Where is Göksu Creek?

April 24, 2024
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Every part of our country has areas that attract attention with their various beauties. Göksu Stream is also among these beauties. There are various alternatives for transportation to the region where this stream is located in Istanbul, which is located in the Marmara Region of our country. Those coming from Istanbul can choose urban transportation. Travelers who plan to come from outside the city can consider the air transportation option by purchasing a flight ticket if they are coming from remote areas. In addition, if you want to travel by road, you can buy a bus ticket and use the intercity bus line. Every corner of Istanbul hosts different cultural values and natural beauties. Göksu Stream is also among the beauties worth seeing. Those who plan to come here can have more enjoyable times if they time their travel dates in the spring or summer.

Especially in the spring months, the trees bloom and the lush green nature becomes more dazzling. There may be people wondering where the name of Göksu Stream comes from. During the Byzantine period, this stream was known as Potamion, which means small river in Turkish. Today, it is named Göksu, derived from the name Potamion. In addition, this stream was called Gümüş Cypress during the reign of Murad IV in the Ottoman period. The reason why it is called by this name is that during the Ottoman period, this stream contained cypress forests extending to the Kandilli region. Göksu Stream was formed by the coming together of floodplains descending from the slopes in the southern part of Göztepe, located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. There are also various activity options you can do around Göksu Stream, which flows into the sea from the north side of a flat place, also known as Küçüksu Meadow.

Where is Göksu Creek?

Göksu Stream, which flows from the Anadoluhisarı district of Beykoz district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, has an area of wonderful natural beauty. There are various places around the stream that allow you to have a pleasant time. You are also likely to come across centuries-old plane trees here. Because the history of the stream dates back to ancient times, when you come here, you can visit cultural buildings while exploring areas of natural beauty. There is also Anadoluhisarı Castle, which has great historical importance, near the stream. We recommend that you visit this castle, located in the area where the stream flows into the Bosphorus, if you have the opportunity. The area where Göksu Creek is located is frequently visited by both local people and tourists. You can get here by either buying a bus ticket or a plane ticket.

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How to get to Göksu Creek?

Göksu Stream is located at an easily accessible point due to its location. There are many different transportation options for visitors planning to come here from Istanbul. You can reach the area where the stream is located on the Anatolian Side by private vehicle or by public transportation. There are various alternatives for those who want to come from Anatolia by public transportation. There are many bus lines departing from regions such as Tuzla, Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Ümraniye, Pendik, Maltepe to the Anadoluhisarı region. Likewise, there are different transportation options for those planning to come from the European Side. It is possible to come by means of transportation such as metrobus, tram, marmaray. However, direct transportation may vary depending on your location.

For example, if you are coming from Taksim, you need to take the metro, then switch to Marmara, and then come to Üsküdar and take the bus from there. Likewise, if you are planning to come from regions such as Bayrampaşa or Esenler, you will have metro, marmaray and bus options. We would like to point out that, in general, your journey will be indirect. Those coming from Istanbul can choose one of the transportation alternatives by road or air, depending on their location. If you want to come by plane, the closest airport to the location of Göksu Creek is Sabiha Gökçen Airport located in Pendik. You can buy a flight ticket by choosing one of the companies that fly from your location to here. After landing at the airport, you can use the metro line that operates between the Airport and Kadıköy.

You can take the metro to Kadıköy and then take the buses to Anadoluhisarı. Visitors who want to travel by intercity bus can choose the bus station located in the Kavacık district of Beykoz as their destination. You can research the bus companies that organize bus trips from your location to here and buy a bus ticket by choosing the one that best suits your budget. Kavacık and Anadoluhisarı are close to each other. You can take the city buses from Kavacık to Hisar side and go to  You can reach the location where Göksu Creek is located. Additionally, if you do not want to make a connecting journey or do not prefer public transportation, you can also take a taxi for direct transportation. Göksu Stream is one of the spots you can choose to escape from the chaos of the city.

Göksu Stream Picnic Areas

Göksu Stream is one of the natural beauty areas of Istanbul worth seeing. When you come here, you will see a magnificent view that you can describe as a natural wonder. Located in Anadoluhisarı, the surroundings of this stream are covered with lush green areas. In this region, which is quite crowded especially in the spring, there are also recreation areas where you can have a good time with your family or friends. An environment accompanied by centuries-old plane trees awaits you here. In addition to picnicking, there are various restaurants located on the banks of the stream. If you are interested in seafood, you can visit these restaurants and taste the freshest seafood. Those who plan to come from outside the city to Göksu Stream, which is among the touristic places of Istanbul, can buy a bus ticket or plane ticket.

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