Where is Kayabaşı Picnic Area? What's the cover charge?

Nov. 22, 2023
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Kayabaşı Picnic Area is located in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul, which is in the Marmara Region of our country. It is possible to relax and have a pleasant picnic in this region, which fascinates its visitors with its lush green areas, clean air and natural beauties. Don't pay attention to the fact that it's called a picnic area. There are many different activities that allow you to have fun hours when you come here. The region especially attracts attention with its hiking trails.

You can witness the day passing quickly at Kayabaşı Picnic Area, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to spend wonderful times in touch with nature. Located in a forested area, this area is quite crowded, especially on weekends. If you plan your trip on a weekend, we recommend that you come here early. Many parts of Istanbul are famous for their lush nature. Kayabaşı Picnic Area also stands out with its lush green forests and clean air.

Başakşehir, the region where the picnic area is located, is almost independent from Istanbul. Being far from the city center makes this area more calm and serene. That's why many people who want to escape from the general traffic and chaos of Istanbul come here and spend peaceful hours. The spot where the picnic area is located attracts attention with its stone pines. If you are interested in taking photos of nature views, do not forget to bring your camera with you when you come here.

Where is Kayabaşı Picnic Area?

Kayabaşı Picnic Area is located in Şamlar District of Başakşehir district on the European Side of Istanbul. Located on the neighborhood's street known as Istiklal Street, this area stands out with both its nature and the opportunities it offers to its guests. It is possible to have wonderful times away from sight in the picnic area, which is a place frequently visited by those escaping from the busy work schedule and city noise. Since this is a forested area, you can leave yourself in the shade of the trees and lie on the grass and watch the sun shine magnificently. In addition, the region is very close to the area known as Şamlar Nature Park, which has many game and activity options. We cannot fail to mention that since the region is located on a forested area, you are likely to encounter various animal species.

How to Get to Kayabaşı Picnic Area?

There are many different options for transportation to this picnic area located in Şamlar District of Istanbul's Başakşehir district. First of all, let's give directions for those coming from various points of Istanbul. If you are planning to come from the Anatolian Side, you must first go to the European Side. If you have a private car, you can travel faster. After crossing the street, you should follow the Gaziosmanpaşa road and continue towards Arnavutköy. Before you come to Arnavutköy district, you will see a road sign saying Location. When you turn left from where you see this sign and continue a little further, you can come to the area where the picnic area is located.

Those who are on the European Side of Istanbul can come with their private vehicle, or if they do not prefer a private vehicle, they can take city buses. For this purpose, there are city buses that depart from many points to the region. For example, if you are coming from Kartaltepe, you can use the buses that run between Kartaltepe and Taşoluk Platforms. If you are planning to come from Arnavutköy district, you can take public transportation between Arnavutköy and Yenibosna. Those who want to come from outside Istanbul and have a nice weekend holiday can come with their private cars or buy a bus ticket to reach the city and then the region.

Visitors living further away from Istanbul may prefer transportation by air. To do this, you need to buy a flight ticket from where you live and come to New Istanbul Airport, which is located in Arnavutköy district, which is closest to Başakşehir district. After landing at the airport, you can take a shuttle, use a taxi, or reach the area where the picnic area is located by public transportation.

What is the Kayabaşı Picnic Area Entrance Fee?

A certain fee is charged for entrance to Kayabaşı Picnic Area. Current entrance fee per person is between 20 TL and 30 TL. If you plan to come with your private vehicle, you must also pay a certain entrance fee for the vehicle. It is known as one of the recreation areas that is open to visitors every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. You can enter from 09:00 in the morning. Closing time is around 23:00 at night. It would be better to arrive early as it is very crowded on weekends.

Is barbecue allowed in Kayabaşı Picnic Area?

Coming to Kayabaşı Picnic Area One of the most curious topics for guests is whether barbecue is allowed in the region. There was no barbecue here long ago. However, lately, it is possible to have a barbecue and have a pleasant picnic, provided that it is controlled. There are also areas in the region that allow you to barbecue. There are also children's playgrounds for families with children where they can spend time playing.​

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