Where is Damla Creek? How to go?

Oct. 30, 2023
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Many points of our country stand out with their historical structures and natural beauties. Muğla is one of the cities that contains these beauties and has touristic value. Many local and foreign tourists flock to the region throughout the year. The city draws attention especially with its Damla Stream, which has a magnificent view. There are many different activities that can be done in this region, called Damla Creek Canyon. The surroundings of the stream are completely covered with greenery.

This stream, which is a natural wonder, flows down from the intermediate part of the canyon and offers a visual feast to its visitors. When you come to the region, you can see centuries-old plane trees, spend time in nature and step into a completely different world, away from the chaos of the city. Those who want to see this magnificent natural beauty closely can easily access detailed location information and how to get there in the rest of our article.

Where is Damla Creek?

Damla Creek is located in the city of Muğla, which is located in the Aegean Part of our country and part of its territory is in the Mediterranean Part. This stream, located close to the Menteşe district, approximately 20 kilometers away from Muğla, is one of the most important natural beauties of the region. If you have a trip or travel plan to Muğla, we recommend that you take a closer look at the canyon area where this stream is located.

Because this place is like a hidden paradise. There is also a cave in this region, which is ideal for getting away from the city chaos and resting your mind. The stalagmite and stalactite parts of this cave are worth seeing. These pieces found inside the cave offer a magnificent view, especially during the winter season. There are also tiny waterfalls inside the cave.

How to get to Damla Creek?

There are multiple options for transportation to Damla Creek, one of the touristic points of our Muğla city. To reach the area where the stream is located, you must first arrive in the city of Muğla. For this purpose, you can choose to travel by road or by air. There are multiple alternatives for transportation by road. Transportation by road is extremely easy, especially for travelers who plan to come from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

Visitors who want to come from Istanbul can start their car journey via the Gebze road, and visitors who want to come from Ankara can start their car journey via the Polatlı road. Travelers who do not want to come with a private car or do not have a private car can prefer intercity buses. There are companies that provide regular bus services to the region from every point of our country. You can buy a bus ticket for the Muğla route from your location and go on a pleasant bus journey. Ticket prices may vary depending on the starting point.

For transportation by air, two different airport alternatives await you. One of these is Milas-Bodrum Airport and the other is Dalaman Airport. You can buy flight tickets according to whichever you prefer. After choosing one of these two airports and arriving, you can take a shuttle or use taxi services to go to Muğla city center. Due to its location, Damla Creek is in a place that you can only reach by private vehicle. Therefore, we recommend those who do not have a private vehicle to take a taxi after arriving in Muğla.

Those who want to come to the area where the stream is located from Muğla city center can reach the area in a short time by setting off via Ören and Akbük Bays with their private vehicles and following the road signs.

Is Damla Creek Paid?

Damla Creek is a wonderful place that hosts a magnificent natural view. This place, which is quite crowded especially during the summer season, is managed by a private business. Therefore, you have to pay a certain fee to enter the region. However, this fee information may differ every year. Therefore, you can contact the business before arriving and get detailed information about the fee. Apart from this, since this place belongs to a private business, there are also places to eat. If you eat something here, the entrance fee you pay at the entrance is deducted from the cost of the meal you eat at the venue. When you come to the region, you can take lots of photos of nature views, go on a nature walk around the canyon and have a great time.

Damla Creek Breakfast Prices

Since the area where Damla Creek is located is managed by a private business, it also has a place where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. Especially the morning breakfasts are very famous. Many tourists come here early in the morning to enjoy the magnificent nature view and taste delicious breakfasts. You can taste many flavors from Turkish cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine here. We especially recommend you to try the mixed breakfast. You can also choose this place for lunch or dinner. This place, where breakfast prices and other meal prices are affordable, also has facilities such as toilets. If you go to Damla Creek, which is very important in terms of nature tourism, we recommend that you do not pass by without tasting the wonderful flavors of the place.

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