Where is Karataş Public Beach? How to go?

Sept. 18, 2023
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Karataş Public Beach is located in the Karataş district of Adana province, which is called the sixth most populous city of our country. This beach, which is among the places to visit in Adana, is home to a magnificent sea. This beach, which has the same name as Karataş district, is one of the longest beaches in our country. The sandy part of the beach is approximately 60 km long. It is among the frequent destinations of visitors coming to Adana for holiday purposes. Especially during the summer months, many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come to this district. Karataş district is among the important regions that stand out with both its natural beauties and historical places.

Karataş Public Beach is one of the most preferred beaches not only by tourists but also by local people. The beach, which stands out with its clean sea and fine sand structure, starts to serve from the spring months and offers the opportunity to swim until the end of the summer season. In addition, although the coastline is sandy, the bottom of the sea also has a sandy structure. It is one of the places that must be visited by those who want to spend their summer holidays in Adana. It is also extremely easy to reach the beach, which is crowded with visitors during the spring and summer periods.

There are many different activities that can be done in the district. In addition to swimming, you can visit historical places, learn about the history of the district, or go to natural beauty areas and take lots of nature photos. There are also many businesses offering accommodation in the district, which is of great importance in terms of tourism. After arriving in Adana, you can go to the town and then to the beach with many different means of transportation.

Where is Karataş Public Beach?

Karataş Public Beach is located in the city of Adana, in the Mediterranean Region of our country. It is located in Karataş district, which attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical structures among the districts of Adana. The district also has the distinction of being a port city. The beach stands out with its long shore and crystal clear sea. You can swim in this area most of the year. Both the sea bottom and the coast are completely covered with fine sand. There are many fun activities that can be done on the beach and its surroundings. This beach, which is also suitable for families with children, is one of the places that must be seen by those who come or will come to Karataş district.

The beach is quite crowded, especially in the summer months. Therefore, holidaymakers who want to come to the beach are recommended to come on weekdays or early hours. There are other beaches on both the east and west sides of the beach. There are restaurant-style dining places around the beach where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. It is among the regions that can be preferred for day trips, weekend getaways or long summer holidays. There are many areas where you can camp near the location of the beach. Also, if you want to spend your holiday full of adrenaline and fun; You can go for a short ride on mountain bikes, go canoeing or participate in surfing activities.

How to Get to Karataş Public Beach?

Access to the beach, located in the Karataş district of Adana with the same name, is extremely easy. There are many different alternatives for transportation. Holidaymakers coming from outside the city must first arrive in Adana. You can choose one of the transportation means coming to Adana from your current location. The beach is located sixty km away from Adana city center. Guests who plan to come with a private vehicle must first reach Adana city center.

After arriving at the city center, follow the Adana-Karataş boulevard and move towards the south. You will come across Solaklı Municipality on the road. When you pass this municipality, you will start to see the signs of the districts connected to the villages of Karataş district. First you will see the Kaptan and Terliksiz districts, and then the Yemişli district. After passing all these districts, you will arrive in Karataş district. After arriving in the district, it is possible to reach the beach in a short time by continuing via Murat Dede Street.

Apart from private vehicles, you can also reach the beach by using taxi services. Apart from private vehicles and taxis, you can also choose buses among public transportation. You can easily reach the beach by taking the city buses departing from Adana city center or districts to Karataş district.

Karataş Public Beach Sunbed Fees?

Karataş Public Beach sun lounger fees are among the issues that those who plan to come to the beach are curious about. First of all, as the name of the beach suggests, it stands out as a public beach. Public beaches are mostly free. Therefore, there is no entrance fee to enter this beach. There are also showers and changing cabins on the beach, which you can use free of charge. There are also toilet and toilet services. However, services such as sun loungers or umbrellas are chargeable. A certain fee must be paid to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. This amount may change every year.

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