this flavor.


If you want to try a lighter flavor when you are hungry in Prague, you can choose Kulajda soup.

This soup, made from ingredients such as mushrooms, eggs and dill, is both delicious and very satisfying. You can find this soup in many restaurants in the city.

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You suddenly feel sweet If you like it, we recommend you try Medovnik cake, one of the local desserts of the region.

This cake, which is created by the combination of walnuts and cinnamon, has both jam and honey varieties. Which one you choose is up to your taste. You can easily find and taste this flavor from the street vendors of the city.


Prague is a region that stands out with its desserts as well as its food. If you like donuts, we think it is not possible for you not to love Koblihy dessert.

You can find this dessert, called Prague Donut, filled with both marmalade and jam, in cafes on the streets of Prague. You can order a coffee with it if you wish.

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