Where is Coal Port? Campgrounds

Feb. 26, 2024
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Many regions of our country stand out with both their natural beauty and historical structures. Coal Harbor is also among these prominent regions. As its name suggests, this region is a port. It is possible to have a great time in this region, which is home to a deep blue sea. This port, located on the Gallipoli Peninsula, is especially preferred by those who love diving. The port, which stands out with its untouched nature and magnificent atmosphere, also has beaches where you can swim.

In the region where the Coal Port is located, coal transportation was carried out in the past. Therefore, the name of the port was coal. The region, which also hosts a magnificent view of the Gulf of Saros, is quite crowded, especially during the summer season. Although diving activities are very common here, there are also a lot of camping activities. Therefore, in addition to being a diving spot, the region is also known as a camping area. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun to your heart's content at the port, which is a frequent destination for those who want to spend a day overlooking the sea, out of sight in a lush green nature.

Where is Coal Port?

Kömür Port is located in Fındıklı Village of the Gallipoli Peninsula of Çanakkale city in the Marmara Region of our country. Visitors have the opportunity to perform many different activities in this region, which has a view of Saros Bay. The area where the port is located is among the frequent destinations for those interested in diving water sports. If you like diving, we can easily say that you are at the right place. In addition, this region hosts professional diving teams regularly every year. It is possible to have a great time in the port, which stands out with its unique nature and magnificent sea.

How to Reach Coal Harbor?

As it is known, the Gallipoli Peninsula is a very important touristic region in terms of both martyrs' cemeteries and mausoleums. It contains many bays that stand out with their many beauties. Kömür Harbor is also among these beautiful and unique bays. There are many different transportation options you can choose to get to the port. Many visitors, especially from regions such as Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa, come to this region frequently. We would like to point out in advance that the road to Kömür Port is quite rough and stony. That's why it's not possible to come here with your personal vehicle. You can drive up to Fındıklı Village and then walk. The average distance of the port to the Gallipoli Peninsula is around 21 kilometers. If your personal vehicle is an off-road vehicle, you can reach the port area more easily.

Visitors coming from outside Gallipoli must first reach this peninsula. Those who have a private vehicle can easily reach there by using the navigation service. Visitors who do not have a private vehicle or do not plan to come with a vehicle can prefer intercity buses. There are regular bus services from many points of our country to the bus station in the center of Gallipoli. You can have a pleasant bus trip by choosing one of the buses going to this region from your current location. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can rent a car or take a taxi to Kömür Port. However, as we mentioned in our article, since the road is quite hilly, we recommend that you walk after arriving at Fındıklı Village.

Another transportation option is by air. However, there is no airport in Gallipoli. For this, you can choose Çanakkale Airport, which is located at an average distance of 45 kilometers to the region. It is possible to choose among the companies that fly to this airport from your region. After landing at the airport, you can choose car ferries to go to Gallipoli. After arriving in Gallipoli, you can head towards the port by taking a taxi or renting a private car.

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Coal Harbor Campgrounds

Kömür Harbor is a frequently preferred area for both diving and camping. The number of people who come here to stay away from the sea overlooking the sea is quite high. In this region, which stands out with its crystal clear sea, there is also a small place where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. We would like to point out from the beginning that no services such as electricity or internet are provided in the camping area at the port. However, there is an area where you can meet your toilet needs. It would be beneficial to have all your basic needs with you before doing the camping activity here. You can pitch a tent and camp for free in an area a little far from the port. However, if you are going to camp in the port, you may have to pay a certain fee to rent a tent. These fees may vary each season.

Coal Port Entrance Fee

Kömür L attracts attention with its untouched nature and deep blue sea. Entrance to the faith is paid. For those who want to enter this port and camp, the entrance fee per person is 200 TL. In addition, we would like to point out that if you want to do scuba diving, you must pay 600 TL per person. In this region, which hosts a wonderful view, you can camp, swim, take photographs of nature, experience diving and have an unforgettable holiday.​  

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